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Flight of Pollen

by JiL Hemming

The largely unseen world of pollinators comes alive in this board game, as players fly, creep, & crawl their way from plant to native plant

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Kiwi Games (NZ Eco-ways card game)

by Logan

"Top Trumps" context, A "kiwified" game that teaches all ages especially kids on how to be eco-friendly around the house.

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Project Campaign


Finders Keepers is a free app where the user hunts using google maps to locate real prizes

by Michael - Brooke - William

Please pledgeme. to help build this free app for all to enjoy and finally win real prizes delivered to your door.

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Project Campaign

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Job Well Done

by Job Well Done Card Game

Job Well Done is an interactive card game that provides families with a fun way to teach and learn life skills.. that's a job well done

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The Emerald Dragon Adventure Cards

by Malani Moodley

Fun interactive card game & a Teaching tool

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Project Campaign

funded Wolf eyes

Auckland Werewolf Live Action Role Play (LARP) Campaign

by Zane Mendoza

After the End Times. A Live Action Werewolf Game - Based in Auckland using the By Night rules.

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Project Campaign

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Cat Capers

by Cheeky Parrot Games

Cat Capers: be a cat in this family board game; use your paws and your wits to get the lion's share of all the fun your block can offer.

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Gaming PC for Work

by Kirsten Caldwell

A gaming PC will allow me to access more games and thus be able to write more articles for my job.

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William Trubridge's Plunge Free Dive

by Mark Major

A mobile game depicting the sport of freediving raising awareness for Trubridge’s cause, the salvation of New Zealand’s smallest dolphins.

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Project Campaign

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Pin Cup Mini Golf

by Ryan Janus

The Lanes needs your help to build Pin Cup mini golf course before the winter months set in.

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Project Campaign

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Live Stream Dream

by Peter Nz

Hey I am Peter, aka Piranha1945. I am currently looking for funding to get myself into work via live streaming and reviewing video games

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Get the League of Legends - Wellington NZCL Qualifiers to Auckland!

by Kathy Chibi-Tan Qin

Help send a talented group of League of Legends players to Auckland to play in the NZCL Finals

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Project Campaign

funded Kelv steve playable city pledgeme

Playing for Wellington

by kelvin aris

Sign up here for the adventure of a lifetime

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Project Campaign

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Clue: eye> (4-4-5-3-3)

by NZ Puzzle Association

Hi. We are the New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc., a small and fairly new society which held the first New Zealand sudoku championship i...

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Project Campaign

Project 1454

Syniti City

by Hayden Parr

Syniti City, a browser based RPG.With the core of the game built and almost ready for release, SC is crowdfunding to raise money for the ...

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Project Campaign

Project 1370

Games for good: Project Autismus

by Druhin Mukherjee

A  project that is changing the way children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome learn and see the world.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1475

Bexcellent Games

by Rebeccah Cox

We are Rotorua game developers trying to get to Armageddon in Auckland to promote our very first game! Please help us get there!

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Project Campaign

Project 1382

level 13

by Brendon Amundsen

A fully interactive combat environment focused on the survival/horror genre Play on your own or with up to 7 friends Large arena consisti...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1289

Granny Wars

by Cheeky Parrot Games

Do you have the balls… of wool to keep your Granny at the top of her game? Or will you be needled by the other players’ Grans? Play Gra...

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Project Campaign

Project 1102


by Shem Phillips

Cibola is a head-to-head race to find the Seven Cities of Gold. In Cibola, players seek to collect and place the 5 required keys to unloc...

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Project Campaign

Project 1091

For Our Nation's Pc Multiplayer Game

by Juane

Journey of invention to move forward in our career, We need your help to carry on!.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 899

Ka Pai Island!

by Shane Rosemeyer

I would like to raise funds to help with the cost of producing my board game Ka pai Island. Ka Pai Island is a kiwi adventure game suitab...

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Project Campaign

Project 816

Build Your Own Castle $20

by Trevor Lewis

The Project: Purchase the needed casting materials to make plaster of paris block sets which people can purchase and then make into mode...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 713

Nurf Land

by Druhin Mukherjee

Project Autismus is an idea started by Druhin Mukherjee.It is a project in which we try to educate students with Autism and Asperger synd...

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Project Campaign

Project 744


by William Stewart

A fun social drinking game which is quick to learn and easy to play. With a massive variety of challenges and drinking rules, this game...

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Project Campaign

Project 426


by Annelie En Quentin Kirton

We need your help in publishing a unique, family fun game! Sock&Toss is a great game to be played by friends and families alike. Invented...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 459

Indie Game needs $100!

by Andrew Leach

Hey guys! Im just an normal school student (16 years old) and currently developing a game for steams "GreenLight" sad thing is, they now ...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 348


by Shem Phillips

I need your help in publishing a very unique, fun and addictive new board game! Plethora is a great family strategy game. The puzzle-like...

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