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Help us take 'Jess' to Cannes Film Festival

by Lisa Fothergill

In February 2013 we started production on a self-funded short New Zealand Western called ‘Jess’.The cast and crew worked really hard on this production, which was filmed on location in Hawke’s Bay.

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Nice toitoits

Blade NZ: A Travel Documentary

by Matt

A comedic travel documentary: Backpacking through New Zealand, 8 wheels at a time.

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by Tom Pettit

shyft Wellington - changing the way you move.

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Cooper's Run "Made In Georgia" EP

by Cooper's Run

Cooper's Run are set to travel to Atlanta Georgia to record a 6 track EP, play in Honky Tonk joints & write with some of the best songwriters in the business.

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The travelling translator of science

by Veronica

The travelling translator of science needs funds to take flight to Brazil! The masters is done, and the conference fee is paid. I just have to get there.

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Aro Solar

by Miranda, Oliver, Louise

Reclaim your power! Help us transition our community buildings to solar power. First up: Aro Valley, Wellington.

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Josh Tunnicliffe Park Bench

by Blair Marsh

Josh was a well loved and respected guy of Dunedin! ! Please read and make a pledge

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Elijah Andrews road to the US Youth National Championships in Orange County, Orlando, Florida

by Fallon Edwin

Work Hard Play Hard! Help us get Elijah to the Us Youth Basketball Nationals in Florida :)

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Sva colour run

Help The UC Student Volunteer Army be part of The Aspiring Leaders Forum 2014

by Lucy McLeod

Help Lucy and Ruby, members of the Student Volunteer Army executive to attend The Aspiring Leaders Forum in Wellington 2014!

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Ms Lyricist Gears Up!

by Jenna Palmer

Help Ms Lyricist gear up for the ride of her dreams ! A 23 year young, mother, student and lyricist from Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, studying a Diploma of Music and Production, building opportunities around herself to kick start her career.

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funded Milly

Pet-ography - Donated Pet Paw-traits for All

by Tara Sutherland

Twice a year I donate Pet Photography Sessions. Will you help me travel a little further to provide more families with lasting memories of their four legged members?

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by Bridie

Music goes beyond words. My vision is to create an app that connects young men to music to change moods, change minds.

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