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little bird - little help?

by jeremy bennett

Little Bird needs a little help to get their new unbakery location open at Britomart. Amazing rewards for unbakery fans on offer!

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Project Campaign


Sommet Strikes Back

by Andrew Reeves

Sommet Sports are getting ready to strike back, with our crowd.

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Project Campaign

Crowdfunding 460x400

Help To Fly In 2015

by Alastair Thompson

Together we can create a future for news media which reflects & serves NZ.

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Equity Campaign

funded Screen shot 2015 01 27 at 11.25.59 pm

Yeastie Boys

by Yeastie Boys

Yeastie Boys stand for change. Please come stand with us as we land in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Equity Campaign

funded Introducing pledgeme equity

PledgeMe Limited

by Anna Guenther

We're crowdfunding crowdfunding so we can grow PledgeMe and crowdfunding in NZ. Buy a piece of PledgeMe, and join us for our journey.

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Project Campaign


Voices From The Front - A Gallipoli Story

by amanda

Voices From The Front is an original musical written to commemorate 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign.

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Project Campaign


Ra and Marama - A One Shot Collective Film

by Isaac Cleland

Oneshot Collective is a new independent filmmaking initiative bringing together 12 filmmakers to create a collective feature-length film.

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Project Campaign

Bevan shaw 2015 red gate image

Bevan painting in Beijing! Artist residency at Red Gate Gallery.

by Bevan

I have a 3 month artist residency in China! I am seeking support to help cover my last month there.

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Recent News

“Let’s Do Something Naughty”

Sat, 14 Feb 2015 13:38:13 by Jessie

This is a campaign that brings the bling. The shocking, shameless, sparkly short film “Vajazzle” is premiering online for Valentine’s Day, and after the spectacular success of its PledgeMe campaign, we just had to sit down with creator Nathalie Boltt

Four Steps for a Fab Team Photo

Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:48:33 by Jessie

People pledge to people. The best way to get your crowd invested in your project is to show them who’s behind it, and what better way to do that than a team photo-shoot? So, by studying the great work of

Half a mill in half an hour

Thu, 29 Jan 2015 13:38:40 by Jackson

Yeastie Boys made it big yesterday. They equity crowdfunded half a million in half an hour. This is the fastest equity crowdfunding raise so far in New Zealand and one of the quickest in the world! Down at Goldings Free

2014 in pretty pictures

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 12:50:44 by anna

Our top picks: OMG Tech Rangers, part 1 and part 2 Woods from the Trees Barnstonesworth FC’s new shirts Jenny Mitchell Debut Album Blackcat Quarterly Magazine Political Cuts Planet Key Dinosaur Mac’s Discovery Blade NZ 2015 Craft Beer Calendar Help

Top Ten Tools for Crowdfunding

Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:37:28 by Jessie

Connecting with your crowd can be tricky. Luckily, there are lots of great sites and apps that can help you at all stages of your campaign: creation, organisation, promotion and connection. Check out our top ten tools below, and see

Pitch Kitchen

Wed, 07 Jan 2015 11:52:10 by Jackson

While you’ve been on your summer holiday we’ve been preppin’ the kitchen, the Pitch Kitchen that is. Yesterday we turned up the heat on two companies who are going to be doing equity crowdfunding campaigns with us. The slicing and

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Warning statement about equity crowd funding

Equity crowd funding is risky. Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Investment in these types of business is very speculative and carries high risks. You may lose your entire investment, and must be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to give information to investors before they invest. This requires those offering financial products to have disclosed information that is important for investors to make an informed decision. The usual rules do not apply to offers by issuers using this facility. As a result, you may not be given all the information usually required. You will also have fewer other legal protections for this investment. Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself.