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PledgeMe Projects help Kiwis crowdfund the things they care about. Our platform helps people harness the power of their crowd to support Kiwi creativity.

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Hold Your Breath

Serial PledgeMe campaigners Candlelit Pictures tapped into their crowd to film ‘Hold Your Breath’. By clearly communicating their campaign they raised over $11,000 to produce the last short film shot on 35mm in New Zealand.

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PledgeMe Equity helps Kiwis crowdfund the companies they love. Our platform helps Kiwi companies harness the power of their crowd to grow their businesses.

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Yeastie Boys

Yeastie Boys raised $500,000 through their crowd in less than 30 minutes. But running the campaign, they not only hit their goal but raised the company’s profile. They now have 200+ shareholders spreading the Yeastie Boys word. Their campaign was successful due to Yeastie’s careful planning and great crowd.

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PledgeMe Lend helps Kiwis crowdfund the organisations they love. Our platform helps Kiwis borrow from their crowd to raise the funds they need make things happen.

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Denheath Corporation Limited raised over $379,000 for their “World Custard Invasion”. They offered loan notes to their crowd with an 8% interest rate to be repaid over 5 years. They raised the money to fund the upgrade of their Timaru based factory, to increase exports, and to grow regional employment in their local area.

Check out Denheath's campaign here