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Competing overseas in Nail competitions

by katey laurenson

Help me fund my first event in nail competitions internationally.

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Project Campaign


Hobnail's new album! - Blue Sky Songs

by Rob Joass

Be part of the process! Hobnail need help mastering and manufacturing their latest album.

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Project Campaign

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Help me fight

by Faye Braddock

Help me use my talents and skills to fund the recovery from my MS treatment

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Project Campaign


Becoming a Dog Trainer with Reddington Sparrow

by Sam RB

Reddington, my super smart and fearful chihuahua puppy and I are off on an adventure to become a dog trainer, we're a team! Come follow us..

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Project Campaign

Fdcc logo

Fire and Dynamite Chilli Club

by Richard Atkinson

The F.D.C.C. brings you a monthly "Stick of Dynamite" subscription service containing the Hot Sauce of the Month and other mystery gifts!

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Let's build a pottery studio!

by Hazel

Let's build a pottery studio!

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Project Campaign

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Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic)

by bibi devoy

You'll probably want to know a bit about me. Am a trained White Lotus Yoga teacher+artist have been teaching kids and grown ups since 2001.

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Project Campaign

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3D Object Tracking Hologram

by Alex T

Nowadays. with the development of technology, people have more demand for technology.

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Project Campaign

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by Keraleigh

We are a solid perfume business company wanting to sell our vegan, eco friendly, animal cruelty free solid perfume

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Project Campaign

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Nick Dow - Debut Album

by Nick Dow

My most exciting and daunting endeavour ever and I would love you to be a part of it!

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We need you pledgeme

Gecko Press Curiously Good Book Club

by Gecko Press

Kickstart every child into a lifetime love of reading!

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Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

by Bicycle Junction

Bicycle Junction is growing up and moving into town! We need your help to make more cool stuff happen!

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Project Campaign

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Help us buy our dream business!

by Cristal Harris

We want to live our dream by creating a unique Dessert Cafe/Restaurant in the Bay of Plenty!

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Project Campaign

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Empowered Eating Handbook! Support the Launch!

by Michelle Yandle

Riding the yo-yo diet roller coaster or just want to be healthier? Support my new book The Empowered Eating Handbook and break-free!

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Project Campaign

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Kiwi Games (NZ Eco-ways card game)

by Logan

"Top Trumps" context, A "kiwified" game that teaches all ages especially kids on how to be eco-friendly around the house.

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Project Campaign

Pledge me

Bronwyn - Wish Me Luck EP!

by Bronwyn Halley

After performing regularly since she's been living on the road Bronwyn's more excited than ever to get back into the studio!

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Project Campaign


A memorial for Bernie, honourable doggo of Oriental Parade

by Friends of Bernie

Bernie, a well-known icon of Oriental Parade recently passed away. We want to bring the community together to raise money for a memorial.

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Project Campaign


The Cataclysm Film Project

by Geri Townsley

No bank nor Winz will give me funding. I do need to travel overseas though to research locations for my film The Cataclysm.

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Project Campaign


24 Hours in New Zealand - Your chance to have your photos published in this amazing book!

by 24 Hours in New Zealand

Have your images published in this amazing 380 page photography book that documents one whole day in the life of New Zealand.

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Project Campaign

Pledgeme noapaddle

Elenoa Vateitei – World Distance (Marathon) Championship Tahiti – June 2017

by Joave Matanatoto

Top Fiji young Female V1 paddler vying for a World Distance Marathon opportunity in Tahiti in June 2017.

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Project Campaign


KLAMP Bottle Opener

by Alex Murray

A fashionable, lightweight, non-invasive bottle opener that attaches to your shirt and is always at your fingertips!

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Project Campaign

funded Img 9538 flush

PROJECT FLUSH - Ngatiawa River Monastery needs a new Septic System!!

by Ngatiawa River Monastery

Ngatiawa is upgrading their 1960's septic system. It's costing $65,000 all up! Holy Crap, that's a lot! We are busting for your help.

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Project Campaign

Sugar skull wolf framed art piece by yourmessagesir d6xigkq

Tattooed Leather products

by Thomas

Results of years of development, tattooed leather mixes the qualities of a tattoo with those of leather. An innovation to the industry

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Swarm hq web platform

by John Griffin

Swarm helps you get hands on top notch new and innovative gear needed to win and improve take to next level at a wholesale price or deep ...

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Project Campaign


KLAMP Bottle Opener

by Rebekah McNutt

KLAMP is a bottle opener to your shirt today.

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Project Campaign

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Project Campaign

funded All togather

Running on Sunshine - Pakaraka Permaculture Organic Market Garden

by Yotam Kay

We at Pakaraka Permaculture market garden want to be Running on Sunshine. We need your support and are offering heaps of goodness in return!

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Project Campaign

funded Klx6p %281%29
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Project Campaign

26788568 marriage proposal vector cartoon  stock vector engagement

Help Us Walk Down The Aisle

by Alicia Jane

I travel half way a crossed the world to find my one and only love, come help make our wedding a reality & be part of our special day

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Project Campaign

funded Poppy

QE Health Anzac Day Yarnbomb 2017

by QE Health

Celebrating and commemorating 75 years of holistic healthcare and our origins as a WWII Convalescent Hospital with 7 poppy soldiers.

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