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Equity Campaign

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Parrotdog Brewing Limited

by Parrotdog

Your second chance to join Parrotdog and their 800 existing shareholders as they execute the next growth phase. Get the next round!

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Equity Campaign

funded Pledgeme blog pic

OCHO and Own the Factory

by Ocho Newco Ltd

When Cadbury's factory closure was announced, a group of local citizens came together to keep chocolate making skills & jobs in the city.

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Equity Campaign

funded Ethique transparent

Ethique Limited

by Brianne West

Ethique exists to rid the world of plastic bottles, starting with the cosmetics industry.

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Equity Campaign

funded Module 2017 logo pledgeme

The Module Project

by Module

We're a New Zealand technology company. We design long lasting technology products. Products which are upgradable, repairable & recyclable.

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Equity Campaign

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Thankyou Payroll Limited

by Christina Bellis

We're a social enterprise that aims to create holistic benefits for business, for government and for communities.

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Equity Campaign



by Alex

We're raising investment to maintain growth through opening a new store, production efficiency and introducing franchise opportunities

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Equity Campaign

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Sushi Ninja

by Sophie

Taranaki's first conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Sushi Ninja Express will be the fast, fresh, fun way to eat sushi.

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Equity Campaign



by James Laver

Laver & Wood is the world’s leading producer of custom made cricket bats.

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Equity Campaign

Keys2success logo hi res

RM Nelson Property Limited T/A Keys2Success

by Maxine Nelson

Building a community Arts Hub where everyone, of any age, can discover, grow and develop their passion for the arts.

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Equity Campaign

Screen shot 2016 09 27 at 8.35.08 am

KP Auckland Limited

by Richard Hall

Kai Pasifika is a new concept developed by a world class team to support and showcase the beautiful cuisines of the South Pacific.

57% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Tw logo 500x500alt pm


by Dmitry Selitskiy

Join us as we charge ahead to launch nous™, thought-controlled software for people with severe physical disabilities.

142% Complete

Equity Campaign

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ParrotDog Brewery

by Parrotdog

Join us as we stand on the edge of a new frontier, with plans to build and expand into a new habitat within Wellington.

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Equity Campaign


Flexiroof Limited

by Simon Moore

We make beautiful kitset shelters for naked decks using our own unique design.

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Equity Campaign

Kumara fusion 3dgrouptwiter

Kumara Fusion by Mr and Mrs Martinez Limited

by Olga

Kumara Fusion is a vegan, gluten and preservative free delicacy that uses the iconic Kumara and chocolate as its main ingredients.

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Equity Campaign

funded Ooooby frontpage compressed

Ooooby Limited

by Pete Russell

Ooooby connects local growers to customers through an online platform making local food competitive with mainstream retail.

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Equity Campaign


Felt Limited

by Lucy Arnold

Become a shareholder in New Zealand's online marketplace for Kiwi makers, designers, artists and craftspeople.

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Equity Campaign

funded Dollarphotoclub 70762443 logo

Bow Wow Box by Delivered 2 You Ltd

by Andy Evans

Bow Wow Box launched in 2014 and in just six short months has reached over 400 members! Dog Treats delivered an exciting and fun investment.

102% Complete

Equity Campaign

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PledgeMe Limited

by Anna Guenther

We are a New Zealand focussed crowdfunding platform, that supports both projects and equity campaigns.

146% Complete

Equity Campaign

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Sorbet by Ethique Limited

by Brianne West

We make premium, concentrated & sustainable beauty bars that will leave you looking and feeling beautiful.

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Equity Campaign

Screen shot 2015 05 27 at 1.10.25 pm

Liquid Waste Treatment Systems Limited

by Tony Hocking

Hawkes Bay company, Liquid Waste Treatment Systems (LWTS), has developed a new technology using aerobic granular sludge to treat wastewater.

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Equity Campaign

funded Pledgeme

Angel Food

by Alice Shopland

New Zealand’s food innovators: creating delicious familiar foods with plant-based ingredients. Welcome to the future!

201% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded House bg

Powerhouse Wind Limited

by Tim Mepham

Invest in the company that made Thinair wind turbine, designed in NZ as a stand alone energy source or to compliment off grid systems.

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Equity Campaign

Profile 1

Be Intent Youth

by Sarah Rennie

Be Intent Youth Ltd is going global with our technology platform that helps youth to become inspired and resilient.

85% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Chariot pledgeme

Chariot Ridesharing Limited

by Thomas Kiefer

Chariot is an app that connects people who are travelling by car in the same direction. Making use of spare seats for one off ride-shares.

151% Complete

Equity Campaign

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Pineapple Heads Limited

by Megan Sanders

We're Pineapple Heads, a range of children's hair and bath products made in New Zealand from only the purest of pure stuff.

108% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Untitled 1

Parent Interviews

by Indy Griffiths

Parent Interviews is event management made easy for schools and institutions. Come join us as we go global.

104% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Ss cover shot

SellShed by Websoft Limited

by Brendan Howell

SellShed is a revolutionary social marketplace mobile buy/sell app with more than 13,000 existing users.

284% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Screen shot 2015 01 27 at 11.25.59 pm

Yeastie Boys

by Stu McKinlay

Yeastie Boys stand for change. Please come stand with us as we land in the Northern Hemisphere.

143% Complete

Equity Campaign

funded Pledgeme equity

PledgeMe Limited

by Anna Guenther

We're crowdfunding crowdfunding so we can grow PledgeMe and crowdfunding in NZ. Buy a piece of PledgeMe, and join us for our journey.

200% Complete

Equity Campaign

Techvana logo v4   on black

Techvana - The New Zealand Computer Museum

by Mark Barlow

An innovative combination of historical computing, gaming and telecommunications exhibits, shown alongside the latest new technologies.

24% Complete