Lisa Wriley

Pledged to 2 campaigns | Created 1 campaigns | Joined 2021

Lisa is an environmental educator keen to share her love for this sacred earth.


Location: Gosford, AU

I grew up in Sydney near Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. My Kiwi Mum loves gardening and my Aussie Dad loved bushwalking. We visited family and friends in New Zealand regularly during my childhood (Dad worked for QANTAS!) and we were given the NZ board game CONSERVATION , invented by R.J. Reynolds in 1976. Years later when I was asked why I volunteered for Clean Up Australia Day, taught children about rubbish and recycling, helped schools set up worm farms and campaigned enthusiastically for Container Deposit/Refund Schemes I recalled the influence of the CONSERVATION game. Could a board game still be effective in teaching children about caring for the earth? I HOPE SO. In early 2019 I went to NZ in search of R.J. Reynolds and with help from Quaker friends and strangers I met at a Green Drinks night in Whanganui I found him! A year later Bob and I signed an intellectual property agreement and I became the grateful custodian of the CONSERVATION game. During 2020 and 2021 I have used seed funding to develop the concept and had my first crowdfunder to make a universal version called EARTHCARE. The EARTHCARE game is available as a traditional box game, sustainably sourced, and as a cloth game, all made in Australia. Now it is time to make the bi-lingual NZ version with the original name CONSERVATION and the iconic message to 'Be a Tidy Kiwi'. I am launching it for Bob's birthday and with about 100 backers I hope to raise the funds to print the first 500 game boxes and boards.

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