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Project Campaign

funded Project 58

Mangle and Gruff EP

by mangleandgruff

We need funds to pay for our EP to be mastered and pressed to vinyl and CD.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 56

Dregs - NZ Street Art Documentary

by Monster Valley

New Zealand has a rich and vibrant history of street art culture - a story that we believe is yet to be told. Dregs is a street art docum...

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Project Campaign

Project 55

To The Globe Theatre and beyond

by M C

I am heading to the Globe theatre for 5 months to learn how to run a theatre from the best. Please help me make this next step to deve...

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Project Campaign

Project 54

Ben&Guy Go To The USA!

by Ben McMahon

Ben & Guy are on a mission to take their radio show to the states for a week! We'll spend a week in San Francisco and Sacremento On Air w...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 40

we are immortal

by Jenah Shaw

WE ARE IMMORTAL: three stories by Jenah Shaw and the photography of Emma Anderson published together in an A4, black and white magazine.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 50

The Artefact Project

by charlatan clinic

Melissa Fergusson is the Resident Director and Playwright for charlatan clinic. She has written The Artefact Project; script and is now l...

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Project Campaign

Project 43

Wellington Underground Film Festival

by Rosie Rowe

The first festival in Wellington that is exclusively dedicated to new works of experimental film.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 52


by Eclipse Entertainment Ltd.

Copper is a short film. It will be directed by Wellingtonian, Jack O'Donnell. It will be around 12 minutes long and is based on the lives...

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Project Campaign

Project 45

Winning NZ Olympic Song - Band Recording

by Amy Bowie

My name is Amy Bowie and I am a singer-songwriter-actress and self employed singing teacher from Christchurch. My song, The Emotion, i...

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Project Campaign

Project 47

In House Website Launch

by Joanna Ruth Galvin

In House creative projects is a curatorial project setting up in Auckland. With a new gallery space to play with & an exciting program fo...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 83

comRoid - community polaroid

by Olly Johnston

Our goal is to develop a platform allowing individuals to print off their photos at popular venues.

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Project Campaign

Project 34

LEVITATION Development Project

by Simeon Gilbert

Our goal is to smooth the journey no matter how rough the road, increasing accessibility and efficiency, with a Self-Regulating Fully Pne...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 36


by Julie

BROKE BUT SEXY is a documentary film series about the growing number of New Zealand artists living and working in Berlin. We need your he...

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Project Campaign

Project 35

Make Worlds Collide - Intercultural Theatre Project

by Deborah Eve Rea

I want to create work. But, not just any work. I want worlds to collide. I'm going to bring Asian and inter-cultural theatre to New...

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Project Campaign

Project 33


by Brandon

WTF Is It ?... ausRaveFM is a youth radio station giving teens+ the opportunity to get a bit of radio experience underneath their be...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 32

Wanted FM

by Dylan Garrod

We are creating a global youth radio station and entertainment website for teenagers and young adults all around the world. The website...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 31

Safe Little World

by Andrew Killick

Andrew Killick (aka Safe Little World) launches into the big wide world of art exhibiting. An opportunity has arisen for him to exhibit ...

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Project Campaign

Project 29


by Paul Barlow

Invaders is a short film about 6 people who choose to wait out a high pressure situation together for the sake of their children.

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Project Campaign

Project 30
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Project Campaign

Project 22

NZ Vinyl Revival

by Ki

With your help, wants to get five New Zealand albums pressed onto vinyl. This is your chance to help make 5 kiwi band's...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 20

St. Rupertsberg

by Kate Whelen

We are St. Rupertsberg, an 8-piece, all-girl band from Wellington and we want to raise $1,800 to finish off making our debut EP. We make ...

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Project Campaign

Project 17


by Clo Mudrik

"TelecoTeco" is the story of Samba through a woman’s heart.

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