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The Cataclysm Film Project

by Geri Townsley

No bank nor Winz will give me funding. I do need to travel overseas though to research locations for my film The Cataclysm.

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Alranz large

Abortion in Aotearoa Web Series

by Jess Ducey

Help ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa produce a web series about abortion and make law reform a priority this election.

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Project Campaign

funded Ltah

Let the Panic Happen: A doco about anxiety.

by Peter V

The story of David Johnson. How he went from anxiety sufferer to anxiety expert, in this documentary about the cure for nervous fatigue.

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funded Screenshot 2016 12 19 at 11.44.32 am

Alter Ego Film Documentary

by simon pattison

Alter Ego looks at poeple who participate in varying Sub Cultures,It's a sensitive portrayal of some very special and unique Kiwi's.

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funded Screen shot 2017 01 03 at 9.21.56 am

Bleach - Short Film

by Alistair McMahon

Help a 16 year old film maker fund her next production - A dark comedy short film titled "Bleach"

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Screen shot 2016 11 07 at 6.44.06 pm


by Nacoya

Violet is a thriller short film that follows a young couple who discover the malevolent spirit of a child in their home.

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Pm thumb

12-36 • A South Canterbuy Sci-Fi Drama

by Rolling Ridges Productions

A bubbly spaceship captain struggles to uncover the truth about an odd stowaway before her ship tumbles into the abyss.

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Project Campaign

funded Raj poster 5

Aftershock - a short film

by Rituraj Sapkota

The life of a couple in New Zealand is changed forever by an earthquake 12,000 kilometres away.

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funded Screen shot 2016 09 21 at 18.38.48

'Burnt Chops' - Webseries

by Jono Harris

Burnt Chops is a fresh, dynamic new web-series that will give our audiences a window into the isolated & relentless world of motherhood.

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Project Campaign

funded Lfp   f n   holder

FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

by The Localising Food Project ~ Earthcare Education Aotearoa


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Team Salt & Light

by Raymond Lum

Entering the HP 48 hour film Competition. Go Team Salt and Light

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Don't spell wharariki

You Don't Spell It - Film about Depression and Suicide

by Ethan Williams

This is basically a film about suicide and the thoughts surrounding suicidal intentions. It's something real.

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Project Campaign

funded Untitled presentation

Heroine - the short-film

by Maria Soledad Trejo Troncoso

Three women in a kitchen; one man on the porch. Will they take it or leave it?

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funded Sos save our seeds teaser

'S.O.S: Save Our Seeds' - a ‘hands-on’ documentary produced by the Localising Food Project

by The Localising Food Project ~ Earthcare Education Aotearoa

The Save Our Seeds, SOS, documentary, seeks to empower people to have full choice about the quality of their food, starting from the seed.

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Project Campaign

Frame 19

Film to Fund

by Colin McNaughton-Law

Film to Fund is an exciting project bringing film ideas to life, giving budding actors an amazing opportunity and funding NZ charities too

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Project Campaign

Prince ea

Videos to Inspire Conscious Change

by Sam Dylan Irwin

We are living in a time of great global change and rising conscious awareness.

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Img 9540

Scarcity short film

by Mato Thomas Hill

This short film is about a character called Markus. We follow his journey to survive a futuristic Apocalypse set in 2027.

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A Documentary and Journalism Project To Unmask Edward Snowden!

by Micro Current

Edward Snowden sold out innocent Kiwi family for benefits! Wkiileaks and Snowden put Kiwi informant in death loops. If

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Project Campaign

funded Fullsizerender

Help us complete our documentary on the biggest Climate negotiations in history

by Simon Hillier

We’re making a documentary on the biggest Climate negotiations in history – Deconstructing Paris

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Project Campaign

funded Road home pledgemebanner

Short Film: The Road Home

by Brindi

We need your help to bring our short film about Christchurch and Canterbury to life!

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funded Business card

Beautiful Democracy - Documentary on Activism through Art.

by Candlelit Pictures

A documentary about artists and activists defending democracy by bringing the Trans-Pacific-Partnership into the New Zealand conscience.

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Screen shot 2015 10 06 at 12.30.12 pm

New Net - Short Film

by New Net

A very unique story from Aotearoa New Zealand!

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funded Banner

Somewhere Inbetween - Feature Documentary

by Arthur Gay

Somewhere Inbetween is a feature length documentary following the journey of four friends as we walk the length of New Zealand for 5 months.

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Project Campaign

funded Thunderlips main image

Process the film of THUNDERLIPS + LarzRanda - Turtles music video

by Candlelit Pictures

We have a new music video we'd like to show you - it's in the can, but we need your help to process and telecine the footage!

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Project Campaign

funded Poster

FLUTTER | Short Horror Film

by Aimee Rhiannon Borlase

Here's the deal: you help us make this film a reality; we'll make sure you'll never look at a flock of birds the same way again!

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Project Campaign

funded King country poster draft11 03

King Country World Premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival

by Sam Trafford

Our little NZ film 'King Country' is having it's world premiere at the San Francisco International Short Film Festival!

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Project Campaign

Cover image 1500x650 smaller logo

Zoobeezoo - Kids' TV Show

by Nick Hitchins

Hey parents and people who love kids - help bring a Kiwi made animation to our screens that tells our kids about our stories!

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Project Campaign

funded Freda du faursmall

Cloud Piercer at Stowe Story Labs

by Anita Ross

Cloud Piercer is a feature film by Anita Ross telling the true story of Freda Du Faur, the first woman to climb New Zealand's highest peak.

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