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PSUSY web series: Join our PSUSY posse

by Jaya Beach-Robertson

A women-led, nsfw, comedy showing women as the filthy, highly flawed creatures they are.

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A Record Breaking DOCUMENTARY

by Kahawai Productions

Come along for the ride as Mike Noonan sets a new land speed world record at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

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Trøllkonufingur - A film about a climbing adventure in the Faroe Islands.

by Jack Grinsted

Help us make a film about a not particularly well known adventure, in a not particularly well known place, the Faroe Islands.

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Last Chance Media

by Colin McNaughton-Law

Last Chance Media is the new face of independent film here in New Zealand, shining a light on new talent both in front and behind the camera

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funded Tikipledge

TIKI-X: First P.I SCI-FI web series

by Jason Siliva Taouma

We want to create the first Pacific styled Sci Fi web series based on a retelling of Maori and Pacific legends in their own language.

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Short film - Lucky Eddie

by adam

Short film - Lucky Eddie: A satirical assassination of a colleague involving three hitmen and a sting. Has Lucky Eddie's luck run out?

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The Cataclysm Film

by Geri Townsley

Blah blah not saying anything else. Isn't FXguru and Vegas Pro awesome.

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funded Ltah

Let the Panic Happen: A doco about anxiety.

by Peter V

The story of David Johnson. How he went from anxiety sufferer to anxiety expert, in this documentary about the cure for nervous fatigue.

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Alter Ego Film Documentary

by simon pattison

Alter Ego looks at poeple who participate in varying Sub Cultures,It's a sensitive portrayal of some very special and unique Kiwi's.

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Bleach - Short Film

by Alistair McMahon

Help a 16 year old film maker fund her next production - A dark comedy short film titled "Bleach"

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by Nacoya

Violet is a thriller short film that follows a young couple who discover the malevolent spirit of a child in their home.

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12-36 • A South Canterbuy Sci-Fi Drama

by Rolling Ridges Productions

A bubbly spaceship captain struggles to uncover the truth about an odd stowaway before her ship tumbles into the abyss.

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funded Raj poster 5

Aftershock - a short film

by Rituraj Sapkota

The life of a couple in New Zealand is changed forever by an earthquake 12,000 kilometres away.

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'Burnt Chops' - Webseries

by Jono Harris

Burnt Chops is a fresh, dynamic new web-series that will give our audiences a window into the isolated & relentless world of motherhood.

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funded Lfp   f n   holder

FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

by The Localising Food Project ~ Earthcare Education Aotearoa


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Team Salt & Light

by Raymond Lum

Entering the HP 48 hour film Competition. Go Team Salt and Light

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Don't spell wharariki

You Don't Spell It - Film about Depression and Suicide

by Ethan Williams

This is basically a film about suicide and the thoughts surrounding suicidal intentions. It's something real.

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funded Untitled presentation

Heroine - the short-film

by Maria Soledad Trejo Troncoso

Three women in a kitchen; one man on the porch. Will they take it or leave it?

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funded Sos save our seeds teaser

'S.O.S: Save Our Seeds' - a ‘hands-on’ documentary produced by the Localising Food Project

by The Localising Food Project ~ Earthcare Education Aotearoa

The Save Our Seeds, SOS, documentary, seeks to empower people to have full choice about the quality of their food, starting from the seed.

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Frame 19

Film to Fund

by Colin McNaughton-Law

Film to Fund is an exciting project bringing film ideas to life, giving budding actors an amazing opportunity and funding NZ charities too

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Prince ea

Videos to Inspire Conscious Change

by Sam Dylan Irwin

We are living in a time of great global change and rising conscious awareness.

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Scarcity short film

by Mato Thomas Hill

This short film is about a character called Markus. We follow his journey to survive a futuristic Apocalypse set in 2027.

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A Documentary and Journalism Project To Unmask Edward Snowden!

by Micro Current

Edward Snowden sold out innocent Kiwi family for benefits! Wkiileaks and Snowden put Kiwi informant in death loops. If

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funded Fullsizerender

Help us complete our documentary on the biggest Climate negotiations in history

by Simon Hillier

We’re making a documentary on the biggest Climate negotiations in history – Deconstructing Paris

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funded Road home pledgemebanner

Short Film: The Road Home

by Brindi

We need your help to bring our short film about Christchurch and Canterbury to life!

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funded Business card

Beautiful Democracy - Documentary on Activism through Art.

by Candlelit Pictures

A documentary about artists and activists defending democracy by bringing the Trans-Pacific-Partnership into the New Zealand conscience.

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New Net - Short Film

by New Net

A very unique story from Aotearoa New Zealand!

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funded Banner

Somewhere Inbetween - Feature Documentary

by Arthur Gay

Somewhere Inbetween is a feature length documentary following the journey of four friends as we walk the length of New Zealand for 5 months.

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