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Project 616

Pledge Me A Palletmobile

by Glen Jansen

We need a "Palletmobile" - aka Suzuki Super Carry Van. Why? To help Gap Filler who are building this amazing Pallet Pavilion http://www...

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Project Campaign

Project 613

Support Ann Vernon - medicinal cannabis

by Kiwi Cannasseur

We need approximately $500 for 5000 flyers so we can do a letter box drop in Waihi and surrounding areas. Ann Vernon is our latest victi...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 569

Food Forest funding

by Hawea Food Forest Charitable Trust

The pledgeme funding is for buying plants for the Hawea Food Forest. A Food Forest is where every plant has been chosen for a purpose. I...

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Project Campaign

Project 603

Uganda Bricks 2

by Bruce Collingwood

I came across a man in Uganda in April 2012 who has 7 children, lives in a rented house that he can't afford. They are trying to buy bric...

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Project Campaign

Project 601

Beating Breast Cancer

by Lauren Parmenter

Massey University has a great little club that's just started up, we're called the Nursing club. We are doing a double fund raiser for br...

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Project Campaign

Project 543

Get our MakePlace a 3D printer

by Paul Dutch

Lets get Hawkes Bay buzzing! The MakePlace is our first shared urban workshop that will get people excited again about making things them...

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Project Campaign

Project 566

Critical Hit

by Daniel Atkins

Critical Hit is a start-up business that needs your help to get off the ground. Help us be the Local Game Store that Wellington needs!

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Project Campaign

funded Project 564

Animal Sanctuary - A book of toes

by Nicola

I have written a children's book as a fundraising project for HUHA animal sanctuary. To ensure 100% of the money from the sale of the boo...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 522

Relocation of Premises

by Care Share + Wear, Taranaki

Providing pre-loved clothing to children throughout Taranaki. Due to the volume of donations from the  community, we have outgrown our cu...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 518

The New Zealand Youth Delegation

by NZYD 2015

NZYD wants to ensure the voices of kiwi youth and future generations are at the UN climate change negotiations in Qatar. We need your sup...

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Project Campaign

Project 382


by Lloyd Mason

GayOk is a queer support group focusing on youth. We're located in Hawkes Bay and are working with other organisations in the region to c...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 452

Island Bay Community Orchard

by CommunityFruit

We've planted 50 fruit trees in the Island Bay community orchard. They need to be nurtured and fed and the site needs regular upkeep. We'...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 480

Up The Punks 2012

by John Lake

Up The Punks 2012 is an awesome exhibition about Wellington's underground punk scene from 1977 to now. It's opening on November 6 and cou...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 443

Freedom From Within

by Adhyatma

A manual to support Yoga Education in Prisons Trust Yoga program in New Zealand prisons.

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Project Campaign

Project 460

The Calendar of Hope

by Gayle

Hope, four letters, so much resonance. Like a lighthouse that keeps perils at bay, The Lighthouse Calendar of Hope is an opportunity for ...

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Project Campaign

Project 449

Maclean Park Miniramp

by Shane O'Donnell

This is the official Bring back the Maclean Park Miniramp pledge. We need to raise this money as the council have said they have no money...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 451

Free Billy Mckee

by William Rea

Peaceful protest in support of Billy Mckee and medical cannabis. We need approximately $500 for GreenCross T-shirts and $500 for campaign...

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Project Campaign

Project 450

Rachel and Tyson!!!

by Sian Coleman

Let's make some money for Rachel and Tyson guys! Come on, they they deserve more than nothing!!! Between a few of us, we can help them ...

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Project Campaign

Project 404

by Sod is a website aimed at bringing back the voice to the people.  Put simply, is a digital referendum on al...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 403

Care Share + Wear - Wellington Region

by Care, Share + Wear - Wellington Region

CSW is a not-for-profit, addressing the issue of child poverty. We facilitate children to help other children less fortunate than themsel...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 428

Youth Voice to UNCCC

by Sofia Robinson

Our Youth need a voice at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference to ensure we have an Aotearoa we want to inherit. Support me to atte...

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Project Campaign

Project 431

The Time Is Now

by Pauly Clyne

My name is Pauly, I'm an street artist who loves to help young people. I will be traveling into Korea to do work with at risk youth. Usin...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 395

The Common Unity Project

by Julia

We are a team of two setting up an urban farm project at a low decile school in Lower hutt. Our aim is, through connecting with our loc...

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Project Campaign

Project 365

Feel Good Incorporated

by Theo Realo

Feel Good Incorporated is a charitable, multinational, interdisciplinary organisation working in the fields of technology, media and comm...

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Project Campaign

Project 373

Kenya Well

by Bruce Collingwood

I went to Kenya in April 2012 and came across a catchment area of 1000 people who are walking 10 km every day to get water during the dry...

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Project Campaign

Project 374


by Bruce Collingwood

I came across a pastor in Uganda in April 2012 who has 7 children, lives in a rented house that he cant afford. He and his family live on...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 305

350 Aotearoa for Auckland!!

by Georgi Hart

We are passionate about getting 350 Aotearoa cranking in Auckland. We are a volunteer run not-for-profit aiming to set up an office at Th...

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Project Campaign

Project 371

Osemba Waves

by Mark Joyce

Osemba Waves is the 3rd Osemba outdoor trance party. 1 was at Te Arai Pt for the Super Moon,  2 was at a secluded lagoon. Both were an ab...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 350

Justice for Taame & Rangi

by Jessie Moss

These artists have put their hands up, and are speaking out for justice to prevail for political prisoners Taame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhi...

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Project Campaign

Project 344

Bouldering Venue

by Vanessa Vogt

Northland has no indoor bouldering (climbing)! We want to change that...Our plan is to build Northland's first indoor bouldering wall. An...

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