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Project Campaign

funded Project 257

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

by Reuben Collins

New single for Indie Rock n" Roll band Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. We have just returned from a 9 month tour of europe touring our last re...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 313

Oral History of Occupy Chch

by Byron Clark

For 162 days, from October 15th 2011 until March 25th 2012, protesters camped out in a corner of Hagley Park as part of a global protest ...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 315

Our Green Roadie

by Emma Heke

We're 3/4 done. We just need a little investment to complete our Doco to the professional standard that it deserves. Our film is set to c...

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Project Campaign

Project 316

Strings For My Next Album

by Rhian Sheehan

I want to develop the filmic direction of my sound on my next album by recording a full string section. Strings are pricey & beyond my mo...

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Project Campaign

Project 278

Barracks album!!!

by Martin Mihaka

We are Barracks! A Post hardcore band in need of assistance for our debut album. So if you like heavy, melodic music with clean guitars a...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 306

Big Mouths

by Phoebe Hurst

Hi! We’re Emma and Phoebe and we have this great show called Big Mouths (or, Come To Our Show or We’ll Punch You).

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Project Campaign

Project 293

Flat-Pack Wind Turbine

by Golem Works

a simple green solution for providing electricity for refugee camps and other emergency situations through development of kitset/flat-pac...

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Project Campaign

Project 295

Educate a Girl!

by Test Page

Young Film Director, Brin Rudkin, is looking into the issue that faces many girls, Education! Particularly in Maori and Pacific girls. Is...

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Project Campaign

Project 246

Build a Community Marae!

by Ella Henry

We are a non-profit trust set up to build a marae, as a community centre in Whangaroa, Northland. Help us to raise money f...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 291

Celebrating NZ Fashion

by Samantha O'Reilly

My name is Samantha O"Reilly I am a young fashion design student. I am in my third and final year in my Bachelor of Fashion Design at Ota...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 275

Holding On

by Hannah Banks

Holding On is a new prize winning play written by Gavin McGibbon and directed by Lori Leigh. It"s about this feeling of holding on to som...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 301

Get Loop Machine For Busking/Gigs

by Mona Nourozi

Hey good-looking! Me, Mona, need to get my hands on a Boss RC-50 live loop machine as i"m a solo-lone-wolf musician and getting this wou...

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Project Campaign

Project 296

NZ for Physics World Cup!

by IYPT NZ 2012

5 high school students have been selected to represent NZ in the International Young Physicists' Tournament, the most awesome of them ...

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Project Campaign

Project 16

Brewery TIme

by Camilo PledgeMe

In the pursuit of hopiness we are going from the standard plastic bucket and stovetop pots to a professional HERMS home brew system.Can w...

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Project Campaign

Project 287

Friends 4 Asia,Volunteer

by Alisa Southon

Hi! My name is Alisa. I"m a primary school teacher and am passionate about children and giving them the best opportunities in life. I hav...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 297


by Nicola Caldwell

Fragments is a short film about the connections and disconnections between people in a relationship told through the medium of contempora...

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Project Campaign

Project 294

New Recruits

by Gabriel Abreu

The Project:New Recruits is a short film being produced in Wellington by local (and not so local) filmmakers. The spy thriller follows on...

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Project Campaign

Project 288

The Donor

by Anthony Williams

My project is a short film called "The Donor".......He"s known as the "Kidney King". He drugs his victims, takes a kidney from them, then...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 290

Silver rides to Battle

by TeamNZ

Silver Claw (aka Matt Daly) intends to cycle around the North Island of NZ and to battle in Medieval combat in a variety of towns and vil...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 272

Imagine the Land project

by Imagine the land

The Imagine the Land Project seeks to present an opportunity for an interactive group creative experience for the youth of the Waikato re...

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Project Campaign

Project 277

Vine of Souls fundraiser

by Tia Michael Hunkin Beaufort

Killing Bear need your help to complete their new album. They have been working long and hard hours to finish the recording and mixing pr...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 269

Seasoner Table-Top Planter

by Aerogrow

As part of the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) we"ve developed a cool product we"ve called the Seasoner, which uses hydroponics to grow pro...

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Project Campaign

Project 209

Green Fire Islands: 'From Grass Roots, To The World Stage'

by Bronwen Christianos

Green Fire Islands is possibly the world"s most exciting and dynamic music collaboration. We need your help to film the 2012 Tour around ...

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Project Campaign

Project 248

MasterChef NZ's Andrea

by Andrea Bathgate

I was fortunate enough to earn a spot in the Top 16 of MasterChef New Zealand 2012 and get through to the top 10. Being on the show, fue...

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Project Campaign

Project 276

Baroque Brilliance

by Cathy Irons

Ten outstanding musicians performBach"s 2nd Brandenburg Concerto at 3 concerts in Canterbury. It"s avisual and aural feast of strings, w...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 270

Inside Out Tairawhiti

by Laura Scheper

These funds enable people in Tairawhiti to participate in a global art project called INSIDE OUT (2011 TED Prize Winner"). Think of the c...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 285

Square Eye Pair

by Elise Whitson

Winner of 'Best Comedy' at Auckland Fringe 2011, is heading to Edin...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 283

Little Town Liars

by Fresh Dada

Following the success of their debut NZ musical "Society Slump Superstars", Fresh Dada presents "LITTLE TOWN LIARS", a new musical writte...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 281

Fort Blaze

by Lucy Zee

We've created a collective of young, intelligent, independent and talent women to form Fort Blaze. With a range of female directors, mode...

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Project Campaign

Project 220

Casting 4 Recovery Wagon

by Casting for Recovery NZ Charitable Trust

Hello Community!  We are a group of volunteers who teach breast cancer participants to fly fish in a 2.5 day weekend of fun and supp...

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