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The Ākina Foundation

The Ākina Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and ambitious communities to deliver game changing work in the areas of energy, housing, transport, land-use, and consumption and waste.


Project Campaign

Project 1491

Transform A Samoan Village With Biogas!

by BioEnceptionz

Change lives in Piu Village by installing biodigesters to turn waste into energy. Free them from open-fire cooking and unaffordable power...

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Project Campaign

funded Gettin schooled by al gore

Gettin' Schooled by Al Gore

by James Shaw

Help me to get to Chicago for Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Programme.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 650

Blueskin Energy

by Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

We are a small community trust in Blueskin Bay, near Dunedin. We’re well on our way to developing New Zealand’s first community owned win...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 395

The Common Unity Project

by Julia

We are a team of two setting up an urban farm project at a low decile school in Lower hutt. Our aim is, through connecting with our loc...

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The Collab pages are here to help organisations support kiwi creativity. Want more info? Read more below or email us at: [email protected]


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way to fund projects. Project creators have an idea, a $$ goal and timeframe, some cool incentives to promise pledgers, and a network of friends, family and fans to promote to.

What are Collab pages?

We think project creators need all the support they can get! So, we've set up the collab pages to help organisations support kiwi creativity. If you and an organisation decide to collaborate, you'll get another support network, a boost to audience awareness, some added visibility, and some cheerleading! Do you want to set up a collab page, or link to one? Send us an email at [email protected]

When will my pledge be charged?

You'll only be charged if the project meets its funding goal in the set timeframe. If it does, your credit card will be charged after the project deadline.