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Sg advert nzhearld

SG1 MotorGen Project

by Geri Townsley

Our business needs $75K to develop our new electronics business. However, no bank will offer us funding nor will any VC & same goes 4 Winz.

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Project Campaign

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Swarm hq web platform

by John Griffin

Swarm helps you get hands on top notch new and innovative gear needed to win and improve take to next level at a wholesale price or deep ...

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Ocean Gaming Tournaments

by Andrew Bridge

Casual gamers get ready to earn prize money in small tournaments.

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Gr8Fr8 EcoFr8

by Marcus Hawkes

An Eco friendly freight and courier business employing people with disabilities and chronic Health issues.

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Project Campaign


MeshTech - Getting Smart Kiwis Connected

by Mark J Price

Get behind NZ's FIRST ever reseller of Smart Technology!

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Project Campaign

Website design

Glowing Skin

by Suhas Dange

Glowing Skin needs a make-up!

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Project Campaign

Aussiehybrids hho1

We want to develop our Dry-cell to run a car on hydrogen and less petrol to save the environment, petrol and $

by S M

Ever wondered can a car run on water and petrol? Find out once and for all about this green clean energy alternative or is it a myth.

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Project Campaign


Reality 6D MVP

by Jason Mumby

Experience the speed rush of racing at over 100mph in the comfort of a 6 degrees of freedom immersive seat and stereoscopic display.

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Project Campaign

Bonephonez header


by Mike & the BonePhonez team

We’re launching a new concept in headphones, with a twist: they’re not for your ears! (Here's your chance to get a PRE-PRODUCTION set.)

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Project Campaign

funded Pledge


by IDT

The Pokey - An intuitively designed piece of technology, for complete key organisation and arrangement. Manufactured in New Zealand.

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Project Campaign

Real people real places   look after me pledgeme campaignimage

Real people. Real places.

by Julia Charity from 'Look After Me' Ltd

We believe in old-fashioned kiwi hospitality. Help us build NZ's own accommodation market-place and showcase it to the world!

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Project Campaign


The Fearless App

by Peter V

We are turning a successful anxiety recovery program into an app so that we can reach as many silent sufferers of anxiety as possible

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Project Campaign

Bleep cover

Bleeep - Making Streaming Media Family-Friendly.

by Rebekah Duncan

Parents! Make any movie safe for your family while streaming online. Choose what gets cut and what gets shown by setting your preferences.

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Project Campaign


Your Event Simple

by Carola

Are you planning a wedding, party or corporate event? Look no further, amazing rewards on offer. A new online event planner concept.

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Project Campaign

Wisp logo   square format for social media


by Gemma Thompson

Make your own individual wish list and share it with your friends and family. Who will make your wishes come true?

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Project Campaign

funded Cmi logo

The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

by Conscious Consumers

Help create a world-first technology that will transform every dollar you spend into a vote for a better world #GoodSpendCounter #CountMeIn

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Project Campaign

Smart pages device logo

Smart Pages

by Pippa Russell

Be SMART and work with us to deliver NZ’s one platform for business info, their deals & auctions. Smart Pages.

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Project Campaign

2014 03 27 19.18.42

Farmlink Apps

by Steven Dawson

A farm mapping and management app which you can use on or offline on any pc or on any moblie device with GPS.

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Project Campaign

Img 8332952080740

Help The Accelerating Geraldine High School Electric Car Project

by Timothy Stanton

We are building a high performance electric car and we need your help to do it!

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Project Campaign

Photo full

FarmSat, a GPS safety alert systems

by Steven Dawson

FarmSat utilises advanced GPS technology to allow individuals and businesses to monitor equipment and personnel.

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2015 02 06 at 6.13.32 pm

NZ 2050 Calculator: low carbon pathways tool

by Paul Young

We're building a powerful online tool for exploring how NZ can build a low carbon future. Help get me to a special conference to learn how.

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Project Campaign

Better shave company. logo %281%29

It's time to stop wasting money on RAZORS!

by Adam Norton

Tired of spending big money on RAZORS! Well now you don't.! For a low cost why not have them sent to your door. Hassle Free, No Contracts!

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Project Campaign


Help promote Kusu Handmade - all natural insecticides and therapeutic products

by Rajneet Pratap

We have a range all natural insecticides and therapeutic products. we are crowdfunding to help market these products

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Project Campaign

Screen shot 2014 12 10 at 1.50.06 pm

ThumbsUp Ride carpooling mobile app

by Runfeng Lin

The app allows users to get and offer rides from others in the same town or city, it's a hub to communicate and compete CO2 savings.

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Project Campaign

Image %281%29

Water tank level indicator

by Matthew Miles

My neighbour asked for a tank level indicator so he could check how much water he had in his tank in summer without climbing up to look.

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Project Campaign

funded Pledgeme

Cambodian Women in Tech

by Enspiral Dev Academy

We're trying to raise five thousand New Zealand dollars to help Sreynak and Chhing come from Phnom Penh to New Zealand to attend Enspiral...

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Project Campaign


Christchurch Travel Buddy APP

by Simon Claridge

The best new age Audio / Visual Tourist APP to hit Christchurch!

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Project Campaign

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Project Campaign

3. essay

Study-Juice.com – final revisions before going live!

by David Anstiss

Help students study smarter with Study-Juice.com

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Project Campaign

funded Terminal

Computer History Displays

by Bob Doran

The Computer Science Department at The University of Auckland maintains displays on the history of computing that are open for public vie...

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