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I came up with the idea for the Roar Beacon while out hunting one day with a mate of mine. We had been discussing a recent news story where a hunter had been killed by another hunter who had mistaken him for a deer.  And thought, there must be a way to improve hunters’ safety.



So what is the Roar Beacon?


Well, in short, it’s a device that provides situational awareness for hunters in the bush. So if two or more people are wearing a Roar Beacon, they can tell if there is another hunter close by. 

 By being able to know if someone is close to you, without having to establish visual or verbal contact the hunter is quickly able to determine if that noise in the bush is a deer or a dear mate. 



While this device is still in prototype phase, we are testing the concept of the design and seeing how it handles being out in the bush in different types of weather. 



What sort of ranges are we getting?


Line of sight test - We are getting over 100m


Bush test -- This is variable, it depends on the bush density and location of the beacon. However, we are getting between 60m and 75m.


Wall test - We placed the device behind a brick wall and put the other beacon about 100m away. Even through the wall the devices are able to find each other and communicate. 


Risks and challenges

Well the first risk is not getting fully funded, which as you can imagine would be a very real issue.


While the Roar Beacon in its current version is very basic, it does exactly what we want it to do at present. 


Second Generation Device  

With the raised funds we well being work on developing the second generation of the Roar beacon. 
The new device will be smaller, have a better range, more LED's, make it waterproof  and shock resistant. We are also working developing two types of devices on that you wear on you and another you put on your rifle. 

We are investigating if it is worth putting a shaker in the device. We will come back on our findings at a later date. 




All funds will go into the development of a second generation of device



For more information please visit



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Logo Justin McCabe Project admin


    Missed it

    08:30AM Wed 16/05/18 on Roar Beacon

    Hey all pledgers and followers. 

    THank you for your support and offering funds towards this project. Sadly we have not met out funding goal, and considering there is only 4 hours to go and about $6000 to raise, its doubtful we will make it. 

    So what does that mean? Well it sure as hell doesnt mean we will give up and just take it lying down. I will now start looking for other means and ways to raise the funds needed to further development. 

    To those of you that took the offer to get two roar beacons. Thank you so much for your support, your CC or bank account will not be debited. Thank you again for believing in what we are doing.

    Once we've figured out how to raise the funds we need, we will be in contact with you with an discounted offer for the new version. 


    Thanks again everyone for your support. 



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    Thank you

    10:25AM Fri 04/05/18 on Roar Beacon

    We just had a donation of $300, which is amazing thank you so much. Really shows how much you believe in what we are doing and what to achieve. 

    Hopefully we meet our target in the next 12 days, if you can please can you share with your friends and family. 
    Even a little donation of $5 could help us in the development of the Beacon.




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    In the press.

    09:26AM Mon 16/04/18 on Roar Beacon

    As some of you know, we made it into the papers the other day. I orignally thought we were only online, but a work mate stopped by my desk this morning to tell that I was in the Dom post this weekend. Does anyone have a copy of this article or the paper? 

    As I never knew it was making it into the weekend paper, I never thought to pick up a copy of the paper. 

    If you didn't catch the story, here you go. 



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    Trouble shooting

    09:23AM Mon 16/04/18 on Roar Beacon

    Trouble shooting


    This weekend we spent the weekend stripping down the roar beacons and running some tests on battery usage. 

    We've been tackling issues with the battery and the antenna board playing up. 

    So this weekend we sat down and tried to figure out what was going on. Needless to say, we are still working on it. 
    Thats the fun thing about prototypes, you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. 


    Thank you to all those that donated recently, your donation will go towards the development of new beacons. 



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    Hutt News interview and upcoming interviews

    10:11AM Thu 12/04/18 on Roar Beacon

    Hi all, last night I did an interview the the Hutt News. So be sure to keep and eye out for the latest issue in your mailbox if you live in the hutt region. I am sure it will be available online also. 


    On a side note, I've got a interview setup with RNZ next week Wednesday. So that should be interesting, I will update you all once I have more details. 



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    Thank you

    08:26AM Mon 09/04/18 on Roar Beacon

    Hi all

    A big thank you to all those that have donated so far. Your gift towards making the Roar Beaon a reality is welcome. 

    We hope to be able to meet our goal of making the device a commerical reality.





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      “I hopes this benefits your project”

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      “Awesome idea!”

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      “Great idea”

      Jenna Faulkner
      2018-04-08 11:30:08 +1200

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      “Fantastic idea, too many lives have been lost already, we hope you get the support needed to get it off the ground. Jenna & Gareth”

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      Jeremy McCabe
      2018-04-06 12:24:01 +1200

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      “Excellent product. Deserves to go to market soon and help make hunters a lot safer.”

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