Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help. By Jamie Allen

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About Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help.

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Campaign Updates

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have pledged so unbelievably generously. Pretty blown away. Over $11,000 pledged since we went live. Such an expression of all our longing for change.

We thought an 'inside view' would be helpful - so we're going to be adding some 30 second clips of places around the site which people enjoy particularly.

Check out the "Way In" to the Retreat here :)

Click here to meet Oden The Survivor-Kitten. The pets at Taranaki Retreat are part of the whanau, and bring their love and companionship to everyone who crosses the threshold.

Click here to see our first update clip. ...and please share the link!

This link will take you into the Gym Cave - one of the coolest features of the Retreat :)


How it began

In 2014 we started building a facility where Kiwis dealing with suidical thoughts; or those who have lost someone to suicide; or anyone who is feeling the pressure of life is just too much, could be supported on a journey of hope. The vision for Taranaki Retreat grew from so many stories and experiences of loss and suffering; frustration at not being able to find the needed support - and too too many suicides. Every single suicide is way too many. We decided that we had to make a difference, and make it NOW.

The need is huge - and so is the hope

A year ago, we opened the facility. Since then, we have been overwhelmed with inquiries. Over 1,000 people have got in touch with us. We have been privileged to get to know and support people from all walks of life. People's lives have been changed, and new hope found.


We need an extra "Shoulder to Lean On"

Right now, we have way, WAY more inquiries and requests for support than we can manage. The vast majority of our work is done by trained volunteers, but we need to appoint another paid team member to our staff to assist with our community outreach and supporting our Guests. Every single inquiry represents an opportunity to prevent a suicide. We need to grow to meet the need. We are asking for your urgent help to fund a Community Support Worker for the next 12 months. This will tide us over while we set up long-term funding for the team members we need to help address the silent tragedy that is suicide.                                                                                

Your pledge will make a definitive difference in suicide prevention work in Aotearoa New Zealand, right now.

If you have been affected by loss to suicide, you will know only too well how vital this work is, how under-funded it is, and how overloaded our support services are. Your pledge will be literally life-saving.

Often charities have to carry a major administrative burden as an unavoidable cost. Not in our case. Our work is spectacularly supported by a Taranaki Chartered Accountacy Firm - Tandem Group. As part of their incredible contribution to their community, Tandem Group donates all the administration around the work of the Trust so that we can focus on what we do best; and so that all our fundraising goes into doing the mahi we're here to do. So - your pledge - or any donation to the Retreat - will not be soaked up in administration costs. Just FYI!

What if you raise more?!  -Can you help us go the extra mile?

If we ace our target we will be thrilled.  If we gain enough momentum we want to go even futher!  We need to put up an extra building (see below). This simple cost-effective construction is planned to incorporate three counselling rooms, a sleepover room for staff, and an office for our admin team. The building will make an incredible difference to how we can support people. At the moment, we often stuggle to work with all our Guests and visitors - who need be certain that their sharing is done in a completely confidential space. Could you help us leap onto (and clear) STAGE TWO??

Thank you so much for your support.

Never used PledgeMe before? Not to worry, it's fun to get involved and if you scroll down to our FAQ, you'll get your head around how it all works in no time at all.


Please make YOUR Pledge and provide an extra
Shoulder to Lean On
when times are tough. 




Here's part of our beautiful, rural site - 
where people just like you and me
are staying for a bit of support, right now.

Rural Retreat



We have a critical need for an extra
counselling and support space.
With your help, this is what we're
hoping to build, including : 

- A small admin office for us to
  keep up with our incoming
- A sleepout for staff use
- A handy toilet and kitchenette area
- An AWESOME big meeting/training/whanau
 support room
- A further counselling / whanau support room

Support Building Plan



The Retreat provides (free of charge)
many hours per week of
focussed listening / talking
therapy support, as well as
access to counsellors and other therapists.
Our only problem is.... not enough confidential spaces
for all that to happen.
With your help, we can sort that.

Support Building Inner

Just the basics, well made for purpose.
Simple construction; as much donated
material and time as we can score.
Please help us get this over the line.

Want to know more?

Visit our website, our Facebook, or email our team.

Know someone who needs
some support right now?
Get in touch.
Our service is free and doesn't
require anything like a GP's referral.
You can also get in touch
on behalf of a friend or whanau member.

Kia ora ra.

 Support Building Inside 2


Want more info? Read on....

What is a Crowd-Funding Project?

With crowd-funding, an organisation, like Taranaki Retreat, looking to fund a project, can reach out to a local, national and international community; share their vision, and ask people to consider pledging their support. There are various platforms which make this possible - the platform we are using is called Pledgeme - because the funding model depends on people pledging the support for the kaupapa.

If the project aligns with a person's own goals and vision and they feel they'd like to get behind it - they can make a pledge, of the amount they like. At that point, they are committing to paying those funds, IF (and only if!) the project attracts sufficient pledges to reach its target. If that target is achieved, then the pledges are called in, and the project goes ahead. If not - then none of the pledges are called in, and the initiative fails! :( Of course, that's not going to happen! In other words, it's all or nothing - YOU decide. This is why spreading word of the campaign to everyone you know is a major part of this, please.

Those who pledge are honoured by the Campaign organisers, as their pledges attract rewards. Rewards are quirky, unusual things which you just can't get elsewhere - and are set at thresholds according to the size of the Pledge. You'll see we have an awesome list, ranging from $10 to $100,000!

How do I pay my pledge?

You can choose to pay by direct bank deposit or an ultra-secure payment by credit card, to Pledgeme. If you choose to pay by direct bank transfer, after the campaign closes successfully, Pledgeme will email you with the bank details. If you've gone for credit card, then your card will be charged on the first working day after the campaign closes successfully. You'll get a confirmation email your payment is received in either case, or a notification if there's been an issue. 


Help! My pledge isn't working, what do I do?

There are a few reasons why your pledge might not work, but the main culprit is that your details aren't entered correctly - make sure all the fields are filled out, and triple check your credit card number (no extra numbers, no dashes / spaces). If you’re having an issue just shout out by emailing Pledgeme at [email protected] They'll get your pledge through.

When will I get my rewards?

The Retreat Team will be in touch after the project has met its deadline and was successfully funded. We will organise the delivery of your rewards with you. And we CAN'T WAIT to do that!


Can I pledge if I am outside of New Zealand?

Yes, you can pledge to a Project Campaign as long as you have a valid Visa or Mastercard. Please do not choose the bank transfer option, as wire transfers from overseas will cost you extra in bank fees. 


What does it mean when I 'follow' a project?

This means you will receive any updates that the project creator sends out about the project. If you pledge on a project, you'll automatically start following it. We'll be posting a few video updates, and it's well worth keeping in step to see how it's all going.


Can I change my pledge?

If you’ve pledged with a credit card, you can change your pledge up until a project closes. Email the team at [email protected] and they will sort it.


How do I get a receipt for my pledge?

ALL pledges made to the Retreat project (by NZ residents) are eligible for tax relief. Awesome, eh! Receipts will be issued by Taranaki Retreat for pledgers - assuming you have supplied contact details to us.


So, how do I go about making a pledge?

It's a breeze. Four spectacularly simple steps :-

  1. Sign up (or sign in) by clicking on the "Join Now" button. Use Facebook Connect or create a PledgeMe account.
  2. Click this link to get back to the Retreat project; enter how much you want to pledge in the $ field or select a reward you want. The reward you're eligible for costs the same or less than the amount you're wanting to pledge.
  3. Click "Review and Confirm" to make sure your pledge looks right. Then, enter your credit card details and add your address. Your card details will be turned into a token by Pledgeme's secure transaction provider, and they'll charge that token only if the project meets its goal by the deadline. Your address and rewards details will only be passed on to the Retreat if our project is successful.
  4. Once you've confirmed your pledge, you will receive an email and you'll be able to see the pledge details in your profile.

Remember that your pledge is only charged if the project is successful and is charged approximately 24-48 hours after the campaign deadline (which is 3pm on 9th April 2018).

Thank you so, so much for considering supporting the work of the Retreat. If you'd like to know more before pledging, then please don't hesitate to contact us on :

[email protected], or
06 2150993

Arohanui, All at Taranaki Retreat


The People Behind Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help.

Taranaki retreat logo Jamie Allen Project admin

My name is Jamie Allen - and I am Project Co-ordinator of an AMAZING team at this community hub. 

We are a registered charitable trust with a big heart. Our kaupapa is suicide prevention, and we are passionate about our work.

Our people have all donated significantly to the project ourselves - including gifting the entire plot of land where our residential facility is built.

We have a HUGE support team of volunteers. This includes builders, plumbers, electricians, counsellors, doctors, nurses, therapists, gardeners and great cooks, all of whom are stuck into the build and the long-term life of this expression of how much Kiwis care.

The Retreat was built from the ground-up, entirely through the generosity of individuals and a community that's longing to see a difference in the silent tragedy of suicide.

Our vocation and vision is supporting people with a residential stay (completely free of charge) when things have gone to custard.

We also offer outreach support for people in their own homes; and people come and use our facilities (which include a Gym and a quiet reflective space, facing the mountain) for day visits.

We are intentionally all-inclusive. It doesn't matter where you live, who you are, what your circumstances are, or whether your GP wants to refer you for support. We know that suicide prevention is about all of us - not any specific demographic or group.

Check out our homepage here for loads of photos and information about who we are; what we do; and how all this came to be.

Ngā mihi nui



    $12,000 smashed - please keep sharing the link to get us over the line

    06:55PM Sat 17/03/18 on Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help.

    THANK YOU to all those who have pledged. We are so, so very grateful for your support for this call-out. We are busy-busy preparing the rewards for our Pledgers :))

    Have a brilliant Sunday. We've just added a new clip - "An Inside View" of our Guest Lodge.

    If everyone who has pledged passes on this link to even two people - that's over a hundred potential new pledges. Please do flick out an email or share on Facebook if you can.

    Meanwhile - thank you for reading this and, again, for being part of this journey of change.


    Jamie and all at Taranaki Retreat

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    Please share the good news - and help us across the line :)

    05:42PM Thu 15/03/18 on Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help.

    Kia ora dear friends

    Thank you for your incredible support for the Retreat and for your generosity in making this possible... Thank you for going the extra mile, and for caring so much.

    The clip gives a glimpse to the GymCave at the Retreat - one of the coolest features, I think - and is certainly appreciated both by residential Guests and by people visiting for support. We love it :)

    If you have any networks / friends / whanau / colleagues you could share the link with - that would be awesome. It will come better from you than from me :)

    Here's the link in a nice easy format : http://pldg.me/taranakiretreat - or if people Google Taranaki Retreat Pledgeme it comes up as the first hit.

    Let's smash this...

    Arohanui, and THANK YOU

    Jamie and all at Taranaki Retreat

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    Counting down...

    10:36PM Sun 04/03/18 on Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi Suicide Prevention Initiative and needs YOUR urgent help.

    Our Pledgeme Campaign will go LIVE on Sunday 11th March,

    Watch this space!

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