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About The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

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The Good Registry is now live and in action! You can now choose goodness over gifts at  You can also join the movement by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @thegoodregistry. Read our blog celebrating our first couple of months at:


The Good Registry is a social enterprise that will simplify giving, help good causes, and reduce waste.  

We can do millions of dollars of good each year — and you can be a catalyst in that. 

Have you ever said 'no gifts please' but still received gifts you don't need? Do gifts from the past clutter your cupboards, drawers and shelves? Have you ever wondered what was spent on those gifts, and how much good it could do for needy causes instead? That’s our why!

How will it work?

The Good Registry is a website and community where you can be a catalyst for good. You can ‘pay forward’ giving events such as  birthdays and Christmas, to charities you care about. Instead of saying ‘no gifts please’ or playing ‘gift poker’, you’ll be able to help friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to give simply and do good. Everyone will get the joy of giving.


We’ll make it simple.

  • You will be able to pay forward any events — birthday, Easter, Christmas, Christening, baby shower, engagement, wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, farewell, house-warming, the list goes on! 
  • As the person giving your event, you choose the charity your donations go to.
  • We’ll help you tell your friends, family and others about the event you’re gifting and why, and make it simple for them to give through your giving page.
  • You and your gifters will all see how much is raised, and celebrate that (though you won’t be able to see the individual value of each gift).
  • You will be helping good causes and reducing waste - multiplying the good through your friends, family and others.
  • The Good Registry will take care of everything, from helping you to choose your charity, telling your family, friends and others, to tallying donations, celebrating the amount raised, collecting and transferring the gifted funds to your chosen charity, thanking everyone for giving, and sharing stories aout the good our donations doing.  

We’re excited about how much good we can do together, for charities and also for the environment - just think how much packaging and wrapping paper we'll save!  

What are we crowd-funding for?

The cost of building our platform is our major start up cost. We could cut some corners to reduce costs, but we don’t want to do that. We want The Good Registry to be a joy to use, so that givers have a great experience, and are inspired to come back and keep multiplying the good. Reaching our goal amount will help make sure we can start giving good with real impact.

We've set out target at $20,000 and would love to exceed that. With more funding, we can simply do more. Exceeding our target will give us a better chance of getting everything we want on our giving platform - things we think will encourage more gifting like social media integration and message sharing, as well as some of the ‘back-end’ functions of the site that will reduce manual administration and free us up for other good things. Extra funds would also help us market The Good Registry - so that more people get to hear about it, experience it, and multiply the good. 

Who is behind The Good Registry?

Our three co-founders are Wellington based and are all hugely passionate about doing good things. We are:

Christine Langdon.  Christine is CE and Chief of Good for The Good Registry. Before becoming our CE and Chief of Good, Christine was Community Manager at Z Energy, where she led the development and implementation of Z’s Community Strategy — a multi-million dollar programme of charitable giving, skilled volunteering, and social wellbeing initiatives.

Christine is a passionate advocate of giving and the joy it brings. For the past four years (alongside her day job) she has volunteered her time as a yoga teacher to inmates at Arohata Prison in Wellington, and taught koha yoga classes for corporate workplaces, with all koha donated to charitable causes. Christine has previously consulted and held management roles in communications, working with corporates, not-for-profits and government agencies. She began her career in journalism.  She is also a blogger at  

Tracey Bridges.  Tracey works mainly with not-for-profits, advising on strategy, leadership and behaviour change.  She is the Chair of the New Zealand Social Marketing Network, and a member of the Board of the Australian Association of Social Marketing. 

Before turning her energy to the non-profit sector, Tracey was a business leader, principally as Managing Partner of the trans-Tasman communications consultancy business she co-founded. She is a member of the Global Women Network, and the Institute of Directors, and a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.  In 2017 she was a finalist in the New Zealand Women of Influence Awards. 

Sue McCabe. Sue is Chief Executive of the Who Did You Help Today Trust, which runs programmes that provide more ways New Zealanders can take action to help others. She also consults part-time in her areas of passion: gender equality, vulnerable children, and the community and voluntary sector.

Sue co-founded the Community Comms Collective with Gail Marshall. This 100 per cent volunteer led and operated registered charity provides community groups with free communications help through connecting them with skilled volunteers.  She’s a Fundraising and Development committee member for the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. 

Sue’s an advocate for the critical role not for profits, in collaboration with government and the corporate sector, play in our social, environmental and economic progress. She believes connecting more people with charities through making it easier to give time, skills and money benefits us all.

Our technology partner is Touchtech. They're designing and building the online platform where all our giving will happen. Touchtech is a multi-award winning product design and development studio with offices in Wellington and Melbourne. They care about people and about doing top-notch work, and are repeatedly ranked as a Deloitte Asia-Pacific Fast 500 company.   

We have also been working with some other wonderful partners, including Designfetti ( who have designed our brand, advised us on marketing, and generously donated one of our great rewards. 





The People Behind The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

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    Find us at

    04:02PM Tue 16/01/18 on The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

    The Good Registry is now live and in action! You can now choose goodness over gifts at  You can also join the movement by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @thegoodregistry. Read our blog celebrating our first couple of months at:

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    Our campaign has closed but you can still support us!

    08:26PM Sun 05/11/17 on The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

    Tuesday 7 November:

    If you've just found our PledgeMe page, or you've just come back to pledge, don't worry - it's not too late to get involved!

    We would still love your support.

    Please pop us an email at [email protected] and let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list, if you'd like to make a late pledge, or if you would like to support us in any other way. We're open to any offers that will help us do more good!


    We'd love to hear from you. Thank you! 



    Sunday 5 November:

    We are so delighted to have reached our goal! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has pledged to help us get here -- Your support means the world to us. 

    Thank you for being on our team!

    If you haven't pledged yet and would still like to, please do. You still can still pledge until 11pm Monday night and we've still got some good rewards for you to grab. Keep telling your friends about it too! Every extra pledge will help us hugely on our mission to transform giving, help good causes and reduce waste. 

    A coupld of days after the campaign closes, we'll receive eveyone's details (and the information about the rewards people have pledged for) from the guys at PledgeMe. We'll then be able to come out to everyone with a personal thank you and to deliver on specific rewards.

    In the meantime, thank you so much for your support. We can't wait to bring The Good Registry to you soon!

    Christine, Tracey and Sue

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    A progress update and thank you!

    05:58PM Wed 01/11/17 on The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

    Check out our new video with an update on how our PledgeMe campaing is tracking! We're making great progress - huge thanks to everyone who has supported us. Our goal is in sight now - we just need your help to keep sharing the word over the next couple of days. Please watch our video and share it good and wide with your freinds and networks.

    (PS - see if you you can spot our wee blooper at the end!). 

    We've also just added a couple of sweet new rewards - the awesome chance to get some communications/business career coaching from our co-founder and PRINZ Fellow Tracey Bridges, or some yoga at your office with our registered yoga teacher, co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon. How good is that?! 

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    We're getting talked about

    12:10PM Fri 06/10/17 on The Good Registry: transforming the way we give

    Our co-founder Tracey Bridges talked about The Good Registry (and other interesting things!) on RNZ’s The Panel yesterday. If you missed her, you can still listen at

    We also featured in a blog at The Ruminator this week. Blogger Lord Sutch eloquently sums up the pain of choosing gifts: the-good-registry-because-giving-can-be-better 


    We've been interviewed for an article on social enterprise for The Listener - so watch out for that this week too. 

    We also began engaging on social media this week so you can follow us now @thegoodregistry on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We hope to see you there! 

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      “Such a fantastic opportunity for local charities to get more exposure.
      From Pacific Steel (NZ)”

      Laura Coffey
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      “A fantastic initiative - we look forward to its launch.
      From Pacific Steel (NZ)”

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      “A wonderful initiative to make a real difference to those in need.
      From New Zealand Steel”

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      “I love this idea - thank you for making this Christmas a whole lot easier and worthwhile! ”

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