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About Mama Chow's Baking Mission- Everyone Deserves A Treat!

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The Mama Chow Vision

After five years of managing children's food allergies Mama Chow Baking was created as a way of bringing sweet goodies to those that often miss out due to dietary needs.

         The belief behind the concept is that by catering to a few we can serve to all!

              (Check out that pun!) 
Mama Chow's Baking is completely gluten free, vegan, peanut free and refined sugar free. We can also cater to an array of other health needs such as soy free, coconut free, paleo, completely nut free and low FODMAP (and we are always up for the challenge of something new!). We will also embrace a child-like view on having food that is fun, aesthetic and enticing (while not containing common allergens and inflammatories usually found in sweet food).


Our Objectives

-To cater to those that are often excluded and unable to eat food due to their dietary needs so that they are able to feel at ease and with many options!
-To surprise and delight all with goodies that will satisfy all (regardless of dietary needs).
-To teach others about the importance of good gut health and some simple things they can be doing.
-To help children set up good eating habits from early on so they develop a positive relationship with food.
-To offer conventient, guilt free food to all and help alleviate the time and energy that goes into searching for particular food.
-To continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with baking!


Mama Chow's Plan

1. We will start by sharing our goodies at the local markets over Spring/Summer here in the Bay of Plenty- Little Big Markets, Gourmet Food Markets, Farmers Markets etc. I will also be selling home-made Kombucha at markets.
2. We will then have an online made-to-order website and Facebook page that offers local and national delivery.
3. Offer Birthday Party packages (we have been to SO MANY social events where our children have felt excluded and sometimes fearful because of the food available) that focus on inclusion through catering to the individual needs of clients.
4.There are many avenues to explore at this stage which are all exciting and we hope to extend the impact we can have on those living with restricted diets (andthose that just love cake).


How Your Contribution Supports Mama Chow

Your support will enable us to:

- Certify and register our home kitchen (including purchase of a small fridge that is needed)

- Invest in packaging, labeling, marketing, website, business cards etc.

- Finance equipment for the markets (trestle table,gazebo, signage etc.)

- Registering Mama Chow Baking as a business (wohoo!!)

- Market fees

Further Options 

-A lunchbox program offering Mama Chow's delights in bulk for busy parents!
-Ability for Mama Chow to extend her skills through further study into nutrition and baking.
-Travel fund to widen the reach of the business.
-A Mama Chow Catering Business that travels locally and nationally leaving behind her a trail of sweet-smelling treats.
-Work alongside established Allergy focused groups for catering events etc.
-Collaboration with schools to help children get the best of both worlds- yummy food without the sugar!
-The world is our oyster.

In the mean time come and check out some other delightful delights at or at

Thanks immensly,


Mama Chow xx



The People Behind Mama Chow's Baking Mission- Everyone Deserves A Treat!

15665887 10154170579683354 1063706759527759275 n Choiwee Moon Project admin

Hey all, I am Choiwee (a.k.a Mama Chow). I am a wife to my amazing husand and we have three kiddies who are 6,2 and 1.
My  traditional background is in teaching however I left the profession about 2 and a half years ago to have my second child. I have decided to predominantly stay at home since then so I get some quality time with my children.
The kids all have food allergies and intolerances including dairy,egg, peanuts,cashews, pistachios, gluten, soy and refinded sugar.
I also have dietary needs and am on a low fodmap diet a majority of the time.
So not only did I recognise the need for delicous food that caters to people with allergies, coeliacs etc but I can also completely relate and empathise.
I can joke with people about how many different ways there are to eat rice and how so many gluten free foods make you feel like you are eating cardboard!!
I have spent 5 and a half years experimenting with baking and educatingmyself on food. I now believe it is time to share all that we have learnt and created.
I am beyond thrilled to be bringing my treats to so many others. Everyone Deserves A Treat!!!


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    “Good on ya Choiwee! Think it's an awesome business! ”

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