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Current materials used to make surfboards are extremeley toxic, carcinogenic, non recyclable and non biodegradable. An average surfboard weighing 3kg will emit 300kg of CO2 in it's lifetime.


Light, strong surfboards made from recycled polystrene packaging, NZ grown timber and plant based resins that are built to last. 



We currently lease space inside a joinery factory, but we would like our own space, With greater production capacity and a small retail store out front. The store will be close to Lyall Bay in Wellington and stock a range of sustainable surfcraft and accesories. We will also have a load of demo boards for people to test out before they order a custom surfboard. And of course coffee.

A more efficient production facility will enable us to provide competitive wholesale prices to selected retailers around NZ, And investment in our own CNC machine will make it possible to provide fully machined blanks to other surfboard manufacturers around NZ, So that you can get a sustainably made custom surfboard from your local shaper. 



Trevor the Triumph and Demo board Raffle 

We love this car, And it has served us well on our NZ demo tour. But we also love producing sustainable surfboards so we are going to raffle him off to rasie money for our new facility. Car is a Manual, Comes with current WOF and Rego, 4 New tyres, Roof racks and your choice of demo board from the 7'0" Slinger, 5'8" Whittler or 5'4" Stump. Auction will be held on the 3rd of December at Midday and the car and board will be ready to pickup from Wellington on the 15th, Just in time for your summer holiday. Runner up gets to choose from 1 of the remaining demo boards. 

Limited to 1000 tickets, No limit per person but for multiple entries please pledge multiple times as opposed to pledging a larger amount once. Any questions please call Jack on 0273 150 998. Winner must carry relative driving license.

If you win and you don't want it we will auction it off will all proceeds going to Sustainable Coastlines. 

Good Luck! 


Wooden Air Freshener 

Laser cut from offcuts of Paulownia from our board production and infused with essential oils to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Wax Comb 

Laser cut from American ash and sealed with Lanolin oil to provide a non stick surface. 

Christmas Gift Voucher

Laser etched gift voucher made from offcut timber to the value of your pledge and delivered in time for Christmas day. Custom engraving available at no extra cost. 

Smart Leash 

Smart leash is a new innovative leash which is made from replaceable parts, So if it breaks you can replace the broken component, Instead of the whole leash. Pretty cool. Delivery in time for Christmas and free freight in NZ. 

Eco-Cork Traction Pads

Made in Portugal from 100% cork Conglomerate. Available in 1 or 3 piece (please let us know what one you want) Delivery by Christmas. Includes delivery in NZ. 

Futures Performance RWC fins

Single and Keel fins by Futures fins in America. Made from pine Fibre and reprocessed composite materials. These fins have a smaller enviornmental impact than conventional fins without compromising on performance. 

Tote Bag 

Ideal for grocery shopping or carrying wetsuits and towels to the beach, Made from organic cotton and features a screenprinted logo. 

Hemp Cap

Made from hemp and organic cotton and features an embroided logo.


Organic cotton T-Shirt with screenprinted logo. Please put your sizing in the comments section. We will order some spares so that we can do exchanges if the size you choose doesnt fit. 

Changing Towel

Our hooded changing robe makes getting changed in and out of your wetsuit easy. A must for all surfers. Made from organic cotton terry towelling. One size fits all. Delivery March 2018.



Our take on the traditional twin keel fish of the early 70's, Great for intermediate and advanced surfers in small to medium waves. Available in 5'4" to 6'2". For help deciding call Jack anytime on 0273 150 998.


The stump is our Mini Simmons inspired fun board, Suitable for all surfers in small and medium waves. Available in 5'0" to 5'8". For help deciding call Jack anytime on 0273 150 998.


The slinger is our take on a classic egg. Suitable for all surfers in a variety of wave conditions. Available in 6'6" to 7'0". For help deciding call Jack anytime on 0273 150 998.


Classic 9'0" Log made in our new factory with our bigger and better machines mid next year. 

Shaping Workshops 

Shape your very own Organic Dynamic surfboard at one of our 2018 shaping workshops in Auckland or Wellington. We get the blank ready in advance and provide all the tools and training you will need to turn it into a functional surfcraft. We take it away to coat it in epoxy and post it back to you when it is finished. Workshops take 4-6 hours and we provide food and refreshments. We will help you choose and tailor your shape. 


Proffesional Services 

Have Organic Dynamic founder Jack Candlish speak about sustainable business at your next corporate event or staff training exercise. Each presentation will be tailored to your audience. Pricing is Koha, Please pledge what you can afford and factor in and factor in travel and accomodation expenses from Wellington. You can watch Jack's TedX talk here.

Please contact Jack for availablity [email protected] 


The People Behind Organic Dynamic Factory Store

Screen shot 2017 09 30 at 12.30.44 pm Jack Candlish Project admin

I'm a Wellington based Industrial designer. I spent the first 7 years of my career producing cabinets and furniture and the last 4 making eco friendly surfboards. 




    New Factory Store

    06:59PM Sat 12/05/18 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hello Supporters

    Hope you had an epic summer and are making the most of these long southerly swells. 

    You should all have your rewards and boards by now, Except for our first retailer Escape Coffee in Taranaki who have been waiting patiently for theirs while we get all the pledgers boards out. These guys pulled through right at the end of the campaign to take us over our target and for that I will be forever greatful. If your driving through new Plymouth be sure to stop in and say hi. They are on Liardet St in the city centre, Just look for the big green screaming shaka. Awesome store with the some great gear and the best coffee in Taranaki. 

    Image result for escape coffee taranaki

    I apologies if your boards took a bit longer than I initially said they would. I went from making 4-5 a month to 4-5 a week which had its challenges, I've also been busy organising the factory store and the machinery we need and on that front I have some exciting news! 

    We found a site! 

    It's number 7 Rua Street in Lyall bay and we move in a couple of weeks. The store won't be open for a few months as there is a bit to do but I will send you all an invite to the opening party when we have a date. The shop will serve a few functions. The front will be a retail space with boards and accessories and will have windows into the shaping and coating bay while the back half will be a workshop where we process the timber, cut the parts and assemble the boards. I'm so excited and want to say a huge thanks to everyone of you for making it happen! 

    We are slowly getting on top of orders and our current lead time is down to about 8 weeks. If your looking for a new board or know someone who might be now would be a good time to order and will help us pay the rent on the new space as things tend to go a little quiet in the winter. These are our current shapes and we can help you choose and tailor one to suit at no extra cost.

    Plledgeme supporters and friends of will get a 15% discount. 

    Thanks again everyone! 









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    Quick update

    01:56PM Sun 07/01/18 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hello Pledgers 

    Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years. 

    We had a great break and are looking forward to an exciting year. 

    Air Fresheners, T-Shirts, Wax combs, Tote bags, Leashes, Traction Pads and fins should all have arrived by now (for NZ pledgers). If you ordered one of these and it hasn't shown up yet please contact [email protected], We have spares of everything so if it got lost in the post we will send you another one. Bound to be a few over the Christmas period. 

    Caps are going out tomorrow and the the changing towels will go out later this week, Sourcing organic cotton towelling proved a lot easier than we expected so they are going out a lot sooner than expected.  

    Most of the rewards are now available on our website If you missed out head on over here and place your order. All proceeds will still go toward the new factory store and anything we dont sell prior will end up on the shelves. 

    I've started prepping the decks for the first batch of boards and will be working on them more this week. 


    Store plans are coming along nicely and we will have more updates for you soon. 

    Thanks again





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    Deep Blue Bag

    05:50PM Tue 19/12/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    One more thing! 

    Our friends at Sustainable Surf have developed a really amazing backpack ideal for surfers, Made almost entirely from upcycled materials and it is currently on kickstarter. All the profits go to support this great charity that provides assistance and support to surfboard manufacturers who want to produce more environmentally friendly surfboards. They have been an absolute joy to work with and have really helped us out over the years.

    The bags are $250 each and we will cover the shipping costs from the US to NZ and to your door anywhere in NZ. If anyone wants one please let me know and I will add it to our pledge.

    [email protected]



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    Trevor the Triumph raffle

    01:59PM Sun 03/12/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hey Pledgers 

    Thanks to everyone that purchased a raffle ticket. 

    We just drew the winners of Trevor the Triumph and the demo boards live on facebook and instagram. 

    You can watch the video here...

    Congratulations to...

    1st prize - Car + Board - Brett Cockeram 

    2nd prize - Board - Dylan Rexer-Huber

    3rd prize - Goodie bag - Sophie Doe 

    For all those that didn't win thanks for your support and to say thanks we will make you a free coffee at our store when it opens next year. 





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    We did it!

    04:50PM Tue 28/11/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hello Pledgers.

    We hit our target! Thanks so much for all your support throughout the campaign! As you can see in the photo we are very happy. We can't wait to start making your rewards. 

    Trevor made it home safe! He has been such an amazing car and is going to make one of you very happy. He is booked in for a full service and groom on Thursday and Friday and we will draw the raffle at Midday on Saturday. This will be live on Facebook and Instagram so you can all watch us drawer a winner. Links below.

    We have only sold half of the raffle tickets so the odds are pretty good. The campaign finishes at 9pm tonight so there is still time to better your chances or get some of our other rewards. 

    Good luck everybody and thanks again! 



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    New Rewards

    04:25PM Sat 25/11/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hey Pledgers! 

    Thanks again for all your support. 3 days left and only 3k to go to hit our target. We are very excited! 

    We have just released 4 new rewards! 

    Eco friendly Fins, cork tail pads and a interchangeable leash that is easily repaired. These are the types

    of products we will stock in our new strore. Only 10 of each available. 

    Get in quick! 

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    $9k to go!

    08:13AM Thu 23/11/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hello Pledgers! 

    Hope everyones having a great week and enjoying the beautiful weather! Thanks again for all your generous support so far! 

    We have raised almost $21,000 so far and have 6 days left to raise another $9000 to reach our target. Keep in mind the Raffle won't go ahead unless we hit our $30k target. So please check out our other rewards and share the campaign with your friends. 

    I should also mention that whatever we raise on Pledgeme is up for match funding by the Wellington City council, Powershop and BNZ bank who have sponsored the Low Carbon Challenge this year. If your interested in the program there is more info here.

    This money will all go towards a slick production facility that will allow us to make sustainable surfboards faster and more accurate to the CAD files so that we can start collaborating with other surfboard shapers. It will also allow us to make long boards which is a huge market that we havent been able to tap into due to machinery limitations.

    We are currently travelling around the North Island, meeting up with surfers and shapers along the way and offering free demos. The feedback about the feel and performance of the boards has been amazing and we have some awesome footage that we will be releasing very soon. 

    We have a new reward! Its an organic cotton terry towelling hooded changing robe. These are really handy for changing in and out wetsuits and boardies at the beach and available for $120 on the campaign. 



    Thanks again and good luck to the raffle ticket holders!



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    Demo Tour

    05:56PM Fri 17/11/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Hello Supporters! 

    Huge thanks to everyone that has pledged on the campaign so far. We are almost half way there with 11 days to go so are feeling pretty good! To promote our campaign we are doing a nationwide demo tour so that surfers can test our boards out before they buy them. We've done the South Island and the feedback has been great! We are about to head up North, First stop Mt Maunganui on Sunday so please come down if your around.

    If your on the fence about getting a board or need some advice about what board to get feel free to call me anytime and i'll be more than happy to help, My number is 0273 150 998. 



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    07:19PM Sun 12/11/17 on Organic Dynamic Factory Store

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has pledged on the campaign so far! I've put so much into this product and I really appreciate all your support!



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