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Books on the Bus NZ is a movement which aims to spread the love for reading in New Zealand by leaving new and used books throughout the country’s public transport systems – including buses, trains, ferries, bus stations, bus stops and train stations.

Books will be left on seats, benches, station signs, ticket areas and more. This will be accompanied by social media updates in the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #booksonthebusnz

The idea was inspired by Books on the Underground, which was started in London in 2012. Soon after seeing video of how celebrity Emma Watson has supported this cause, I contacted the organisers of the original movement who said they were happy for me to do this in New Zealand. The concept is simple. Some people in London went out an left their favourite books in the Underground. These are meant to be taken, read, shared and most importantly, enjoyed. 

We started the project in Auckland mid-January 2017 and had very positive response from the public, the press, publishers and organisations in New Zealand. 

Today, we'd like to invite you to help us do our part in changing the world. You can help us kickstart this movement with your donations. 

Organiser leaving a book in a bus station.

All your donations will be used towards the logistics of this intiative including: 

  • Purchase of additional books – To make this initiative more sustainable a target of 150 books to be distributed by the core group (known book fairies) need to be achieved on a monthly basis. This may involve the purchase of new and used books at a negotiated price with suppliers who have donated to the cause during our earlier days of operation. Cost will depend on the current stock of books we have and commitment from publishers and donors. 
  • Printing of stickers – To be used on books and to be sent to others who want to take part in the program. 
  • Postage of stickers and books – Postage cost is taken into consideration to courier it to locations other than Auckland where book fairies may want to start an operation. Sticker postage to book fairies will also be taken on by the organization to encourage more people to participate in the program. 
  • Printing of posters and flyers – It's our way of getting the word out aside from social media. 
  • Commissioning of web design and social media marketing for the cause 

Thank you so much for your generosity! Every dollar you donate is highly appreciated. 

Books left at Victoria Park Station, Auckland CBD


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