Collective Holiday Memories: The Book By Kerry Sunderland

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About Collective Holiday Memories: The Book

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New Zealanders have been making holiday memories at Tahuna Beach in the top of the South Island since 1926.

In 2016 we invited you all to submit your photos and stories to the Collective Holiday Memories competition.

We uncovered a range of funny, original, heartfelt and quirky holiday memories - from watching the Great Benyon on the beach, waiting out a storm, building sandcastles, beginning the family tradition of a ‘cousins camp’ to making lifetime friends. Now we want to bring it all together in a stunning, full colour, 176-page coffee table book. With your pledge, we can produce a book that immortalises the story of Tahuna Beach and the thousands of people who enjoy it every year.

The Tahuna Sands Association first took over responsibility for development of the site in 1926 and soon built changing sheds, a playground and a kiosk. Locals and holidaymakers started enjoying the site – many naturally wanted to stay overnight – so the motor camp officially opened in November 1937. Almost 80 years ago, 700 holidaymakers camped on site – the beginning of a summer holiday tradition that has continued to this day for many generations of families. The holiday park now occupies about 22 hectares running alongside the beach in Nelson, which was voted New Zealand’s number one summer holiday destination in 2016.

Collective Holiday Memories: The Book will commemorate the history of Tahuna Beach over the past nine decades, including stories contributed by campers, other visitors, and permanent residents who live year-round onsite. 

Tahuna Beach Camp Incorporated is a non-profit association responsible for managing the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park. It is developing Collective Holiday Memories: The Book in partnership with the following creative team: Collective Holiday Memories creative director/project manager, writer and editor Kerry Sunderland, historian and author Karen Stade and writer Ro Cambridge.


The People Behind Collective Holiday Memories: The Book

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