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About Voice to Voice

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Voice to Voice is a peer discussion program for students in years 7-10 that fosters student to student support and developing resiliency for life skills. At the No.2 Bullying Conference in Australia in 2014 it was noted that anti-bullying programs in schools were not as effective as ones which focussed on resilience strategies. Tracy Scott was inspired by this to create a program for New Zealand youth so that they are better equipped to deal with life issues and change challenges. She teamed up with Dayle Hunt to create Voice to Voice.

This program has been running for one year in three schools with outstanding results and we are now looking to double the amount of schools involved as well as expand to a second year program for those from our pilot year.

Some wonderful feedback from our pilot year from students and teachers alike. Far outweighed our expectations.

Workbooks for the students to voice there understandings, findings, frustrations and quotes that meant something to them....

So the Voice to Voice program has had a wonderful pilot year with great results please helps us to expand to more kids, more schools, more changing of lives. Go to this link...


To see our final evaluation of year one.


The People Behind Voice to Voice

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