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Project 2016-11-25 13:33:52 +1300

Events are an essential part of developing our sense of community connection & pride, they also generate economic growth, are a fantastic way to show off the natural beauty of the stunning locations like our own, they add to our areas identity & are very importantly a whole bunch of fun!


We want flicks + fun to become all this & more for the North Shore, but first a little help is needed in year one to get it off the ground. The city has the Lantern festival, the Nines, Pacifica, and all the rest. We think it’s about time the North Shore claimed its own stake in the event calendar & developed an event that can truly showcase our beautiful beachside location. One that can be grown in future years whilst connecting community members, creating new experiences and showcasing our destination.


Year One will begin relatively humbly with an exciting mix of activities including 5 sweet flicks over the weekend, food trucks galore, artisan craft market, beach dig, music from Fifth Element and the Hipstamatics, a tonne more music, kids activities & games, lots of friendly faces & anything else we can get our hand on! And yes we can fit that all into one awesome weekend, but we need your help to make it happen!

Any extra funds raised in Year One will be put to good use. Going straight into interactive entertainment to blow your socks off! Lights, colour, bold & bright installations combined with roaming & glowing personalities.

Year Two we will look for feedback from our supporters, our residents, our attendees and community to see what they think works best! Together we will make an event the Shore can really feel proud to hold.


Make sure to join the fun & follow the event on Facebook @ Flicks + Fun! 




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