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Our aim is to build a dramatic 8 metre world class steel sculpture, within which is a Camera Obscura.

This interactive sculptural structure, looking at Whangarei’s celebrated Te Matau ā Pohe Bascule Bridge is sited by the river on The Hatea Loop.  Entering the dramatic structure, the viewer arrives in a camera obscura room, and experiences the bridge and its environment in a new way. 

From a small hole in one wall, a moving image of the outside world – the river, sky, bridge, traffic and people – are projected, upside down and reversed onto the entire interior. Using CCTV technology, this view is projected to the world via the web. Imagine watching Whangarei's bridge lift, via the oldest tech (Camera Obscura) through the most current digital technology, anywhere in the world!

The obscura experience also teaches the science of light while the added dimension of CCTV cameras allow the viewer to become 'the performer' when inside and out.

The sculpture's design reflects Whangarei-te-rerenga-parāoa maritime history and offers a unique destination for locals, students and tourists. This exciting project joins a handful of sculptural obscura in the world and will be free for all to experience.

We have, the Council's support, an allocated site, been gifted the steel, funding for the engineering and local businesses donating their services. The sculpture / building will cost $500,000 and we just need to generate $50,000 from the community to help with the construction of the internal building.

Join the Team - pledge and enjoy being part of this legacy!


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Message sent to The Team after a Radio NZ story about the project

“I went through a Camera Obscura at Te Papa and it was the most amazing experience. When I was at school I did optics and drew little arrowheads when I did physics. I was pretty good at it, but it was all pretty abstract. And then in one amazing moment in the Camera Obscura at Te Papa, many years after that school physics, I suddenly realised what it all meant! It was quite an experience.

Anyway, all the best with the project in Whangarei - I can't wait to see it myself one day.”

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The People Behind Camera Obscura Whangarei

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    Thanks EVERYBODY for joining the Team to build the Camera Obscura Sculpture on the Hatea River!

    02:39PM Wed 07/12/16 on Camera Obscura Whangarei

    Its been a fantastic campaign - had Trump elected, Kaikoura earthquakes and THEN John Key resigned - all in our campaign month, stealing our press-time and we still met the target!  We could not have come this far without the incredible support of The Whangarei community so THANK YOU!

    Watch the video - have a giggle - 2 days to go... hoping to hit $30,000 so share it out to friends.


    Diane, Trish and Felicity!

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    Signage for Obscura now on site!

    07:31AM Fri 25/11/16 on Camera Obscura Whangarei

    Thanks to Fastsignz we have now erected a sign on the site by Te Matau å Pohe Bridge so the public can get an idea of the Sculpture's location. The PledgeMe campaign has 15 days to run and we are striving to get as close to the $50,000 community contribution as possible. As part of that we are inviting 20 local businesses to pledge $1000 (Their name will go on the etched door) so please share the link to any businesses who might be interested. Thank you SO much for your ongoing support!

    Camera Obscura signage

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    New Camera Obscura video with sign language translation!

    06:14AM Sun 20/11/16 on Camera Obscura Whangarei

    Hey Team! We are so thrilled to have Tania, our sign language translator 'sign' the Camera Obscura video so the deaf community can connect with the project! We are so close to our target so 'Thank You' for your pledges! It is not only the $s that are important - the project needs as many pledgers as possible as it will help with our final funding application to show community support, so please share the project with your friends.

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    Great news - 8 days in and we are over $17,500!

    01:32PM Sat 12/11/16 on Camera Obscura Whangarei

    WOW! Thank you Whangarei, Northland and many International pledgers! The Camera Obscura Sculpture project is getting fantastic support! This weekend the Scene Magazine has relaunched and our project is on the cover and centre spread. We are feeling more confident the campaign can reach its goal and push out towards the $50,000 we need.

    Please ask your family and friends to join us by pledging a little and check out the great news in this video update.

    A HUGE Thank you to Tania our sign language interpreter!

    Cheers - Diane, Trish and Felicity

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      “Pledge name is Evolution Mining NZ ”

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      “Take a picture here, take a souvenir”

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      “WE'RE IN - Fantastic legacy for Whangarei, Love It Here”

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      “Well done Diane, Felicity and Trish, this is such a great project for our community and I super proud to be involved.”

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      “This brilliant concept will be fantastic for Whangarei”

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      “You guys are awesome!! Can't wait to see it completed! ”

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      “A perfect example of vision, passion and commitment to achieve a lasting legacy. Well done ladies.”

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      “Love it!”

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      “So great to see amazing projects like this right here in Whnagarei”

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      “Great initiative! Thanks for all the hard work.”

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