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Project 2016-08-24 01:24:00 +1200

A Magical Light installation that will bring you closer to infinity.


Who are we?


Infinity is a group of 8 Architecture student from Unitec.

We have been selected to create an art installation for the GLOW, which is part of Artweek, an annual 10-day festival in mid-October that celebrates the arts community in Auckland.

This year GLOW will be held at Windsor Park Devonport.



The Project


In this project, we wanted to combine light and architecture.

So we decide to create infinity mirrors, which use light and reflection to create a space that disappears into infinity. We will create 8 freestanding panels (the gates), and a podium (the abyss). We aim to create an illusion that will evoke curiosity and play with the spectator sense of depth.




How is it made?


For this concept, we will use timber, acrylic and steel to build 8 Gates. Those simple materials will allow for an easier and safer construction, and a structure that will have minimal impact on the park. We have already created a prototype, and its looks better than we imagine. But we need your help to build the rest of them



How you can help?


Even if it’s a school project, it isn’t funded by Unitec or Artweek, so we need to raise the money ourselves. We have estimated the panel unit to cost around $250, and that is for the frame only. Because we are still designing the light patterns, which could add another $30-$100 depending on the design. So to create the 8 panels we need $2000. We already got a few sponsors on board, but we need more funds to get the best materials, and build the floor and the room (Those two would coast an extra $2000). But we can’t do it without you! So Please Donate and help us bring infinity to Auckland!





It' a Glow event, so naturally our prize will be glowing as well.

We have glowing wristbands, flashing foam sticks, flashing necklace/bracelet.

And for sponsor, we can promote your company/products on our panels.

IMPORTANT: The reward can't be shipped (in NZ or overseas) and can only be pick up at The Infinity site during the event.



More ways to help


We are truly excited to bring the infinity mirror to glow this year. Help us spread the word and build support for the Infinity Project. Please share our campaign and “like” our page on facebook, and of course, don't forget to join the event!




FB page:



The People Behind Infinity

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Steeven Mou Sang Project admin



    09:13AM Fri 30/09/16 on Infinity

    Hi everyone! It's been a month already, it just went so fast. Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we were able to start the construction of Infinity. However regarding the pledgeme campaign we weren't so lucky. I doubt we are going to reach out $1500, so you won't be charged for your donation. 

    But I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were committed to help us from the start and that mean a lot to me. 

    And don't worry, even if we didn't reach the goal, Infinity is still happening. If you haven't done so yet, you can check out our facebook page or instagram. We started to post some photos of us in the workshop.

    If you still want to support us, I will set up another way to make the donations and I will post the details on our facebook page or you can contact me by email ([email protected]) for more information.

    Thanks again for your support! You are my hero :)

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    Sponsor: Sika NZ

    06:02PM Mon 19/09/16 on Infinity

    Thanks Sika for your generous contribution to Infinity. Your support will greatly make a difference in the success and quality of our project!

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    Sponsor: Wiri Timber

    09:34AM Mon 12/09/16 on Infinity

    Thanks to Wiri Timber, we can start building the frames of the gates! So excited. 

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    Design Update: Light

    09:32AM Mon 12/09/16 on Infinity

    We have been looking at different light fixture we could use. Here's some of the design we came up with. :)

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    Design Update: Close up Details

    12:43AM Wed 07/09/16 on Infinity

    Here's some close up details of the panels.

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    Design Update: Panel layout

    10:07AM Mon 05/09/16 on Infinity

    After more lights test. We realize that battery powered lights wouldn't give us the effect we wanted. So we integrated a power cable in our design to give use more options on light fixtures. 
    We also have ad space at the bottom of the panels. So if you know any company that would be interested to sponsor us, let us know!

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    Thank you Resene

    10:35AM Fri 02/09/16 on Infinity


    A big thank you for our first official sponsor! Resene generously offer to helps us by providing the paint we need to take our project to the next level!

    Here's the product we are going to use "Resene Waterborne Woodsman". It comes in many colors! So be sure to check out their selection in the link below…/charts/Exterior_Woodcare_Chart.pdf

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    12:38PM Wed 31/08/16 on Infinity

    This art installation is for you, so we would like to invite you in our design process. Right now we are looking at the colors for the frame. Which one do you think looks best?

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    How to install the panel

    02:07PM Tue 30/08/16 on Infinity

    It was really important for us to design a structure that could be easily assemble, and with a minimal impact on the site. Here's the step by step on how we going to do it.


    Installation Diagram

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