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Project 2016-07-16 14:56:18 +1200

Hello Paper People and welcome to our crowdfund page, we're happy to see you here!


A bit about us

What started as a humble university project where we thought we were just making good-looking notebooks, turned into so much more. As designers we used a lot of paper. This paper was often hardly used, so we thought why not give this paper a second life before being recycled. As a business we’re not only saving paper and trees we are also saving vast amounts of water by repurposing paper first. After doing research into recycling and paper making we found that it takes 10 litres of water to create one A4 piece of paper. Plus most of our recycling is sent to Asia! To date we have repurposed 61,169 sheets of paper equalling  611,690 litres of water. We need your help to continue on our mission to create a more sustainable New Zealand.


How our business works

We are a Wellington company that offer paper repurposing services to businesses and schools. We provide collection boxes to businesses where they collect their non-confidential blank on one side paper. From here we collect the paper and curate it into notebooks with custom designed covers and sell these notebooks back to the business. Our clients love seeing their waste paper repurposed into something they can give away as gifts or use as in-house stationery for themselves. As part of our service we can also tell them how much water and paper they have saved by repurposing.


Watch our explainer video here!




Why are we crowdfunding?

After a year of full time work, acceleration through Lightning Lab Manufacturing and incubation through the Low Carbon Challenge, we are now ready to take our businesses into the next stage. We have had amazing mentorship and support throughout our journey so far which has given us the chance to be where we are now.


We are rapidly scaling, working with amazing businesses around Wellington repurposing their paper. As a result we are fast growing out of our amazing digs at Creative HQ, as you can see our paper is slowly taking over our corner of the office! We are also growing our team, as a team of two we are getting rather stretched!




After going through the Low Carbon Challenge we have the opportunity to match $15k from Wellington City Council $1 for $1. This means anything you pledge will instantly be doubled up to $15k.



Most of the rewards will be shipped before Christmas, except the larger notebook packages and the Ecoloop option. Our notebooks make great gifts.

(Shipping is included in all deliveries - we will be in contact once they’re about to be shipped).


All of our rewards on offer will save 31,200 sheets of paper from landfill.


For You

Limited Edition A5 Notebooks

We have collaborated with amazing up and coming artists to create limited edition notebooks The Artist set features Gwil Devey, Nick Schuler, Stella Loi and Becky Cole, their graphic style stands out really well on our off-white 9Lives cover stock. The covers they have designed for us are one of a kind and will only be available during this crowdfund. Once they have gone, they've gone!




Second notebook set is from a new illustration collective Egg on Toast. These young women, Kalos Chan, Pippa Keel, Katharine Hall and Holly-Ann Craig have created beautiful line drawings which complement each other beautifully.



The Misprint Co. T-shirt - Ethically made with Little Yellow Bird.
A non-notebook reward is our ethically made t-shirt from Little Yellow Bird. You can now wear our most popular Misprint pattern - who doesn’t like paper planes? We have two styles you can choose from - both are super comfy.

(Dan is wearing men's medium, Kareena wears a women's small, Jenny wears a women's medium)






The Book of Questionable Content
For the slightly controversial, we have a one off Questionable Content notebook containing all of our ‘questionable content’ we have collected over time from our Offsetters. We never know what we’ll find in our collection boxes. But get in quick, we only have ONE! This will be a coffee table style book, hardback bound with dust jacket. (Expected delivery October)



(The Book of Questionable Content will be an A4 hardback. The picture above gives you an idea of what it will look like.)



Leather cover refillable notebook with forever inserts
If you’ve ever wanted a ‘forever’ notebook, well now is your chance. We are offering limited Italian stout leather covered notebooks, refillable with a lifetime supply of Misprint repurposed paper inserts. The notebook comes embossed with our logo on the back. (Expected delivery October)





For Your Business

Wellington Ecoloop - pre order notebooks
If your business is in Wellington, you can pre order 50 or 100 of our standard A5 stapled notebooks and we will set you up with a Collection Box for you to start collecting paper - As part of our Ecoloop service, we will collect it and turn it into notebooks for you. We will design a custom cover for you (usually $150) for free and shipping is included. Expected delivery time will depend on how fast you collect your paper.


Custom notebook package
If your business is outside of Wellington you can pledge for 50 or 100 of our standard A5 stapled notebooks made from our Offset paper stock. We’ll ship them to you. We will design a custom cover for you (usually $150) for free and shipping is included. Expected delivery for this reward will be February 2017.




How we will spend the money


We will increase infrastructure!

Some of the money will be spent on a paper counting machine and an industrial guillotine. This will increase our efficiency with paper stock take and making notebooks.


We will support our team!

At the rate we are scaling we are limited to the amount of business we can take on. Some of the money will go towards supporting the team to work on The Misprint Co in sales and marketing.


We will expand our space!

With the amount of paper coming in and the amount of clients coming on board, we are growing out of our current digs. Some of the money will go towards an office space that can grow with us.



We might get a van!
If we manage to meet our goal (thank you!!) we will be creating a stretch goal for a company van. We are looking at a Nissan Scargo, which will be great for driving around town. It has plenty of space in the back for collection boxes and is fuel efficient!




Our vision is to see New Zealand close-loop their waste streams, starting with repurposing before recycling.


We are a small yet fantastic team who love what we do! We have the passion and drive to run The Misprint Co. and are dedicated to our mission.

Kareena: She is our craft and production master, she has a great eye for detail and a love of quality products. Her new found love of spreadsheets means she also handles our finances.

Jenny: I am the communicator and hustler who runs the communications and marketing. I make sure our brand and products are always at the forefront of our communication.

Thank you for supporting us and our business.




The People Behind The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

Logo Jenny Buckler Project admin


    We Made It!

    02:19PM Fri 16/09/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

    This morning around 11am-ish we made it to our target in our crowdfund. We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us in our journey so far and for pledging. We literally couldn't have done it without you. 

    To celebrate we rang the sales bell at work and took ourselves out for a feed at Egmont St Eatery. 

    We still have two days left to raise a little more, this means we may be able to get a Nissan S-cargo to pick up and deliver notebooks! 

    Anyway as promied here is our $20k milestone pic! We are clearly super chuffed. Or you could watch our thankyou video here. 

    A massive thank you again to you all! 


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    It's the final week of our crowdfund campaign!

    07:41PM Mon 12/09/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

    To celebrate our final week of the crowdfund we are launching a new reward! The many faces of Misprint. You've probably seen a lot of our faces thoughout our campaign so far, so why stop now? We want this campaign to be the campaign that launched 1000 faces. We'll be pulling funny faces all week to those who pledge $5. We will Tweet, Instagram or Facebook the funny pic to you! Just tell us your social media handles/names and follow #1000faces. 


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    Stay classy Paper People! Introducing the A5 leather notebook to close all deals.

    02:36PM Sat 10/09/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

    We have new pictures of our latest Italian stout leather notebook to show you all! This notebook holds both notebook and notepad. It even has a place to keep your pen. That's what we call handy. We only have 3 out of 5 left - if you're keen to grab one get in quick. $219 for a 'Forever' notebook. 



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    Just ticked over the half way point of $10k!

    06:44PM Mon 29/08/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

    Thank you again to everyone for supporting us and helping us grow The Misprint Co!


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    New Reward on offer from Egg on Toast!

    11:29AM Thu 25/08/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

    Egg on Toast: Illustration Collective have designed these beautiful illustrations which look great on our kraft paper stock.

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    We made our 2nd milestone - $5,000!

    11:23AM Mon 22/08/16 on The Misprint Co. Crowdfund

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