Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim By Brendan Boughen

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About Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim

Project 2016-05-15 12:53:44 +1200

Hi! My name is Brendan Boughen. I’m an Auckland-based Kiwi who works as a tech PR consultant by day, and at night transforms into my alter ego, cartoonist Jim! (aka. @cartoonsbyjim)

Over the last 10 years, as I’ve worked day jobs managing PR communications for a wide range of technology brands, I’ve also drawn many cartoons about the technology that has impacted our world so dramatically over that time.

Computers, software, hardware, tablets, phablets, smartphones, game consoles, websites, social media, the Internet, fibre-networks, robotics, big data, servers, the cloud, ‘green’ tech, apps, memes, BYOD, data security, space travel, time-travel, innovation, collaboration, prognostication … If it’s anything to do with technology, I’ve probably cartooned about it!

Anyway, I decided it was high time I collected those cartoons into a single volume, alongside some written thoughts on my experiences in communicating about technology as it’s evolved over this last crazy, game-changing decade. I’ve selected around 100 of my favourite technology themed cartoons … so now I just need to publish it.


It will be 128 pages in full colour, and also feature a foreword written by my good friend and science / technology guru, Dr Michelle Dickinson! (a.k.a. @Nanogirl)

I’m aiming to raise at least $10,000 to cover an initial print run, and am offering what I hope are a few value-packed ‘Game Changer’ supporter reward packs to encourage you to pledge your support! 



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    Watch your mailbox!

    12:52AM Sat 01/10/16 on Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim


    Last week, the print run arrived. Last Friday, the book was launched. (Check Facebook for the photos! This week, the book gets mailed! So, keep an eye out for a distinctive white envelope package arriving in your mailbox or on your desk very soon!

    For those who ordered the Collector's Edition packs ($100+), your books will arrive with bonus Christmas cards, Game Changer postcards and a copy of Jim's previous book, 'Gone Astray'.

    For those who ordered the Premium Game Changer pledge packs ($250+), you will receive all of the above, but as I'm still working on your original cartoons, I will send those out separately at a later date. (For those who haven't specified the topic for your cartoon, please do let me know ASAP!)

    Also, if you want to order additional copies, do get in touch with me via I do special deals for multi-copy purchases! :)

    Thanks again for coming on this journey with Jim to make SOUNDS LIKE A GAME CHANGER a reality!



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    Start the presses!

    11:09AM Tue 02/08/16 on Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim


    Greetings Game Changers!


    It’s been just over a month since the crowd-funding campaign for Jim’s new book of technology cartoons, ‘Sounds Like a Game Changer’ passed it’s $10,000 target.


    Since the end of the campaign, I’ve been reviewing and editing the written parts of the book, as well as adding some brand new cartoons. Now, in just the last few days (thanks to the superlative design skills of Julian Waters) the final 136 pages have now been finalised!


    So, I am now very pleased to be able to announce that as of today, the final print-ready PDF master copy of the book has been sent to the print shop for production!


    (A huge shout-out of thanks here to the wonderful Maria Chapman at MC2 Print Brokers in Newmarket, who has been generous with her time and energy in sampling and recommending the best paper stock, finishing and binding. From the samples I’ve seen, it’s going to look and feel beautiful!)


    Let me take this opportunity to once again say a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for being a part of this book. When I launched the campaign in mid-May, part of me wondered whether $10K was too ambitious a goal. But, because YOU made a contribution, be it large or small, Jim’s new book – which has been over 10 years in the making – is now, at long last, set to become a reality! If all goes smoothly – the initial print run of 2,000 copies should be arriving in New Zealand mid-September.


    As I indicated to many of you at the time of our contact during the campaign, every person who pledged to the campaign will receive an invitation to the launch party! The date for this is yet to be finalised as it will depend on exactly when the book arrives in New Zealand, but as soon as this is confirmed I will be sending out an email invitation, so keep an eye out for that.


    Those pledgers who pre-ordered a book can either pick it up at the party, or have it mailed to you afterwards with all the added goodies.


    Meanwhile, for those who pledged for the Premium ‘Game Changer’ Pledge Pack ($250+) … I now owe you an original new cartoon! I will contact each of you separately to discuss what you would like your cartoon to be about, and I will aim to get all of these completed by the time the book is ready to send. Look out for that email coming to you very soon!


    So now, all that’s left to do is wait! J Thank you once again for being a game changer for Jim, and I look forward so very much to sharing the new book with you very soon.




    Brendan Boughen (Jim.)


    The final edit in progress!

    The final edit in progress! (July 30, 2016)



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    We're almost there!

    09:47PM Tue 28/06/16 on Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim

    Hello my fellow Game Changers! It's been an exciting six weeks!

    When I first launched this campaign, I really had no idea whether this project was going to fly or not. In an age of digital technology where more and more of the information and entertainment we consume is online and on-screen, the idea of a book - particularly one about technology - seemed somewhat dichotomous and antiquated. Why set out to create a bound stack of paper with ink on it when a PDF could do? But therein lies the magic of books, and for me, cartoon books. To hold a collection of cartoons in one's hands, and smell the ink and feel the turn of the pages as one reads and laughs in quiet and solitude is a pure and joyous thing. And that's what this project is all about.

    So, here we are with just three days remaining on the campaign, with over 100 pledges and 81% funded! Thank you firstly so very much to everyone who has pledged, no matter how large or small. Every bit has counted and go us to this point! Thank you also for all the action on social media, be they tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn shares. It's created a buzz that has resonated loudly and helped build the momentum that has brought us to within sight of the goal. Now, there is just a little way to go - less than $1,900 in fact - and I'd love to have your help once more to nudge us over the line.  

    So, if you know anyone else out there who loves (or hates!) technology and you think would get a chuckle out of the cartoons in this book, now is the time to share the campaign with them. Look out for some final links of media coverage on the Facebook page and tell those tech-fanboys and girls you know about it too. Or even think about adding an extra pledge to your first and getting an extra copy of the book for a friend! Seriously, I've read this thing myself a few times now, and I think it's looking top shelf, so I can't wait to share it with you all.

    A final reminder of the extra goodies you can get at each level of pledging:

    - $5+ pledge gets your name in the book on the acknowledgements page, and the pleasure of the knowledge you’ve supported this campaign!
    - $50+ pledge gets you all of the above, plus a signed copy of the new book and a ‘Game Changer’ postcard!
    - $100+ pledge gets you all of the above, plus a signed copy of Jim’s ...previous book 'Gone Astray', 10x Christmas cards by Jim and 8 x ‘Game Changer’ postcards!
    - $250+ pledge gets you all of the above, plus a bonus ‘Game Changer’ book and a new original cartoon drawn by Jim on the topic of your choice! (ONLY 4 LEFT!)
    - $500 pledge gets you all of the above, plus 4 bonus books and a 60-minute live presentation by Jim on the 10-year journey of ‘Sounds Like a Game Changer’! (ONLY 3 LEFT!)

    Plus, if we reach the goal by Friday, every pledger will get an invitation to the ‘Sounds Like a Game Changer’ launch party later this year! What more incentive do you need? :)

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the support for this book. I look forward to crossing the target line ahead of the 6.00pm deadline on Friday evening, 1 July, at which point all pledges will be processed. After that, it won't be long until the book is finalised and shipped off to the printers, and hopefully within two months, there'll be a beautiful new book to ship to you.

    Go you awesome Game Changers!



    Brendan (Jim.)


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