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Project 2015-09-16 22:24:33 +1200

In June last year NZ got its first sewing lounge, (like an internet cafe but with sewing machines instead) full to the brim with recycled goodness and shared resources, the mission was to upcycle textiles and upskill communities - through our space, workshops and pop ups we are passionate about inspiring more makers, menders and conscious consumers!Sew love HQWe have absolutely loved our time in St Kevins Arcade, Kroad but we are set to close our doors at the end of October. I have personally worked SOoO hard for the past few years, day and night to make the dream a reality, so it's sad to say goodbye to that gorgeous little space so soon. But in the sew love spirit of seeking the positive, we all have to see this as an opportunity to grow and step up to grab the next dream....and that's going to be spreading the love further to you NZ.

Sew Love a good POP UP!The clan of sewing machines and I are sew keen to answer the calls and come to your town providing workshops and pop up events but in a completely new way...

No doubt you've heard of food trucks, but how about a ...             Mobile Sewing Lounge/Tea House/Op Shop Loving Supertruck?! 

I very much sew love to DIY anything, but I cannot craft together a truck... YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to help buy Sew Love a set of wheels and get it fit for this summer's journey.

  • $15k sew lovely vehicle (to fit all the goodness inside)
  • $2.5k sew lovely paint job (so people can see us coming!)
  • $2.5k sew lovely fit out (so the machines can be safe and sittin' pretty inside)

Thats a total of $20K. Anything extra on top of that goal will go towards fuel in the tank and help with documenting/editing our journey of sustainability and sewing across our beautiful country.Sew Some Love at Splore


Check out the rewards, please pledge what you can, and share with all your family and friends. If you're into your social meds we would sew love to hear what you sew love most about sew love (phew sew much!) just tag #isewlove... in your own selfie video and share this link love around!

Good things take time, so some rewards may not happen instantly, but rather you can redeem them (Re-thinker, Re-maker, Private Sewcial, Sleepout) when we get to your town on tour this summer! 


For more information on what Sew Love is all about check out our visual story so far on instagram, our journey of sewers and events via our facebook, and our remaining workshops in St Kevins over on the Sew Love website.

Cheers muchly,

xx Sarah Sew Love & Betty, Barry, Bruce et al xx 


I have absolutely loved Sarah’s weekly upcycling class. What a fun and friendly way to learn and make friends. Sarah is a creative, enthusiastic and extremely talented teacher. Her commitment to loving the planet whilst creating a fantastically unique home and wardrobe is inspiring!  

- Jo 


The best night course I have ever taken. I loved the topics, what I learnt and the fact that I can continue to use these skills, and improve them myself going forward. I made new friends with common interests which has been so rewarding. Upcycling is the future and Sew Love is at the forefront. 

- Amanda


I loved Sarah's Sew From Scratch course and would highly recommend it. Not only was Sarah lovely company and a fantastic teacher, it's given me the confidence to try out some projects of my own at home. Most importantly, I feel really inspired to look at materials and pieces in new ways, so I cant wait to start up-cycling, mending and re-purposing. Thanks so much Sew Love!

- Lucy


The People Behind Sew Love ON TOUR!

Screen shot 2015 03 22 at 11.42.50 pm Sarah Sew Love Project admin


Nobody taught us about social enterprise back at school, it wasn't till my mid 20's that I realised one could have a dream, a project or mission to create positive change for people and the earth, and one could make a plan to get that thing happening.


Sew Love is an amalgamation of loves. Im a sewer and op shopper back before 'twas hipster cool, and It made such sense to combine this love of 2nd hand treasure hunting and resourcefulness with my love for good green living and building happy communities.

I orignonally did a BA in Education and Theatre Studies at University of Auckland but returned later to study Small Business Management through Te Wanaga O Aotearoa and complete Garment Construction and Patternmaking qualifications from NZ Fashion Tech.

However, I do not aspire to be thee best sewer, nor thee best teacher in the nation. I simply can only be thee best me. AND I think its important to remind oneself of that, and encourage others to feel empowered in a similar manner through creativity and conversations.

We only live once, so let's live well, and be grateful.


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    Sew Love a good YARD SALE!

    07:16PM Tue 20/10/15 on Sew Love ON TOUR!

    This thursday is our last day in St Kevins and im emptying the hoarding cupboard, bringing in my wardrobe, and boiling the billy, we are having a yard sale and you are invited! 

    We have oodles of upcycled products, fabrics, trims, even a few sewing machines that all need new homes - so come along, spread the word, lets have a hug goodbye-for-now and celebrate the awesome time we have had in our sweet spot here. 

    Everything will be pay by pledge, so of course you might find yourself some instant rewards in the flesh!

    Check out the facebook event HERE

    xx Sarah Sew Love xx

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    Welcome on board Sitka !!

    01:26PM Thu 15/10/15 on Sew Love ON TOUR!

    Sitka on the roadWoah there BIG PLEDGER!! We are SEW freakin' excited to have our pals Sitka joining us on the road this summer with their Sitka seconds awaiting revamps, and because they have a sitka lifetime free repair policy we can repair your sitka gear FREE where-ever you are in the country (we be like the gold class AA membership but for your wardrobe!).

    Sitka & Sew Love have the same passion for conscious spending, quality clothing, and no throwing things away folks! Next time you're on Ponsonby rd go check out their beautiful new store and give Andy (who is there smiling EVERY DAMN DAY!) a big sew lovely hi 5! 

    We are sew grateful for their pledge and believing in this mission! And look forward to welcoming other awesome like minded individuals or organisations to pledge that big collab button and join us on the road too.

    See more about Sitka over here with a headline of Community - Sustainability - Integrity - Creativity - Adventure ...we sure know that we are on the same page and looking forward to sharing this spirit further afield around NZ. 

    Sitka are on facebook and instagram too ofcourse!

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    Hear more from the Sew Love community!

    11:32AM Tue 06/10/15 on Sew Love ON TOUR!

    I sew love that mending and making can bring people together from all walks of life. People get making with their own hands, leave with a finished, wearable garment, and most importantly feel EMPOWERED because they learned and did it themselves. Sew freakin' love it!

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    Thank YOU for believing!

    12:18PM Fri 02/10/15 on Sew Love ON TOUR!

    Just like this !!

    A special thank you to you wonderful people who can join our vision for a sustainable creative NZ! .... I saw this amazing ride the other day and I ran up to it, heart throbbing! Can you imagine how sew lovely this could be?! Its not for sale.. but just the ticket to look at and dream a big dream!

    THANK YOU so much to all the amazing pledgers who look at that goal of $20k and know that their $10 or $100 CAN make a difference, thank YOU for BELIEVING and starting us off on this journey. xxx

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      “Go you little beauties!”

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      “You're the best Sarah!!”

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      Fiona McCallum
      2015-10-23 15:39:45 +1300

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      “Keep on rocking your dreams Sarah!! Can't wait to see your magical set-ups along the road xxx

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      Bella Zilber
      2015-10-23 15:29:26 +1300

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      “Go Sarah! Can't wait to see the Sew Love bus on the road!!”

      Courteney Peters
      2015-10-23 15:27:43 +1300

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      “You're an inspiration! xx”

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      Christine Lancaster
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      Natalie Chan
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      “Good luck Sarah! Love your idea! xxx”

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      Erin Cretney
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      Laura bellamy
      2015-10-23 12:55:32 +1300

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      “Hope you manage to get a seweet truck!!!
      Catch you on the road.
      NZ Kombi Summer Tour x”

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      amanda wright
      2015-10-23 12:39:18 +1300

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      “Go you good thing Sarah - love your work”

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      Michelle Barton
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      Lyn Dallison
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      Bikes Welcome - Jo Clendon
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      Kris Lockett
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