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Songs for Bubbas was born out of boredom, frustration and my silliness. Over the space of a year and a half I started to write the album in-between bot bots, tantrums, kai time and poo poo nappies, oh, along with my actual career which involves a lot of travel, strumming and singing.


It has been a saviour of sorts, a moment to relish my beautiful children and to be a child myself. I write music to inspire myself but most importantly, to inspire everyone around me. I love being ridiculous and in the moment so it is a happy outcome for everyone.


I released Songs for Bubbas in December 2013 thinking it was a small side project but never fully knowing the impact of what it will become and is still becoming. It has far exceeded my expectations and still gives me a little thrill knowing it is so popular with mothers, fathers, grannies etc like me all over Aotearoa and even the world.





I am in the process of writing Songs For Bubbas 2 and am hoping to raise $40,000 for the writing, recording, mixing, mastering, rewards, manufacturing, distribution and promoting the album once it's complete. I'm not asking for much aye. Yeah, right!


The two main reasons I am jumping on a crowd funding platform is because SO many parents are begging me to record more songs and I want to be in control of the whole thing without a record company having to be involved, oh and I am poor. lol


I aim to record it with my award winning right-hand man Andre Upston who recorded my last album and I am hoping to have it all finished and arriving in your mailbox in March 2016.


The songs are mostly written by me with the

exception of maybe a couple of beautiful covers. They are silly songs that my kids love and that all kids will love once they hear them. If they don't love them then I'll guarantee to not give your money back!


I love being a mother to my three wonderful sons and I love being a singer, writing my songs for all ages and I really love being the modern day baby whisperer for your gorgeous pepis, tots, young'ns and kids! It is a pleasure to serve you!


I hope you can pledge, but if you are poor like me then please share this video so maybe your rich friends can help a beautiful and famous but not rich wahine out?????



I want to thank you and did I tell you how good you're looking today?

Also, have you lost weight? Your eyes look great in this light!


Nga mihi

Anika Moa




Here's a wee breakdown of the budget so you know what's going where!!

Within the marketing part of the budget it will cover the cost of PR, Radio,

merchandise and everything else that can pop up along the way.


  • Writing Retreat $2,000

  • Recording $5,750

  • Artwork $2,250

  • Manufacturing $5,060

  • Merchandise $2,000

  • Postage $3,000

  • Website $2,000

  • Marketing $15,000

  • PledgeMe Fee $3,200



Be one of the first 50 people to grab the $30 Signed Album reward

(or above) and you will receive a 30ml bottle of SleepDrops for Kids.

Thanks heaps SleepDrops for your support!


SleepDrops for Kids are a completely natural sleep formula

designed to support your child’s natural sleep patterns.

They’re a non-habit forming, non-toxic, gentle way to help you to

re-establish calm before bedtime. This helps settle children when

they are overexcited or have an overactive mind which may be

preventing them from achieving the sleep necessary for their

growing bodies. More info.


100% recommended by Anika Moa!




We have a gorgeous design created by artist Hayley Bowis.





It would be amazing if you could share this PledgeMe campaign with your friends and family! Click on any (or all) of the links below to share!!

Neeks xx


Huge thank you to SleepDrops for jumping on board as sponsors and also Sean Donnelly for filming and editing my video! x


  Marion van Dijk


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    Good news!

    09:25AM Tue 01/03/16 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa

    Greetings folks!

    I know some of you yummy mummies, glad dads and everyone in-between will be thinking about me and wondering how I'm getting on with my number 2 baby album.
    The good news is it is FINISHED! The artwork is done by the wonderful Azaria Universe and it is on its way to the CD manufacturer to be made by the thousands.
    Yippeeeee! Just in time for your baby who is due any minute, for your kindy or creche who are ready for some Aunty Neeka craziness and for your lil pepi who is ready to ka haere ki te moenga. 
    Once the album is in my greedy hands, I will get to work on packaging up all your rewards personally and sending them out. An update on their dispatch will be made in 3 weeks so until then my beautiful friends....
    Hoping 2016 is a fantastic year for you all thus far...
    Love Neeks xxx 

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    Kia ora koutou katoa!

    08:08AM Sun 15/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa

    Kia ora koutou katoa!
    I apologies if you're receiving this message twice - but it also means you're AWESOME and have signed up to my newsletters so thank you!!! 
    Tonight my PledgeMe campaign ends and with it comes relief, happiness and hope. Relief that all the stress and intensity and craziness of it is all over, happiness that I was supported so hugely by yourselves that  hope I can make this album the most inspiring music for our tamariki.
    I thank every single last one of you my beautiful pledgers for giving me a go. Hearing me out. Letting me write this music. Letting me be who I am. Not trying to change me. Making me cry. Making me proud I know you. Believing in this. 
    You will hear from me in the form of goodies - a brand spanking new album, tea towels, baby onesies, hand written letters, BEERSIES! and some pretty cool gigs too. I can't frikking wait!!!!!
    I will have my head in music for a while so sorry in advance if I go quiet (so unlike me!)
    Thank you again and please remember to give this one last share with your friends and family! 
    Love Neeks xxx

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    New Rewards up + gorgeous bubbas!

    05:53PM Thu 12/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa


    I just had to share this photo sent in by Nicole Lang. Check Bernie + Dot rocking my onesies! Nicole was the first onesie winner and I could help but send two once I learnt she had twins! Also check out my page - we've just uploaded Tea Towels Only & Onesies Only. These will be delivered in time for Christmas! 


    All other physical rewards will be sent out around March 2016 along with the album once it's ready!!! x

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    Brilliant News!!!

    10:37AM Mon 09/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa

    We have done it! Raised $40k to make this album!!! 


    I couldn't have done it without YOU!!! I feel very overwhelmed and so humbled. It's all because of your support and determination. We are kiwis supporting kiwis and that's better than any American record contract, it's better than making it overseas because we are making it right here in Aotearoa. Our country is so full and amazing. The musicians are wildly talented and I'm proud to be a part of it.


    Today is the first day of my writing and I'm going to kick this mother out of the park! Watch this space whanau, you're gonna LOVE this new album!!!


    Please, feel free to continue pledging because every cent goes towards this album.

    Share the ❤


    Special thanks to Rodney Hewson, Katie Thompson, Nicky Claridge, MAZDA, PEAD PR The NZ Herald (for the awesome story) plus so many more but my extra love and amazingness to my brilliant, beautiful wahine Natasha Utting and my kids who make all this possible. Handsome little beauties. 


    Love Neeks xxxx

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    WIN a super cute ONESIE!!

    08:14AM Thu 05/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa






    With less than 2 weeks to go I've decided to start up a competiiton to hopefully get people talking about my campaign! These onesies are GORGEOUS and I thought you might like one too! I'm so thankful to everyone who has pledged, commented and shared!! Deets below!

    WIN a super cute ONESIE! All you need to do is like my Facebook page + this post on FB, comment what size & colour onesie you'd like (info and join my mailing list


    You're more than welcome to tag a friend who might like to win too and shares aren't compulsory but very much appreciated! 


     By random selection I'll be giving away one onesie a day until Saturday 14th of November.


    Neeks x

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    Fancy beersies with Neeksies?

    03:55PM Tue 03/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa


    We're nearly at the halfway mark - $334 away to be exact!

    There is only one "Let Have Beersies" reward left so get it now! Must live in Rarotonga or Spain to claim. Lol 

    With only 12 days left to raise 20k is now the time to panic??? Lol

    Thank you soo much for your love and support!!

    Neeks x

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    What a Wonderful Day!!!

    08:04PM Sun 01/11/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa


    GO the MIGHTY ALL BLACKS! What a wonderful way to start the day!


    Just a little video update on where we're at here on PledgeMe. Special thanks to the anonymous pledger who pledged this morning. Seriously? I want to marry you and have your babies!! So kind. So generous. Gratitude in abundance to all of YOU!!!


    I hope your day is as good as mine folks! Enjoy the serious video. Lol

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    The Onesie Design is HERE!

    12:51PM Tue 27/10/15 on Songs for Bubbas 2 - Anika Moa



    Here is the onesie design! It was created by Hayley Bowis of Wild Notion Creative on the West Coast. 

    I loved the idea of a little maori doll riding on the back of a tui and the result is just beautiful and very quirky! The illustration also has the lyrics from my song Little Bird - "tui in the tree, singing softly. seeing in the dawn, with your sweet song."

    I adore this design and hope you will too!! I'm getting a sample made up and will show you via my Facebook page as soon as I have it in my hands!

    There's less that 20 days to go of the campaign and still a fair amount of money to raise. I really appreciate your support - the contributions and sharing means the world to me!

    Neeks xx

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      “Damn. Just missed out on a signed album. No worries. We'll listen to the digi copy and buy a CD anyway. ;-) So proud of you Anika! xxx”

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      “I went to school with you Anika and always loved your performances! Can't wait for my wee son to hear your music!”

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      “So excited to be supporting some Moa Magic”

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      “Anika you rock!”

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