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About Cultivate Christchurch

Cultivate Christchurch is a social enterprise that combines productive urban farming, youth development and community participation. We generate revenue to sustain our work through three products: Produce, Compost, and Edible Landscaping (Urbundance).



Our Broccoli Bonds

The Broccoli Bonds are a little different. We wanted to create a loan that helped feed our purpose of inspiring young people to live lives they value in an urban farm setting.

You can choose to have your loan paid back in three ways. Either:

  1. Whole principal repaid in cash plus 5% cash interest; or
  2. Half principal repaid in product half cash plus 10% cash interest; or
  3. All principal repaid product with 15% cash in interest

You can find out more about the Broccolli Bond offer in our Investment Memorandum




Our core mission

Inspiring young people to live lives they value in an urban farm setting.

Our spaces and our products help us with our core mission: to train and support young people. We help young people have more meaningful and deeper connections with others and the land. There is an urgent need to find innovative, affordable ways to re-engage our most challenged young people and enable them to play a valuable and rewarding role in society. 

We directly address a range of complex problems including: 

  • 6400+ Young People (ages 15-24) not engaged in education, training or employment and needing high levels of support.
  • 40+ tonnes per week of organic material (food waste and compostable packaging) from the Christchurch CBD going to landfill every week.
  • The total number of New Zealand farmers is falling and their average age is getting older. Our next generation of food producers are going to come from predominantly urban backgrounds.  
  • There are limited accessible opportunities for people, particularly children, to connect with the source of food and the natural world in an urban environment.


Our land

We currently have 2.5 hectares of land across three locations under Cultivate management in Christchurch. Of that, 2,500sqm is currently in effective production, which equals 12% capacity in terms of potential revenue generation from the total land area we have available. 

We are aiming to grow to 50% capacity by March 2019, and can grow out to 90% over time. At 50%, or 1 hectare of effective production, the ‘Produce’ division of Cultivate will be performing at the scale we need to sustain our operations.


Our products

C Closed loop infograph (2).jpg

1) Cultivate Produce 

We convert vacant and underutilised space into productive urban farms growing high quality salads, herbs and niche gourmet crops for 12 cafes and restaurants in the Christchurch CBD. We also sell direct to the public from the Peterborough Urban Farm.

We follow a combination of organic and biodynamic horticultural standards although the short term tenure of our land base means that certification is not currently possible. 


2) Cultivate Compost

From Sep 2015 - Sep 2017 we took over a voluntary composting initiative from Agropolis. This has grown from 4 to 14 customers, which is from 7 to 22 bins per week. We charge $20 per bin.

We offer a CBD collection service for organic material including food and commercially compostable packaging (think: takeaway coffee cups). Organic material is then composted on our farms and used to grow our crops for Cultivate Produce. 

Our E-Bike and Trailer known as ‘The Iron Kermit’ currently collects 2-2.5 tonnes of food waste per week, from 5-10% of the CBD market. At our Peterborough Urban Farm we have built 500 tonnes of new soil enabling production on top of a rubble site. 

Cultivate is the only service in the region that currently accepts commercially compostable packaging in its organic waste bins. 



3) Edible Landscaping (Urbundance) 

We construct and manage productive ‘commons’, meaning public or shared greenspace areas, while supporting local groups and neighbourhoods to become guardians of these spaces in the long term.

Our first construction contract begun in mid-September 2017 with the Halswell Commons housing exemplar. The first stage of the project involves the Halswell Menzshed who will be pre-fabricating the raised vegetable planters for the two community gardens. This community engagement is led and coordinated by Cultivate on behalf of the developer and has strong initial buy-in from key community partners and local suppliers of materials for the construction work. 

Concept design for Stage 1 Halswell Commons Community Gardens (source


About our Team



We have a core staff of 11 people working on Cultivate, which currently works out to 6.0 FTEs. On top of that we have 8 paid youth interns who work with us 4 days per week as well as some receiving support with gaining formal qualifications and further education. 

A core central services team supports the administration, marketing and HR functions of all of Cultivate’s enterprises. All our staff are naturally caring, genuine and nurturing types with leadership, mentoring and many varying strengths that provide high quality role models to the young people participating on our farms. 

  • Fi Stewart - Co-Founder, General Manager, Chief Human Wrangler. Committed youth worker, general lead for all things people and wellness, for staff, for our young people and our community. 
  • Bailey Peryman - Co-Founder, General Manager, Underground Scientist: most comfortable in the midst of a compost heap, Bailey is responsible for the design and conditioning of the environments from which we then cultivate the best versions of each plant, person and the community. 
  • Sarah Chapman - Head Storyteller, significant local hospitality experience and connections, as well as experience in the compostable packaging industry and high level sales and customer and community relationship management capabilities. 
  • AJ van Dam - Produce Peddler and Organic Urban Counsellor:  A formally trained social worker who performs counselling organically during the flow of life on the Peterborough Urban Farm. Also a natural salesperson, musician, cook, Father and Husband. 
  • Amra Wallace - Urban Farm Manager: Amra came to us via the BHU Organics College at Lincoln University and has 2 years of full-time study in organic horticulture under her belt now. She’s also extremely good at organising the daily task schedule for all people expected to be on site.
  • Kolle Collis - Urban Farm Technician: Kolle gets all the technical stuff done around the farm and we’ve barely seen the beginnings of his full skill set in action. A committed permaculturalist.
  • Aaron Rowe - Farm Hand: Aaron is with us one day a week while studying organic horticulture at the BHU. We can’t wait to have him around more for so many reasons. 
  • Rhea Deacon - Iron Kermit Pilot: Rhea collects the organic material from our CBD customers and returns clean bins on a reliable and uber-friendly basis. Also fluent in French just FYI. 
  • Renee - Administration Guru: Renee is moulding our internal systems and practices into all sorts of efficient and powerful forms. We’re excited about what this will enable in terms of the level of information we can provide to our supporters, customers and community regarding Cultivate’s impact and how relationships with people make this happen.
  • Fi Laird - School Holiday Youth Programme: Fi brings in a range of young people during school holidays, mostly those needing to complete community service hours (which means they can get discharged from the Youth Court). 
  • Ryan Mattingly - Urbundance Foreman: Ryan has landscape, residential and commercial construction experience as well as a design degree and a significant background coaching and mentoring kids in sports teams. Also a pounamu carver! 



What we've done so far

Since beginning in 2015, we have:

  • Secured 2.5 hectares of land for our urban farm network, making sales every week from December 2015
  • Offered 16 youth internships and 540 work experience opportunities for young people between the age of 15-24
  • Diverted over 100 tonne of food waste from landfill, currently 2-2.5 tonnes per week - using an E-Bike and Trailer
  • Completed two trials for collection and processing of commercially compostable packaging
  • Initiated a landscape construction contract with a developer for a 700-unit subdivision
  • Established a partnership with the Canterbury District Health Board to transform an unused hospital facility into a community resource
  • Raised $700,000 in Grants and Donations as startup funds


What's next?

We have the land, the products, the core mission and the people. Now we need to implement our plan to get to self sustainability!

But, Cultivate Compost was not factored into the original business plan. In fact - our co-founder Bailey has even tried to bury it several times in order to keep Cultivate focused (despite starting it and being an avid composter himself!). 

The demand and potential for Cultivate Compost beyond servicing our own composting needs has been so overwhelming that we have decided to put it to our crowd to see if this is really something we should take on for good. 

So, we’re issuing our Broccoli Bonds to raise up to $200,000. This money will fund the infrastructure to grow our organic waste and compostable packaging collection services in the CBD. 

The produce options are just for locals who can pick up their produce from the markets, or for you to gift to loved ones. Produce repayments will be in the form of vouchers issued each quarter and redeemable through Cultivate. These vouchers will expire within 3 months from the issue date (i.e. quarterly). 

A little bit of your loan is paid back each quarter (known as a “Principal & Interest” loan - a mortgage works the same way), so your principal amount is reducing gradually over time. The interest you’ll earn at each repayment date will be a little less each time, because your chosen interest rate (5%, 10% or 15%) will be applied to an ever-reducing principal.

Note that Resident Withholding tax will be withheld by PledgeMe and paid to IRD on repayments.


How the money will be spent?



Risks and Challenges


Note from PledgeMe

We have completed a Veda check on the company and their directors, as well as a google check. There were no adverse findings.


Hey! Thanks for checking out this project. We haven't made any updates yet, follow us if you want to be notified when we do.

Financial Summary

Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2018 Est. FY 2019
Revenue $324,486 $554,000 $874,000 $1,109,000
Operating Expenses $256,990 $360,000 $780,000 $907,000
EBITDA $0 $184,000 $94,000 $202,000
Net Profit $67,496 $179,000 $76,007 $187,446

Organisation Information

Organisation Name: Cultivate Christchurch

Organisation Type: Company

Organisation Number: 5886429

Incorporation Date: May 2015

Street: 16 McCombs Street

Suburb: Somerfield

City: Postcode

Organisation documents

Business Plan (application/pdf, 654 KB, uploaded 12 October 2017)

Financial Performance (application/pdf, 244 KB, uploaded 11 October 2017)

Financial Projections (application/pdf, 374 KB, uploaded 12 October 2017)

Cultivate_Christchurch_-_Certificate_of_Incorporation.pdf (application/pdf, 222 KB, uploaded 12 October 2017)

Cultivate_Christchurch_-_Company_Extract.pdf (application/pdf, 366 KB, uploaded 12 October 2017)

Cultivate_SAP_Social_Sabbatical_Final_Report_2017.pdf (application/pdf, 1.49 MB, uploaded 12 October 2017)

Director details

Name Role Profile URL Invested?
Bailey Peryman Co-Founder, General Manager
Fiona Stewart Co-Founder, General Manager
Jeska McHugh Director (Environmental Specialist)
Jared Connolly Director (Organic and Biodynamic Farming and Gardening)
Sam Elder Director

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Do you send out produce to other parts of the country (I live in Wellington)? And what sorts of veges and herbs you are growing?

Posted on 17-10-2017 by Terumi Isogai


    Anake Goodall
    2017-10-17 23:35:13 +1300

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    “I've chosen my own risk/return profile: 4 parts cash only & 1 part vegetables means I get my capital back & maximise the green goodness!”

    Anake Goodall
    2017-10-17 23:31:36 +1300

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    “What a devilishly clever offering!”

    Amy Streeb
    2017-10-17 18:07:58 +1300

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    “I'm excited to see a great business (and garden) GROW!!!”

    Adarsh Jupudi
    2017-10-17 16:12:44 +1300

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    Ian Shearer
    2017-10-17 13:59:55 +1300

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    “Great project - good luck with this venture.”

    Malcolm Harbrow
    2017-10-16 19:21:38 +1300

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    Lani Evans
    2017-10-16 13:30:21 +1300

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    “Love your work team! ”

    Peter M.
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    Anna GuentherPledgeMe Staff
    2017-10-13 16:53:53 +1300

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    Allister Holmes
    2017-10-13 10:21:49 +1300

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    “Good luck, excellent plan!”

    Camia Young
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    “I love what you all do!”

    Carol Hunting
    2017-10-12 22:36:08 +1300

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    “I respect what you are doing and the positive ripples it will create”

    Richard Rowe
    2017-10-12 18:58:01 +1300

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    “Great to be a part of a new large scale recycling project”

    Dave Evans
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    Kit Nelson
    2017-10-12 16:25:23 +1300

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    “Huge fan of your work and your story so far! Time to put the $$$ where the mouth is!”

    Charmaine Meyers
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