Denheath Corporation Limited By Lisa Templeton

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About Denheath Corporation Limited

We’re on a World Custard Invasion! We want to grow the Denheath Dessert family with your help.

From a small sleepy family-owned cafe to an iconic South Island brand in the space of seventeen years – we’ve done a lot since our small beginnings in Pleasant Point.

But a couple of things have stayed constant throughout our journey: we’re still family-owned and we take great pride in that; our Timaru roots are as strong as ever; our secret custard square recipe is still delicious; and the values that my mum passed to us when she entrusted us with Denheath continue to guide everything that we do.

It all began on the 11th of November 1999 when my Mum found out she was terminally ill. She had huge plans for Denheath to be a national product and to eventually be sold all around the world. She asked us to take over and not to give up until the dream was achieved. We’ve been slowly realising mum’s dream since ever since. Now we would like to accelerate our growth and take advantage of our current export opportunities.



The loan offer

We are aiming to raise a minimum of $300,000 and a maximum of $1,200,000. 

The loan will:

  • Be unsecured.
  • Pay 8% annual interest.
  • Have a term of five years
  • Have a repayment structure of
    - Interest-only quarterly payments for the first three years
    - followed by both interest and principal being gradually repaid, quarterly, over the final two years.
    - The minimum investment is $500.


What we're raising the money for

Raising Money 


About our Team

Family values

Donald and I believe in and are acutely aware of the importance of running Denheath with family values. We are a family business and it’s important that all of the team at Denheath have the same values, dream and drive. Denheath is based totally on honesty, integrity, respect, trust, a sense of belonging and direction.

I was brought up in family businesses and Donald has had immense experience in managing and driving a team in a way that all of the team feel inspired to do their utmost to make Denheath successful. We truly feel that these core values are the heart of Denheath. A little bit of magic and love are also significant to the essence and foundation of our Denheath mission. All our staff put in 100% and are truly proud to be part of the Denheath journey.



Carol Anne Rutland (Mum) Guiding Light

Carol was one of those people who never stopped. If she wasn’t working in our family business she was working in the garden at home or in the kitchen, or renovating or helping someone else in their garden or renovation!  Mum believed in continually setting goals and passed that onto us kids.  Mum was the strength, the rock that held the family together and the hardest worker I have ever known.  Mum had an elegance and pride about her and was the best boss you could have. Mum and dad treated the staff, the sales reps who called in, the customers and family all the same, just like her own family.



Donald Templeton Founding Director & CEO
Seventeen years with Denheath


Lover of spreadsheets and numbers. The brains of Denheath and a perfectionist at heart. Experienced in business management, business development, sales, marketing, huge experience with media, branding and exporting. Donald’s a very gifted communicator and strives for excellence in everything he does and believes in core family values being applied to every aspect of Denheath. As CEO, Donald has had a clear vision of where Denheath needs to go right from the beginning. Donald has amazing people skills, incredible empathy, strong family values and a great business acumen. Donald has been a musician all his life and is an extremely creative and passionate person.



Lisa Templeton Founding Director, Sales and Marketing & Social Media Manager 
Seventeen years with Denheath

Lisa was brought up in family businesses including the family run rural cafe in Pleasant Point. Lisa’s big drive is her passion for Denheath and the legacy she carries on for her late mum. Her involvement in Denheath started 29 years ago when Lisa got a part time job working for Dennis and Heather Knight at the Original Denheath House cafe in Pleasant Point. At 17 Lisa went to Thailand on a student exchange. Then moved to and worked in Germany and UK in her early 20’s. Lisa then came home to help her mum Carol and dad Peter Rutland at Denheath House. Lisa’s background is in sales and marketing both here in NZ and in the UK. Lisa’s skills include marketing, export sales, finance, budgeting, customer service, baking, product development, cake decorating, teaching and public speaking. Lisa is a foodie at heart, a baker and is passionate about cake decorating. Lisa has also done a lot of the product development for Denheath and is an advocate for good clean healthy ingredients.



Lynaire Kane (Nana) Office Administrator 
Eight years with Denheath 



Warunee Chaichana (Kung) Production Supervisor 
Over ten years with Denheath 



Marya Greenfield Custard Square and Dessert Maker Extraordinaire
Nine years with Denheath 



Janine Guinan Dispatch Manager 
Three years with Denheathh  



Mel Rutland Dessert Maker
Six months with Denheath 



Donna Hardie Accounts
Two years with Denheath 



Mark Lawson Chief Financial Officer (external)
Seventeen years with Denheath


What we've done so far

We proudly make & distribute our custard squares out of our Timaru base. Our squares are enjoyed throughout both New Zealand islands and, with the guidance of NZTE over the last three years, in Australia, Japan and South Korea.


What's next?

World Custard Invasion!

We have a proven product in the export market but we want to accelerate our growth over the next five years. We have a huge amount of national and international opportunities. To fully realise these opportunities and satisfy the demand that is there - we are currently talking to foodservice and retail customers in Hong Kong, Korea and New York - whilst further establishing our retail presence in New Zealand and Australia, we need help to increase capacity. 

With a factory upgrade, new key personnel, a dynamic advisory board with international export skill, and the lessons we have learnt we believe that we can make Denheath an internationally known Kiwi brand.  The plan is to do this step by step over the next five years.


Risks and Challenges


Note from PledgeMe

We have completed a Veda check on the company and their directors, as well as a Google check. There were no adverse findings.


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    World Custard Invasion Update - Campaign extension to 8th of December

    09:54PM Fri 25/11/16 on Denheath Corporation Limited

    Date change to 8 December 

    After much discussion with PledgeMe and our crowd who came to the Auckland, Wellington and todays Christchurch meeting we have decided to extend the campaign by one week for two reasons.



    Sadly the earthquake meant our original plans to come to Wellington and Auckland last week, as well as other plans were delayed until this week and we still wanted to hold a "meet greet and eat" here in Timaru.

    Paper pledges

    We have had a huge uptake on paper pledge documents, which are out and we are still being requested by more people.

    We have had the very first paper pledge back today and it took 8 days to get to PledgeMe by post.  Were we to close off before all of the paper pledges were returned, we would not be able to accept them, as it would be after our deadline.  In light of this we have added an extention of one week to the campaign so we are able to make sure we have all of the paper pledges back before close off date. 

    This will mean for those who have pledged your actual pledge won’t be processed until the cut off date the 8th of December and the first interest payment will be one week later. If this is not suitable to anyone who has pledged you do have the opportunity now to opt out.


    Investor Meet, Greet & Eats

    We would like to say a HUGE thank you to those who came to meet us in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. It was wonderful to meet people who love our products and can see our vision going forward.  We had met the kindest, most inspiring, wonderful people already during this campaign. 

    Timaru Meet, Greet and Eat

    We are just organizing a venue for our Timaru meet greet and eat and will send out an email to advise the date and venue soon!

    Paper Pledges


    We have been getting more and more requests for paper registration packs.We currently have 20 to 30 paper pledge packs out amongst our crowd.
    We are sending these paper pledges by courier with a free courier bag to send the paperwork to PledgeMe. This means you can fill it in and ring New Zealand Couriers and they will collect it and send it straight to PledgeMe. We hope by using registered couriers these documents will get there within the time frame of the campaign and it is trackable. We are still giving out paper registration packs.

    Order a paper registration pack


    Custardy Hugs,

    Lisa and Donald (and all of the Denheath family).

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    Meet Greet and Eat Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

    10:22AM Wed 23/11/16 on Denheath Corporation Limited

    We would love to meet you in Auckland 5.30 pm 23rd November click here for Auckland

    In Wellington on Thursday 24th at 5.30 pm Click here for Wellington

    In Christchurch on Friday the 25th ar 4.00pm Click here for Christchurch

    Serving Denheath Custard squares and slices and discussing our plans for world custard invasion.

    Donald and I would love to see you, so please come along and enjoy a night of dessert and chat!

    Custardy hugs Lisa


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    100 Thousand! What a milestone!

    04:42PM Thu 03/11/16 on Denheath Corporation Limited

    We are so pleased and overwhelmed to have reached 100 thousand on our 4th day of our campaign A huge thank YOU to ALL of you who have joined our World Custard Invasion campaign already. We still have a long way to go but what a fantastic milestone! We would love it if you could spread the word and share our campaign.
    Thank you so much!!! We are so grateful! 

    Huge Custardy Hugs & Thanks
    from Lisa, Donald, Bingle and the Denheath family

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    Financial Summary

    Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2019 Est. FY 2020
    Revenue $949,300 $1,079,800 $1,858,100 $4,671,200
    Operating Expenses $431,900 $598,800 $1,025,100 $1,994,500
    EBITDA $73,400 -$3,800 $21,000 $752,200
    Net Profit $35,500 -$18,000 -$117,000 $618,000

    Organisation Information

    Organisation Name: Denheath Corporation Limited

    Organisation Type: Company

    Organisation Number: 2111688

    Incorporation Date: March 2008

    Street: 3 Mill Street

    Suburb: Parkside

    City: Postcode

    Organisation documents

    This campaign has closed, so its documents are no longer available for download.

    Director details

    Name Role Profile URL Invested?
    Donald Templeton Director
    Lisa Templeton Director
    Dennis Gain Diretcor

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    Hi, Out of interest, why is the spend on the website significantly more (100k vs 30k) with a 1.2million raise? What sort of website do you get for 100k? it seems excessive.

    Posted on 01-11-2016 by Adrian Edge

    Hi Adrian, very good question. The minimum 30 k will get us an up to date modern website that integrates smoothly with our accounting system, a new shopping platform and make online ordering easier for our customers and possibly even a Denheath App. Technology is moving so fast and we need our site to work on all different sorts of devices now. However were we to get the maximum raise we could invest into a website we can use in multi countries and regions. Our unique overnight service in NZ is transferable to other parts of the world. We would be able to make product in NZ, send it overseas and have a pick and pack services. We would like to start this in Australia within the next couple of years (hopefully sooner). Looking at one large state at a time. All the sales would come through One website platform, rather than multiple platforms. To set up pick and pack and have the website capable of multi countries and currencies we have had an indication and quotes by IT companies of the expenses and these numbers are what they thought were practical over a 5 year period. Thanks for your interest in our journey! Custardy Hugs Lisa

    Answered on 02-11-2016 by Lisa Templeton

    I would like to invest but don't know how to upload licence etc. I don't have that facility

    Posted on 12-11-2016 by Joan niederer

    Hi Joan, Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know! We will get someone from PledgeMe to get in touch to help with registering with PledgeMe to lend. Kindest Regards and custardy hugs Lisa

    Answered on 12-11-2016 by Lisa Templeton

    Hello, I'm Gregory Brazier; Private investor. I opted for the financing of projects to financially support all serious people with projects. Contact me if you need. Here is my mail:[email protected]

    Posted on 24-11-2016 by Brazier

    Hi, just heard about you on Radio Live... Not that we have a lot, would like to have helped in our small way. I have just got all sorted online but see it has closed off. Will you be doing this again? All the best. Donna.

    Posted on 15-01-2017 by Donna Nordell


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      This project was successful and got its funding on 2016-12-08 08:08:12.

      Lender Perks

      NZ $500 - $2,499


      One pack of 6 Denheath Original Gourmet Custard Squares delivered to the door. (*NZ Delivery ONLY. No RD Rural delivery or P.O. Box deliveries)

      NZ $2,500 - $4,999


      One pack of 6 Denheath Original Gourmet Custard Squares and 2.5% off website purchases for lifetime of the loan (*NZ Delivery ONLY. No RD Rural delivery or P.O. Box deliveries)

      NZ $5,000 - $9,999


      One pack of 6 Denheath Original Gourmet Custard Squares and 5% off website purchases for lifetime of the loan. (*NZ Delivery ONLY No RD Rural delivery or P.O. Box deliveries)

      NZ $10,000 - $19,999


      One pack of 6 Denheath Original Gourmet Custard Squares delivered to the door and 10% off Denheath website store purchases for lifetime of loan (*NZ Delivery ONLY No RD Rural delivery or P.O. Box deliveries)

      NZ $20,000+

      Platinum Plus

      One pack of Denheath Original Gourmet Custard Squares delivered to the door and 20% off website store purchases for lifetime of Loan (*NZ Delivery ONLY. No RD Rural delivery or P.O. Box deliveries)

      Warning statement about debt crowdlending

      Risk is a part of any loan between a borrower and lenders.
      Borrowers accept that they have a responsibility to do all that they can to fulfill the repayment commitments that they have made to lenders.
      Lenders recognise that some or all of the money that they lend may not be returned and that they willingly choose to take on this risk in return for potential reward.