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ClassECO: sustainable fashion blog

by chelse

Fast fashion is not an option anymore. To stop this dangerous trend I want to launch a sustainable fashion,beauty and lifestyle website.

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Nisa: underwear with a mission

by Nisa Clothing Limited

An organic cotton underwear company employing women from refugee backgrounds.

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KLAMP Bottle Opener

by Alex Murray

A fashionable, lightweight, non-invasive bottle opener that attaches to your shirt and is always at your fingertips!

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Year 12 Business - T-Shirts

by Thomas Watkins

As some of you may know, Rape Culture is a very concerning issue in today's society. We are starting an anti rape T-shirt campaign.

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Grand Cosmetics

by Grand Cosmetics

Join our journey to bringing GREAT QUALITY cosmetic products TO YOUR DOORSTEP!!!

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by Dave Roil


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Fairtrade ethical clothing for all New Zealanders!

by Caleb Morris

Want to see a change in the New Zealand fashion industry? With your help Fairtrade clothing can become more accessible and affordable!

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Project Campaign


Suits For Stoners

by NORML New Zealand

Donate a suit to a cannabis activist and see them magically transformed from ignored and belittled nutbar to serious, esteemed lobbyist!

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funded Pledgme front image smaller

Good On You, Sustainable + Ethical Fashion Rating App for NZ

by Bec McMaster

Support us to bring Australia's premier ethical fashion rating app, Good On You to NZ!

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Lola Needs Her Head!

by Khrissie Rhodes

On with her head! Lola Lapin has a rather large head indeed. So large, I have to specially craft it in the UK then return it to NZ!

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Project Campaign

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Woozy Apparel

by Natalie Slack

Woozy is an urban-streetwear brand created by five university students. It consists of hard-edge typography and playful illustrations! :)

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Project Campaign

Restyle project

The Restyle Project Foundation

by Vivian Cheng

Join our movement towards a more sustainable fashion future by developing our next generation of designers.

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Project Campaign

funded Tess

Help Tessa get her collection to New York

by Tessa Paaymans

Tessa needs your help to take her collection to New York Fashion Week.

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Shirtoria NZ

by Jeff Yeow

Men's fashion in NZ is behind the rest of the world. We want to bring an edgy fashion brand to NZ that embraces modern and hipster trends.

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Project Campaign

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Film New Zealand Eco Fashion Week

by Hugh Jannings

Help NZ Eco Fashion week promote designers that produce cutting edge fashion that is kind to the environment and the people that make it.

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Project Campaign

Urban royal.

New York, New York

by Beni Moala

This is a fundraising project, life time experience and great opportunity. With your support, your playing an important part in this journey

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Project Campaign

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Get Osana to New York City

by Osana Suniula

A great experience for me to do further research and broaden my horizon in the fashion capital. Your support is appreciated Thank you

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CoCo Boutique Cook Islands

by Elizabeth Downey

Kiwi Gal looking for $15,000 to develop a dream! Small Plus Size Fashion Store in Rarotonga, Cook Islands needs your help to stay alive!

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Project Campaign

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Edge360° -The only laptop sleeve

by Just V

Creative laptop sleeves made of renewed vintage jean denim.

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Project Campaign


Cruelty Free Kids

by Mike Dawes on behalf of Bethany Dawes

A clothing store for kids and parents of kids who are vegan or vegetarian. Profits will support animal welfare charities in New Zealand.

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2014 06 12 at 4.39.35 pm

Send Melanie Child to NZ Eco Fashion Week!

by Mel Child

My upcycled clothing label Melanie Child has been accepted to show at NZ Eco Fashion Week in Wellington in July, but I need your help to ...

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Project Campaign

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Get Michael to London Fashion Week 2014

by Michael Hewin

Hi Im Michael Hewin a talented young NZ hairdresser, please help me make it to London Fashion Week 2014!

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Project Campaign

Screen shot 2014 03 04 at 2.46.52 pm

Maori Fashion Ware Collection 2014

by Mitchell Manuel

I’m just a simple guy who wants to beautify our fellow men and women with unique clothing designs from New Zealand. I’m also tired of see...

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Project Campaign


Indigenous Haute Couture to the Runway

by Batreece Morgan

My name is Batreece (AKA Poto) Morgan a young Ngaruawahia based fashion designer making a mark in the industry. I have been invited back ...

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Project Campaign


The Clothing Collective

by Stefan Warnaar

Your own oxford shirts made just for you! A campaign to buy shirts at wholesale prices, turning the customer into the manufacturer.

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Project Campaign

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Senorita AweSUMO Atelier Heart Warming during iD XV Dunedin Fashion Week

by Senorita AweSUMO

Help me create a conscious Fashion experience in Dunedin during iD XV 2014.

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Project Campaign

Project 1602

Swaglocker Benefit

by Logan Mercier

Baby SWAG has been out of action for a while now due to a machine breakdown. At Baby SWAG, our goal was to prove to the world that cloth ...

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Project Campaign

Project 1464

Aeon Design Fashion Launch

by Amy Oakes

In November I will be launching a whole new range of fashion designs based on 1920's to 1950's glamour, as well as some unique designs of...

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Project Campaign

Project 1517


by Jo-Anna Amy Sirett Boyd

My concept is to make/design makeup products that everyone can use..any age and any skin type!!  I hope to be at the Women's Expo next ye...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1359

Final Collections 2013

by leish simpson

I am a third year in my final year of a bachelor in design (fashion). For our last project of the year and our degree we need to make a f...

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