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Documentary Resource for Medical Practitioners on Medicinal Cannabis

by Victoria Catherwood

A med student and a filmmaker find out the latest research, NZ legislation, and uses of medicinal cannabis to educate medical practitioners.

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Repairing the Roof! - Auckland Old Folks Association Hall

by Auckland Old Folks Association

Repairing the roof of the Auckland Old Folks Association Hall, a facility for the community and artists in the K-Road area of Auckland.

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KEEPA Fish Scoop

by Belinda Tran-Lawrence

An innovative fishing product that will save your hands, your dignity and the fish!

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Curiosity Raver

by Kelly Kellective

A roaming, portable VJ rig to beam out live Mars themed videos (lasers) towards dancers at the Kiwiburn Festival (or anywhere really!).

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Fairtrade ethical clothing for all New Zealanders!

by Caleb Morris

Want to see a change in the New Zealand fashion industry? With your help Fairtrade clothing can become more accessible and affordable!

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Bikes Welcome - better bike parking, more people riding bikes, more love.

by Bikes Welcome - Jo Clendon

How many businesses realise that their customers ride bikes? What about bike parking? Let's make everyday bike use normal, valued and easier

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Flicks + Fun - For North Shore

by Browns Bay Business Association

We're showcasing the shore with an epic weekend of activities - but we need a little help to get us started. Join the #flickandfunteam !

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Help send Samantha to the UnSchool Disruptive Design Fellowship

by Samantha Mackay

Help Samantha get to Unschool - the first to be held in New Zealand!

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Bleach - Short Film

by Alistair McMahon

Help a 16 year old film maker fund her next production - A dark comedy short film titled "Bleach"

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Bible 5

Bibles for Gulu

by Natalie Sarah-Kate

Beautiful custom made bibles funding a child soldier rehabilitation center in Gulu, Uganda.

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Collective holiday memories the book pledgeme image

Collective Holiday Memories: The Book

by Kerry Sunderland

Have you made holiday memories here at Tahuna Beach? Then pledge today for a chance to be immortalised forever!

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Voice to Voice

by Dayle Hunt

Voice to Voice is a program for Students in years 7-10 that fosters student to student support and develops resiliency and life skills.

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by George Bush

Lyttelton's full of great music and music lovers help us transmit to the world with the power of the internet!

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Robot wars logo pg


by Jessica Mills

Kiwiburn 2017, two rival GLOWBOT armies will face each other across THE BOARD fighting Day and Night for the glory of the Kiwiburn Effigy!

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The dream car for me and you can also enjoy it!

by Brian

I want to buy my dream car and I want to share it with everyone. We all can enjoy this fantastic car in many aspect.

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Help Fund My IP

by Jack Grabham

I have a game changing marketing app idea, and the people to create it. Help me protect it so I can take it to market?

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Publish PET DAY! - Support Molly and Sam's second book, and help raise awareness of SM!

by Paula Stone

The Molly and Sam series are bright and fun stories for children. Help bring the second story, Pet Day, to life, and spread awareness of SM!

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Project Campaign

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For Pete's Sake

by Ross Teppett/Not The Day Job

The songs of Peter Conway covering working peoples' struggle for economic and social justice, health and safety and union rights

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Craftybrews logo

Crafty Brews - A Web Series

by Rachel Morton

Crafty Brews is an 8-part factual, entertainment web series all about the craft beer industry in New Zealand.

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Help with Funding for Jia Yen's June Bevan 2017 Badminton Tournament held in Tasmania, Australia

by Jia Yen Tee

Hey, I'm Jia Yen and I have been selected to represent Central New Zealand in the 2017 June Bevan Badminton Cup, held in Tasmania Australia.

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Project Campaign


MeshTech - Getting Smart Kiwis Connected

by Mark J Price

Get behind NZ's FIRST ever reseller of Smart Technology!

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