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New Zealand's Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course 

A Charitable event for 'Live More Awesome'

On the 11th of May let your inner child come out to play. Ensure to pack your laughter and sense of fun-before leaping into The Giant Obstacle Course Bouncy Castle for a day of fun in the sun.

The celebration will take place, with a giant obstacle course bouncy castle and no sense of grace. We’re talking giant slide, climbing wall, ping pong tubes the works.

Good tunes will be woven through the pouncing, prancing and climbing to set the mood. Ensure to indulge in the tasty BBQ with the rest of your crew. 

Don't be a bore! Come for a scramble, bounce or leap from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M on May 11th. 

Organizers Cam and Tiff are celebrating their Birthdays with this charitable event. Cam and Tiff are amped as, to smash out a fun day for you. 

Celebrating to 'Live More Awesome' in 2013.

Coz what's life without a little fun? With a bit more give and less take-'Living More Awesome' in 2013.

All profits with be donated to the "Live More Awesome" charity-you know the dudes that had you laughing and screaming down the Worlds longest Water Slide

What more could you ask for? A charity that ensures 3 awesome things; 

1) Promoting the awareness of depression in New Zealand through 'Live Life Awesome'

2) A local event. 

3) A day to imagine what childhood was like again! Life's too short without adventure! 

(New Zealand's Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course
$5 per ride
$30 unlimited


Looking forward to enjoying a bounce with you all.


Thanks Cam and Tiff


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