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WOW - you people rock!

We've just gone over target. If you want to continue to support this, 
the extra funds will be set aside to buy trees for the Food Forest.

Thank you!


~~ This is a short-sharp campaign - if you want to express your support it, please act now ~~
That said, my goal is lots of people giving a little - a coffee and croissant level of support.

For the last four years Andy Cambeis has been working to create Food Forest systems and last year as part of his Degree through the Centre for Sustainable Practice (Otago Polytechnic) he not only established a public food forest in Hawea Flat, he also created an open-source How-To manual to help others do the same.

In response to this extraordinary document and all the associated resources, a few people have got together to create a Waiheke Food Forest. We want Andy to make a first visit to give some valuable input, and we want him to see Waiheke as it looks at the tail-end of a drought

The core team is James Samuel (best known for helping establish Transition Towns in NZ and Social Media), Steve Roigard (Landscape Gardener with a Permaculture Design certificate) and Luis Bernalt (Architect, Project Coordinator and Steiner Teacher). 

For some more background information, here's the Waiheke Food Forest Facebook page, and if you need to better understand what a food forest is, and why it might be a good idea, there is a short description here.

We expect Andy to spend up to a week in the Auckland region, meeting with the Waiheke team and others in the region, who are interested in sharing ideas. 

This project is about leaning into creating a major change in the way we grow our food, to make it sustainable in an energy constrained and climate-changed world. 

If people are interested in arranging or being part of a group who would like to spend some time hearing the stories and asking questions of Andy, please leave a comment or get in touch.

Andy will be on Waiheke in early April, and will be available to visit other places in the wider Auckland region.


The People Behind Bring (Food Forest) Andy to Auckland

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Project admin


Food forests are on a roll

01:45AM Thu 27/06/13

I'm about to do a road trip down to Wellington, and making arrangements madly, to connect to as many food forest people as possible along the way, and give as many public talks as can be fitted in. 

Do feel free to pass this email onto friends en route in case they have some "you must visit x" suggestions.

Proposed Itinerary

  • Hamilton 13th July
  • Taranaki 14th
  • Fielding 16th & 17th
  • Wellington 18th
  • Turangi 22nd

To keep you up to date on the Waiheke project, the best thing I can do is point you to the web articles on it here:

In essence we are in a healthy stage of discussion with our local board and their response is enthusiastic. We're looking at a section of the Te Toki Reserve, and keeping fingers crossed it's an 'allowable' activity there.

The website and the Facebook page are where I'm posting furiously to keep up with the flow of new information, so do check in there from time to time.


James Samuel


021 2520 653

Waiheke Food Forest - The first four Months

09:25PM Sun 05/05/13

I wanted to pass on this note to all of you who supported this project. It's a summary of the first four months, which I think speaks well to the timeliness of this and other local food projects like it.


A solid project team has been established of James Samuel, Luis Bernalt, Steve Roigard and Caroline Moore who has come on recently. Christy Ralphs continues to be very supportive and makes herself available when her skills and knowledge can be put to good use.

Meetings and conversations have been had with all the relevant and recommended community groups on Waiheke, and without exception the idea has been met with positivity and support in principle.

Site visits have been made to eight different possible sites and a short-list made.

A Charitable Trust with IRD’s donee status (the Me Aroha Waiheke Foundation) has been gifted to the project and the Trustees are about to change to complete the handover. The first three Trustees are Katherine Russell, Phillip Lockyer and Simon Harvey.

Food Forest Logo2

A Facebook presence has been established and has been consistently communicating the progress of the project. And a website has been created with a few early posts about the project and some interesting trees. - I see this site as being a place where a number of New Zealand Food Forest projects could post and record their experience and learnings.

Thanks to you - the intial fundraising drive was successful in raising $2,500 in just 10 days from 80 of you. This funded the visit to Waiheke by Andy Cambeis, the originator of the Hawea Flat Domain Food Forest project.

Andy’s visit was an opportunity to visit and evaluate our short-list sites, host a small group of financial contrinutors for a visit to two fledging private food forest gardens and a meal, and present the project to the public at the Waiheke Cinema.

Making a plan2

While the site is not yet confirmed, a first draft planting plan has been made, financial estimations (budget) begun and a timeline and planting target of end of August has been set.

The focus now is on completing our due diligence on the preferred site.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions, suggestions, inspiration or ideas to share.


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A coffee and croissant

I trust the money will be well spent and give ample value back to all of us. So I am happy to (A) Give the $8 and (B) tell my friends === My reward is to see this succeed - through a lot of people giving a little. Together we can take one step closer to creating secure community managed food systems up and down the country.

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Don't know much about Food Forests, but would like to? Let us send you a host of links to videos, websites and leading articles to further your learning.

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We'll send you the links to the information, and keep you up to date with videos and documentation that come out of Andy's visit.

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Meet with Andy on Waiheke

You are invited to join a conversation about Food Forests and sustainable food production, at our coastal home on Waiheke. Lunch will be provided by Auckland's leading chef, Bevan Kaan, and include mostly local produce. Andy will present his work and his vision. We will share some video clips on this exciting model of Food Forests, and there will be ample opportunity for everyone present to engage and ask questions.