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Collab Project with Fringe

The Wellington Fringe Festival is an open-access festival held every summer involving a wide range of shows across all artforms in venues throughout the city.

Ten days. Six shows. One awesome venue.

UPDATE - New reward! All pledgers will go into the draw to win the spectacular art piece 'Adam and Eve and Steve' by Boris '87. Check out the video for more info.

During Fringe Festival 2013, the Gryphon will be home to six fantastic Fringe shows - five from around NZ, and one from across the ditch - improv, comedy, circus, and drama, all in one place! 

This means your pledge towards this project supports not one, not two, BUT SEVEN different practitioners/cooperatives: 

  • My Beautiful Disaster (Christchurch)
  • Secrets by Wellington Improv Troupe (Wellington)
  • Improsaurus (Dunedin) 
  • Spider Dance (Melbourne) 
  • Rageface by Making Friends Collective (Wellington)
  • A Cry Too Far From Heaven by Invers Theatre (Invercargill)
  • and Jennifer O’Sullivan in her first independent venue manager gig! 
To make this venue financially accessible to the various participants, we're running this as a shared-risk project between the venue manager and the shows. But to really make it go off, we need support staff and strong promotion! That’s why your pledge to this campaign will go towards: 

  • A technical manager for the full ten days, offering support and advice to all practitioners 
  • A box office manager to manage all ticket sales and audience 
  • A producer to organise it all 
  • Marketing costs promoting the venue and all the projects taking place.
Get yourself a guaranteed ticket to an opening night performance, your name on the WALL OF AWESOME, or a personal postcard - whatever you choose, your support will help make Fringe at the Gryphon a rollicking success! 

Head on over to Fringe at the Gryphon on Facebook for more info, and check out the updates tab for videos from the shows themselves!


The People Behind Fringe at the Gryphon

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Jennifer O'Sullivan Project admin

Jennifer O'Sullivan is a Wellington based producer, improvisor, publicist and other such things.



    A special message from Making Friends Collective

    11:08PM Sun 02/12/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    Best use of George Michael in a PledgeMe video?

    Best use of topless sweeping?
    Best special fx?

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    Introducing... A Cry Too Far From Heaven

    10:06PM Thu 29/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    And last, but by no means least, the sixth production hailing from Invercargill...


    A provocative play about the death penalty featuring two of New Zealand's historical figures, Minnie Dean, the "Winton Baby Farmer" and Victor Spencer, World War 1 deserter. As they face their last night on earth, they examine what's brought them to this point.

    Close to the action is the Executioner, the man who is to pull the trigger and trap door's lever.

    "Invers shines a spotlight on these stories in a plain and balanced manner, and leaves you to ponder their significance. It's well written and confidently acted, and proves to be a thought-provoking 50 minutes." - Malcolm Jack, The Scotsman (Edinburgh Fringe)

    "A miniature masterpiece… quite the most perfect piece of theatre." - Southland Times

    This performance comes to us by way of Edinburgh, and I'm really excited to be bringing it to Wellington. It's based on both diary entries and original material, and brings a dark part of our national history onto the stage. Definitely not to be missed!

    - Jen


    A Cry Too Far From Heaven

    20-23 February @ 9:30pm 

    Presented by Invers Theatre

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    Introducing... Rageface

    02:11AM Tue 27/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    From the Making Friends Collective, featuring some of Wellington's hottest young actors and practitioners... 


    Jason Stegemann is a man of two lives. Offline, he works a dead-end supermarket job to pay for the tiny apartment he shares with Andrew, a grumpy, alcoholic Law student. Online, he is Sherlock, an eloquent and respected poster on the internet forum Nothing is Original, a man whose opinions on anime and classic video games are treated as gospel.

    But then he meets Brie, a checkout worker at his supermarket. She's funny, friendly, and hasn't explicitly said she's involved with anyone. Jason falls for her, hard, and turns to the one place he can trust for advice on wooing her - Nothing is Original. But with a mysterious troll plaguing his threads and the arrival of a new poster gaining popularity, Jason's position at the top of the forum food chain is under threat - and that may just have offline consequences.

    Written and directed by Adam Goodall (Deadlines), Rageface is an acerbic, blackly comic tale that interrogates how we deal, or don't deal, with the trials and responsibilities of the real world - the fronts we construct, the excuses we make, and what happens when those fronts and excuses get exposed and torn down.

    Fans of Young & Hungry will have caught 'Deadlines' at the 2012 festival, a 'complex story.. told at breakneck speed' that really spoke to the younger generation. You're definitely in for a dark treat, whatever your age :)

    - Jen



    19-23 February @ 8pm 

    Presented by Making Friends Collective

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    Spider Dance

    03:38AM Thu 22/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    Three amazing improvisors are bringing 'it' to the Wellington Fringe...

    Direct from Melbourne, Australia...


    Sharing the stories your Mama was afraid to tell you, and your Auntie Em tried to forget, these funny ladies expertly merge the delightful with the grotesque to celebrate the cheeky side of girl power.

    "Beautiful ladies doing ugly things." 

    Featuring Australians Anna Renzenbrink, Amy Moule and Merrilee McCoy, plus special local guests.

    These are some of my favourite improvisors - they're fun, they're clever, and they're damn good at their job. And they're saucy minxs to boot. What's not to love? 

    - Jen


    Spider Dance

    19-23 February @ 6:30pm

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    The Green Room

    10:10PM Tue 20/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    Here's a show from the impro company with the best reputation that I've never seen...


    Dunedin's favourite improvisation troupe, Improsaurus, are in Wellington for three nights only. Catch them in The Green Room, as they take a tounge-in-cheek look at theatresports in a long-form improvised comedy. This metatheatrical show is improv like you've never seen it before!

    "Like a delicious layer cake" - Patrick Davies, Theatreview

    Two teams go head to head in the final of the national theatresports championships. Only one team can win. You make all the calls. Witness the loves and losses of these impassioned improvisers, as the competition and fame go to their heads.

    Improsaurus is one of NZ's newest improv companies, and everyone I've met who has seen them has told me that they're AMAZING. Which is why I jumped at the chance to support their first show outside of Dunedin! If you're a lover of improv and metatheatre, this is going to be a real treat. 

    - Jen


    The Green Room

    15-17 February @ 9:30pm (book soon on Dash Tickets)

    Presented by Improsaurus

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    Introducing... Secrets

    05:21AM Sat 10/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    Show number two! This time, it's improv, but not as you may know it... 


    Funny, touching and authentic scenes are magically woven together before your eyes, inspired by true secrets anonymously shared by the audience. 

    Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) brings you the New Zealand premiere of the Secrets format. This will be the first time this unique, "serio-comedy" format has been performed in the Southern Hemisphere. Led by world-leading American improviser Bobbi Block, WIT's highly experienced improvisers will create scenes based on anonymously shared secrets from the audience. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us! 

    You will have never seen anything like it, and may never again! Each night is as unique as our own secrets. 

    I was lucky enough to learn from Bobbi during her time visiting us last summer, while she was based at Otago University teaching their summer Improvisation paper. The work is wonderful - honest, vulnerable and sometimes hilarious. If you enjoyed The Long Weekend (The Polaroid Players) or The Wishing Tree (WIT), and prefer your improv with a touch of poignancy, then this is the show for you.

    14-17 February @ 8pm (book soon on Dash Tickets) 
    Presented by Wellington Improvisation Troupe 
    Directed by Bobbi Block (Tongue and Groove Theatre, Philadelphia)

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    Introducing... My Beautiful Disaster

    11:24PM Mon 05/11/12 on Fringe at the Gryphon

    Here's our first show profile for Fringe at the Gryphon - introducing the wonderful people in: 


    A china-smashing story of fear, tea, disasters and freedom, where theatre meets circus.

    Lonely Fillyjonk lives in a big house by the sea. Surrounded by her lovely tea cups and other knick-knacks, she is deeply afraid of the unknown disaster that creeps closer with every tick of the clock... 

    This experimental performance is inspired by Tove Jansson’s short story “The Fillyjonk who believed in disasters”. At times funny, at other times frightening, it combines comedy, drama, physical theatre and circus to tell the story of imaginary and real disasters, celebrating emotional liberation and re-birth. 

    They've just had a fantastic season in Christchurch and I am so excited to be bringing them to Wellington. If you enjoyed Moving Stationery and Echolalia at Fringe 2012, then this is the show for you!

    - Jen

    My Beautiful Disaster
    14-17 February @ 6:30pm (book soon on Dash Tickets)
    Written and produced by Nataliya Oryshchuk (Christchurch)
    Original music and soundscape by Charlotte Crone
    Featuring Nataliya Oryshchuk, Steph Cusick and Cameron Mason

    Based on the short story by Tove Jansson "The Fillyjonk Who Believed in Disasters"

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