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After using rescued food to serve up over 7000 meals to Kiwis in need at our weekly pop-up, Everybody Eats is raising funds for a permanent home where we will continue our mission to combat both food waste and food poverty. We don’t just want to stop in Auckland either – up and down the country, food is being wasted while New Zealanders go hungry. We want to bring Everybody Eats restaurants into communities throughout New Zealand. With your help, we can achieve this. Help us feed bellies not bins.  


Humans spend an enormous amount of time and resources producing food, and yet around one-third of the food we produce globally does not end up in our stomachs. In New Zealand, the majority of it ends up in landfills, where it breaks down without oxygen and releases harmful greenhouse gases like methane that contribute to global warming. When we throw away this food, we are throwing away all of the inputs required to produce it. Colossal amounts of oil, water, and labour are being wasted - our planet is fragile and we simply cannot afford for this to continue.

At the same time, it is estimated that globally one billion people are going hungry. This is happening right here in New Zealand. A 2014 global survey found one in six Kiwis ran out of money for food. This shows that we have one of the worst food poverty problems in the developed world. 



Everybody Eats founder Nick Loosley was first exposed to the enormous amount of food we waste while undertaking research for his Master’s Degree in Green Economics. He saw prime cuts of red meat, fresh avocado, even whole wheels of cheese all just simply thrown away. While overseas, Nick visited 12 projects in the UK and Spain, learning the various ways these initiatives are effecting change in the food system. When he returned home, Nick knew he wanted to do something to help solve the problems of food waste and food poverty in New Zealand. 

Nick founded Everybody Eats after working at New Zealand’s national Food Rescue charity Kiwi Harvest. Since June 2017, we have been doing a pop-up each Monday night at Gemmayze St in St Kevins Arcade, a popular restaurant on Auckland’s K’Rd.

Each Monday, we feed around 250 people a restaurant quality, 3-course meal, prepared by volunteer chefs, from perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. Meals are served with a smile at shared tables by our amazing team of volunteers. We have received a fantastic response from the media and wider community, with many of Auckland’s top chefs and restaurants getting involved to help feed the masses. Everybody Eats feeds people from all walks of life, rich and poor. Our guests include homeless, elderly or persons suffering mental health or substance abuse problems – everybody is welcome. The customers of Everybody Eats can pay whatever they like, from large donations to nothing at all.

“Food really is the most amazing tool we have for bringing people together. We’ve realised that by treating everyone equally, with dignity and respect, that each week we are slowly having an impact on people socially, as they begin to trust those they share their meal with. I’ve seen people who have lived on the streets for decades sitting barefoot opposite lawyers in suits, engaging in meaningful conversations over a bowl of hot soup.” – Nick Loosley, Everybody Eats Founder. 


  • We rescue perfectly good food from commercial suppliers before they dispose of it.
  • We engage volunteers to turn this food into restaurant quality meals.
  • We serve it openly to the community in a safe, comfortable environment. 
  • Customers pay whatever they like for their meals, even if it’s nothing at all.
  • For every $10 we raise, we can provide three restaurant quality, three-course meals for people in need.
  • We have registered to become a charity, so are Not for Profit. All the money we receive goes towards feeding more bellies and less bins

Overhead costs to run a restaurant operation like Everybody Eats are significantly lower than conventional restaurants, allowing us to sustainably feed our guests even if they are not able to pay ‘market’ price for their meals. For some customers and families, Everybody Eats is their first restaurant dining experience.



  • Served over 7000 freshly prepared, nutritious, restaurant quality 3-course meals
  • Diverted over 5 tonnes of food from landfill
  • Engaged over 400 volunteers
  • Worked with some of Auckland’s top chefs and restaurants (including Ben Bayly, Sky City, The Oyster Inn, Mudbrick, Paris Butter, Bird On A Wire, Burger Burger, Cazador, The Cult Project, Sawmill and Ima)
  • Won the Restaurant Association’s Good Neighbour Award
  • Reached major media outlets including TVNZ, NZ Herald, Stuff and The Spinoff
  • Made a meaningful impact on lots of people



We want to open New Zealand’s first Pay As You Feel restaurant - operating almost exclusively on food diverted from landfills and run predominantly by volunteers. A place where everyone is welcome to come and pay whatever they like, as much or little as they can or wish, for nutritious, freshly prepared food. 

The Pay As You Feel model is hugely successful in the UK, where there are over 100 restaurants and cafes using surplus food and volunteers to feed people. At the moment, Everybody Eats is only able to operate as a temporary pop-up.

Everybody Eats aims to prove, as we have done with our pop-up, that this model can not only be effective in helping to fight food waste and food poverty, but that the Pay As You Feel concept is financially sustainable. Our proposed budget illustrates that once established, our restaurants will be able to cover their costs without further funding. 

In terms of expansion, we want to share our story and knowledge with other Kiwis who believe in our vision and wish to bring Everybody Eats to their community. We want there to be as many places as possible offering quality meals from rescued food throughout New Zealand.



Lease: $80,000 – so we can move into our own permanent home in Auckland

Refrigerated Vehicle: $20,000 – so we can rescue more food before it’s thrown away

Fit Out: $20,000 – tailoring our new premises to best suit what we do. We’ll need to knock down or build a few walls and buy key pieces of equipment like ovens and fridges. 




To establish our first permanent restaurant, we need your help.

With $120,000, we can set up our first site, fit it out and buy a refrigerated vehicle. If we can meet our stretch goal of $200,000 we will be able to set up pop-ups in Christchurch and Wellington, and begin the journey of making Everybody Eats a national project. 

YOU can help us to feed more bellies and less bins by contributing what you can to our crowdfunding campaign. We want to prove that as a community we can come together to make this sustainable and socially beneficial concept a permanent reality. 

Please spread the word on social media, and donate as much as you can, to help Everybody Eats in our fight against food waste and food poverty.



Loads of generous New Zealand businesses have shown their support by offering amazing rewards to our pledgers. Check them out!


TOMS - Shoes for Everybody

In a very special adaptation of their industry changing One for One Program TOMS Shoes have partnered with Everybody Eats to help raise money and help Kiwis in need. For every pair of TOMS Alpargatas that YOU 'buy', TOMS will also give a pair of sneakers to a diner at the Everybody Eats pop-up on K'Rd The shoes available are (as pictured):


Black Burlap Women's Classic sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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The People Behind Everybody Eats - Feeding Bellies Not Bins

Logo Nicholas Loosley Project admin


    Thanks to EVERYBODY that's paid so far

    02:00PM Fri 08/06/18 on Everybody Eats - Feeding Bellies Not Bins

    Hi everyone,

    A huge thank you to all of you that have paid so far.

    About half our pledgers committed to making a bank deposit, so if you haven't done that, please do!

    Then there is a decent number whose CREDIT CARDS DECLINED for some reason! If that's you, please can you top-up your accounts and/or get in touch with pledgeme to make your payment via bank deposit? Then you want pay credit card fees.

    We've got about 75% of our money so far!



    Comment on this update:

    YOU did it, WE did it!!! THANK YOU

    02:21PM Thu 31/05/18 on Everybody Eats - Feeding Bellies Not Bins

    YOU did it, WE did it!!! THANK YOU

    To all of you incredible people that got behind our campaign, thank you so much!


    We were thrilled to get over the line on Saturday night, more than a week early!!!! It's been an incredible journey and we've had some major exposure throughout. We have obviously raised a huge amount of money, but have also received so much other support, grown our social media and met lots of people committed to supporting us in the future. We are soooo soooo GRATEFUL!

    Special thanks to all of the generous businesses that offered up their products and services to help us reach our goal. We have been blown away!

    Over the next few weeks, we will be putting the suppliers of all of the rewards in touch with each of you to arrange delivery, shoe sizes etc. Please bear with us on this.

    We still have almost a week left, and there are some great things still on offer. If we can get over the $130k mark we will be able to do a one-off pop-up in Christchurch to see how it goes in the South. 

    Rewards still waiting for you:

    Men's haircuts at The Groom Room Ponsonby or Newmarket - $45

    Havaianas Vouchers (not quite the weather, but great for gifts) - $50

    2 Signed Warriors Jerseys (this is their year and these will be worth heaps!!!) - $500

    3 month Les Mills memberships - $360

    TOMS shoes (special thanks to these guys who have provided sooo much support) - $90 


    Once again thank you so much for your support, we obviously wouldn't be here without all of you. We can't wait to keep you updated on how things progress with opening our first site.


    Don't forget to like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everybodyeatsnz/

    & Instagram: @everybodyeatsnz


    That's all from me. You guys are the best.

    Nick Loosley

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    We're nearly there

    05:58PM Thu 24/05/18 on Everybody Eats - Feeding Bellies Not Bins

    Hello pledgers,


    We're nearly there, we have $15k left and 10 days to get there. Did you know if we don't reach our target, we get nothing? Please don't let that happen. We have worked so hard and are nearly there.


    As usual, we have some great new rewards:

    - 3 month Les Mills gym memberships

    - MC Rose Magnum Twin Packs (look at them, they are a thing of beauty)

    - Gift packs from Love Food Hate Waste

    - Men's haircuts from Barker's Groom Room

    - The now discounted Retreat to Aro Ha in Queenstown, down from $5200, to $2999!


    So we have run the numbers and it turns out that for every view of our crowdfunding video, we get $1. That's pretty amazing! How many people do you think you can get to watch our video? If you share it on facebook, chances are a whole lot are going to see it. So please share our video ONE MORE TIME.

    Thanks for your support

    Nick :)

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    Update 3.11

    09:05PM Tue 01/05/18 on Everybody Eats - Feeding Bellies Not Bins

    Watch the video!

    Whaaaaaoooo we're halfway there!

    Thanks so much for your support! We need to keep the momentum going though! It has slowed down in the last few days and there is less traffic to our Pledgeme page than in the opening few days (as expected).

    BUT, you can be really helpful by sharing these on your social media & work emails. You can even send a private message to ten of your friends explaining what motivated you to pledge to help us!

    Crowdfunding Video

    Crowdfunding Page

    You can also use these sweet banners on your facebook and insta too.

    Thanks Nick, September & The EEATS Family.

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