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Who Are We

Registered name: Berkano Organics Ltd... What people know us by: Berkano.

As for us?.. We are a young couple from Christchurch who have developed a unique catering company, with a twist... ALL OF OUR FOOD IS PLANT-BASED. Yes! That's right, and all of our produce is organic and everything else is local, spray free, GMO free, dairy-free GOODNESS!

What We Do...

  • DINNER PLANS: We sell weekly dinner plans for: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights every week. Our Menu is designed so you can choose what you want on the three nights, they are all moslty pre-made (some cooking and preparing is required!). We have gluten-free options on request. :) 


  • SCHOOL LUNCHES: We take the hassle out of making school lunches! Yup, we also deliver to our selected Christchurch schools, morning tea and lunch. All our lunches have been made and packed fresh the night before, delivered to your child before 10:00am every: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. We also have a prepare it yourself option if you want to make your childs lunch and send it to school with them if they are not in our school delivery zone. 


  • THE MARKETS: We sell our Gourmet Oat Bowls (in the mornings), Gourmet Garden Burgers (at lunch time) and little treats (biscuits, muffins etc.) at the following markets: the Ohoka Farmers Market, Lyttelton Street Markets and the Riccarton Markets.


  • CATERING: We cater for events big and small (birthday parties, staff lunches etc). This is not only for the vegan/vegetarian community, we have loads of yummy food, you wont miss the animal products we promise! But, if you do have a vegan/vegetarian relative , even if its not for your entire event (you only want a few options for those guests) we will create a plan for you based off your need:) 
  • FREE SEMINARS/LECTURES: We are currently developing a vegan information seminar/lecture that we hope to show the public and in schools. All of our talks are informative, thought provoking and helpful. We end the talks with a Q&A session and try to answer as many questions as possible. We hope to offer these talks to schools for free. 


  • CHRISTMAS MEAL HAMPERS: We are going to develop a special Christmas Menu to cater for any amount of people. (Similar to Chrisco) These hampers are chosen by you and delivered the day before Christmas. 

Check out our dishes, this is just a snippet of what we do.

We have Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Burgers, our own signature range and... wait for it,  DESSERTS :) 


Our Future Plans

  • We Eventually Plan to Open a Small Vegan/Vegetarian Fast-Food Restaurant. 'Quality over Quantity is the obvious goal here!' this applies not just to the vegan and vegetarian community, but anyone who shares an interest in their health, fitness and wellbeing. People these days have very busy schedules and finding healthy, nutritious food on the go is hard to find, that is where we come in! As well as being a little quirky (retro-cafe style) we want to be a unique icon of Christchurch, something to attract visitors from far and wide and increasing Christchurch's popularity.


  • Community Events: We want to host community events by catering and spreading knowledge about the vegan movement. 


  • Business Expansion: We plan on expanding our business to New Zealand cities, firstly in the South Island, and then in the North Island. 


  • Donation to Charities: We want to donate as much money as possible to animal rights organisations and charities around New Zealand. Hey, we may even start our own charity one day, the possibilites are endless. 


 Where Your Moneys Going

  1. OUR VAN: Sign writing for our Ford Transit (delivery) as well as maintenance (new tyres for WOF and Road User Charges etc.). ($1200)
  2. KITCHEN EQUIPMENT: New Food Grade Kitchen Equipment, including food processor, crock pots, knives etc. ($800)
  3. LAB TESTING SO YOU DON'T GET SICK: Micro-Testing requirements set by MPI (so we can get our recipes spot on) ($2000)
  4. MARKET EQUIPMENT: Equipment for the Markets, such as a Barbecue, Tables, Signs, Portable Fridge etc ($800) (all second-hand where possible)
  5. PACKAGING FOR ONLINE FOOD: We need packaging for our online food section so that our food remains fresh when you get it, this includes keeping it cool with chiltainers and ice pax. ($500)
  6. MPI REGISTRATION FEES: Costs for starting up a food business in New Zealand ($400).
  7. FIRST STOCK TAKE: Bulk Order of organic goods from Chantels Organics, Ceres Organics and Pure Fresh (produce) which will be our first stock order. ($1000)
  8. WEBSITE LAUNCH: Launching our online website ($200). 



So please help us, get on board and check out our pledgeme offers! You will not regret your contribution and don't forget... the taste of our beautiful food! 

Thanks from the Berkano Organics Team,  Britteny and Nicholas xx






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