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About Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

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Update: Thank you to Innovative Travel for their sponsorship of this project

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Taking Sand in the Apricot Jam International

Hi I'm Rebecca Holden the artist behind 'Sand In the Apricot Jam'. 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' is a visual arts project that commemorates the men and horses who served with the New Zealand Mounted Rifles in the Middle East campaign of WWI. Since 2014 the exhibition has been touring New Zealand.


I thought – wouldn't it be fantastic if, during the centenary of WWI, I could extend the reach of this artistic tribute – to the land where the Mounted Rifles fought.


Well, I'm super thrilled because (drumroll please) I have been invited to exhibit 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' in the art gallery of the Museum of Rishon LeZion in Israel!

The exhibition has been scheduled to be on show during the month of November 2017 to coincide with the centenary of the Battle of Beersheba and the Battle of Ayun Kara. Two significant battles for the NZ Mounted Rifles.


This is where you come in – as you can imagine with any self-initiated project, funding is difficult to come by. Freighting artwork and travel to Israel is an expensive endeavour. That's why I'm running this campaign. The money raised will be used to cover the return freight of the work, the associated costs such as insurance, ATA carnets etc. As well as helping towards some of my travel costs to Israel for the exhibition.


I think it's super important to recognise our past and to honour our men and the sacrifices they made. I would like to continue doing this by extending the works reach beyond New Zealand, to exhibit the artwork in the land that they fought – which is why this exhibition in Israel is so important. I will be dedicating my time, unpaid, to the creation of a new large scale artwork for the exhibition (which I'll be regularly posting about on Facebook) and the museum has kindly offered to contribute towards my accommodation costs during the opening of the exhibition.


For those who know me know how hard I've worked to get the project this far – please help me from stumbling at the last hurdle. Please share with your networks, pledge towards a reward and tell the world about it, tweet, blog, talk about this great project with friends, family and colleagues – in short please help spread the Jam (even if it has a little sand in it)!


Please note: Pledgeme is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform – so if I don't reach my target I don't get any funds.


The Rewards!

Oh yes that's right, as well as the good feeling you get for supporting an artistic project you can get yourself a sweet reward – check these out!

Check out the rewards listing on the right for the value of each reward and pledge. + did you know you can pledge more than the listed value of the reward and you get yourself (or a friend) more than one thing?




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Jam chocolate

 Sand in the Apricot Jam postcards

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drawn portraits


Want to be in a painting?

Limited edition print Sand in the Apricot Jam detail - Gallipoli

Limited edition print Sand in the Apricot Jam 'Detail Sinai Campaign'

Limited Edition print Sand in the Apricot Jam - detail Palestine panel 3

Limited edition print Sand in the Apricot Jam - Detail 'Final Farewell'


Limited edition print Grimm Project 'The Golden Bird'

Limited edition print Grimm Project 'thousandfurs'

Limited edition print Grimm Project 'Hansel & Gretel Lost in the woods'

Limited edition print - Grimm Project 'Faithful Johannes'




Delivery of the different rewards are scheduled for different dates please see the separate rewards to see when you'll get your goodies.

 You're interested in the originals?

The individual artworks that make up 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' are also for sale* (as long as you can wait until after the Israel exhibition) and buying one of these works would also go a long way to supporting this campaign.

Some of my other artworks from other projects are for sale as well – so be sure to check out my website to see what works are available.

*Panel 1: Evacuation of the wounded from Gallipoli. Being reunited with his horse in the desert has already been sold.


I need your help to spread the word – 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' to Israel!


Thanks so much!!



For further information on 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' check out my blog

You can check out my art work and whats for sale here

For information of the fabulous tours Innovative Travel offer, including a special Battle of Beersheba 100th annivesary tour.

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Some Background on the Project

When the other NZ troops left for the Western Front after the fateful Gallipoli campaign the New Zealand Mounted Rifles remained in the Middle East to fight against the Ottoman Turkish army. These men on horseback were invaluable in the challenging desert environments of Sinai and Palestine as they were able to cover greater distances than infantry could on foot.


My grandfather John (Jack) Culleton was a trooper with the 4th Waikato squadron of the Auckland Mounted Rifles and served from 1914 – 1919. It is this personal connection which is the catalyst for this commemorative exhibition.

 About Jack Culleton

Rishon LeZion, where the exhibition will be, was a small Jewish village at the time of WWI. As the Ottoman Turkish Army retreated after the battle of Ayun Kara the NZ Mounted Rifles were warmly received by the inhabitants of Rishon LeZion. In turn the villagers helped recover the wounded soldiers from the battlefield. This historical connection makes Rishon LeZion such a fitting place for the exhibition.

During this WWI centenary period (2014 – 2018) 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' has been touring New Zealand. The exhibition started it's journey in 2014 at Expressions Whirinaki – Upper Hutt, then in 2016 it was shown at the National Army Museum – Waiouru and this year is on show at the Waikato Museum in Hamilton from March to June 2017 (be sure to check it out!)


Sand in the Apricot Jam installation shot


Wouldn't to be great to take it international too!






The People Behind Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

Img 4021 Rebecca Holden Project admin

 I'm an artist based in New Zealand. In 2013 I gained an MFA from Massey University in Wellington. I have had many solo exhibitions as well as participated in group shows. In 2016 I won the Peoples Choice Award at the Wellington Regional Art Review for 'Hansel and Gretel Lost in the Woods'.


In addition to my artistic practice I have taught drawing and painting at Massey University School of Art in my role as Senior Visiting Tutor.


I'm passionate about my project and believe the historical story of the Mounted Rifles in WWI is an important one to tell.


Through the experience of both creating the work within a public space and giving artist talks (both at Expressions and the National Army Museum thus far) I have seen how this art work can facilitate dialogue around this historical event. The artwork actively engages people around the idea of remembrance and reflection. Many visitors to the exhibition have sought to share their families stories from the war with me which has been immensely rewarding.





    Seasons Greeting

    12:47PM Fri 15/12/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Christmas card from Auckland NZMR

    Seasons Greetings to all the fabulous supporters of Sand in the Apricot Jam.

    I'd like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

    2017 has been a fabulous year for telling the story of our Mounted men I'm looking forward to what 2018 will bring :-)

    Best wishes


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    Official Opening of Sand in the Apricot Jam in Rishon LeZion – 30 Oct 2017

    12:21PM Mon 13/11/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    On the evening of the 30th October Sand in the Apricot Jam was officially opened at the Museum of Rishon LeZion, Israel, to an audience of dignataries from NZ and Israel and other invited guests. I was thrilled and incredibly touched that Her Excellency the Right Honourable Dame Patsy Reddy, along with the Mayor or Rishon LeZion Meir Nitzan, officially opened the exhibition.

    It was an incredible event to which many people contributed so much time and energy to make happen, I was deeply moved to have our men from the NZ Mounted Rifles, as part of the ANZAC forces of WW1, honoured in this way. I feel very honoured that I contibuted to this acknowledgement through the artworks I produced. In an emotional speech on the night I was able to thank everyone who played a part in making this happen – people like you.

    Displayed alongside Sand in the Apricot Jam was Liberation, Tidings & Hope an exhibition that gave historical context of the arrival of the ANZAC Forces in November 1917.

    I felt that I and my artwork were so openly welcomed in Rishon LeZion just as my grandfather and his fellow Mounted Riflemen were welcomed 100 years ago. It has been a real honour to be a part of the centenary commemorations of WW1 in Israel - Lest we Forget

    Rebeccca Holden

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    Update on Sand in the Apricot Jam heading off to Israel

    01:53PM Tue 15/08/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Hi everyone

    So you might have been wondering what's been going on with this project. Well lots I'm pleased to say!

    Starting with:

    The new artwork for the 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' exhibition in Rishon LeZion has been completed! Yes! The schedule was tight as I need to ship the work earlier than anticipated in order to open the exhibition to the public mid October rather than November as planned. But I'm pleased to say it all came together (after a couple of hurdles, but that's how it rolls so I'm beginning to understand!). So that should ship off next week.

    Which means for all of you who purchased the reward to be featured in the painting, you're on the new painting! This can be viewed on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sand.in.the.apricot.jam/

    Most people who purchased a Limited Edition print should have that now. There are just a few still to distribute.

    Those who sponsored a button on the new artwork got a shout out from me recently on my 'Sand in the Apricot Jam facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sand.in.the.apricot.jam/

    There was much fluster and buster in the kitchen this morning as I baked up a storm for those who ordered the baking reward. And yes I did have to sample the goods for quality control purposes.

    And for those very patient people waiting on their drawn portraits I can start getting into them now that the new painting is complete.

    Thanks again all you wonderful people who helped make this possible.



    Studio shot of the new artwork



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    Limited Edition Prints

    12:13PM Wed 05/04/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Please note: The Limited Edition print run is a run of 10 not 15 as detailed in the rewards.

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    Thank you awesome supporters!

    10:18PM Tue 21/03/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    We did it!

    It's hard to put in words how incredibly touched I am to receive such generous support from everyone. From those who pledged, those who spread the word, those who told me from the beginning that this was achievable. It means so very much to me.
    So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Thank you for sharing in this journey, so far, and it makes it so much more special to know that you will be on the rest of it with me.

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    Movie fundraiser and raffle raises $320

    09:37AM Wed 15/03/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Last week I held a movie fundraiser at Miro Cinema in Upper Hutt. Friends made delicious treats to indugle in while watching Fences. I also had a raffles with fabulous prizes donated by local businesses. I'd like to thank Helloworld in Upper Hutt, Miro Cinema, Anathoth Jams, Whittaker's chocolates and the Trentham Mess restaurant for donating great prizes.


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    New works start to take shape for Rishon LeZion exhibition

    09:37AM Fri 03/03/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    blank canvases ready to go

    first sketches

    artwork development

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    Over half way to reaching the target!

    01:11PM Wed 01/03/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Halfway mark

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    11:33AM Mon 27/02/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    thank you

    A hugh thank you for all those who have supported this campaign so far. It's wonderful to have such a community behind me.

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    What a great start!

    04:51PM Mon 20/02/17 on Spread 'Sand in the Apricot Jam' WWI Artwork to Israel

    Wow what a fabulous start, I'm touched by the fabulous support I've been given. Thanks everyone who has pledged so far - YOU'RE AWESOME!

    Today I was interviewed by Jess Mulligan on Radio NZ National about the project you can have a listen here.

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      “Hey Bex. Love that you are able to do this. Hope this helps! Love the MB's xx”

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      “This is a wonderful project and I am pleased to be part of it to get the very talented NZ artist Rebecca Holden to Israel.”

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