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Thanks to everyone who has made the leap of faith (past and present) to fund an unconference with shit in the title: Women Who Get Shit Done. You rock our world. 💩

For Christchurch, we’ve decided to go a bit wider with our sponsorship net to see if we can support more women to attend our first event of 2017. So we’re setting up a Christchurch scholarship fund. But, this being a crowdfunding thing, there are some sweet sweet rewards for you as well.



Why do we need the funding?

We’re trying to do an awesome unconference at a low price of $250 per person for the event, accomodation and food, to make it as accessible as possible. But, we also want to get women along who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to attend, even at that rate. We also want to make sure that we do pay people for the time it takes to organise an awesome, safe, inclusive event.

So, the money that we raise here will go towards a scholarship fund, with the aim of 20% of the attendees attending at a subsidised rate (eg. $150 for two days, including food and accommodation) or no cost. We will also provide travel scholarships as needed, because travel shouldn't be a barrier either.

We also have on site childcare, free of cost, for the whole residential event. So mums can bring their children, and not have a lack of childcare as a barrier to attending.

We don’t think the ability to pay to attend should determine who is in the room, but we need some help to make this a reality.


It's not money for nothing though.

No no no. As women who get shit done we’ve got some ideas. Think: T-Shirts from Little Yellow Bird. Notebooks from Misprint. Pins (so you can recognise like minded people). Poo Emoji cupcakes from Sweet Release. Inspirational words from our attendees. Possibly, even some sweet experiences (like the wine tour c/o one of our organisers partners).

The coolest thing? Most of the rewards on offer are from companies founded and run by Women Who Get Shit Done, and designed by Pepper (another WWGSD). So win win win.

Here's an example of some of our rewards:



Why do we think these events are important?

For a country that has historically been progressive around gender equality, we’ve lost our mojo - it’s time to bring it back.

Throughout society, women are disadvantaged—both economically and socially. This is especially true for those who also face oppression due to their race, age, gender identity, or sexuality.

Women face this every day, so we think it makes sense to get together to kōrero. We believe culturally and generationally diverse women can come together, share experiences, and find new ways forward.

We believe that everyone (including men!) must be part of solving these problems. However, sometimes those who are most impacted need time and space to discuss what the solutions could be, and to recharge and rest together. Women Who Get Shit Done brings a broad range of voices together to challenge thinking, to share different perspectives, and to find new solutions.


Why are you being so profane?

Because we have to put up with a lot of shit (shoutout, especially, to the mums!).

Quite frankly, we are doing a lot of shit and we don't need to explain that. Second, we have to put up with a lot of shit and we're a little bit tired of that and we're going to call it what it is. Finally, we think that we should be able to reclaim words that have at times kept us back, in a semi tongue-in-cheek call it like it is manner.

Now we've got that out of the way, we want to do even more awesome shit, together. It would be sad if a word stood in the way of us standing together.



Want to come?

Apply here for our Christchurch event.

There will be at least two more events in 2017. We’re aiming to maximise diversity at each event to bring you the best experience. So, if you’re not selected, it’s by no means a reflection of your awesomeness. And don’t worry, we’re hoping this is just the start of something bigger so we can have more and more of you along to events in the future.


Want to sponsor more (and prove that you will fund cool shit)?

Get in touch with the Christchurch team at [email protected] or HQ at [email protected].


What happens if we overfund?

If we get more - we can fund more scholarships . So the more we raise, the more women can attend for less or free. If this fund exceeds $5,000, we'll make sure some of the money goes to funding our other events (and our main HQ costs).

Thank you for supporting an event with shit in the name. 💩



The People Behind It’s hard to fund an event with shit in the name 💩💩

Logo Catarina Gutierrez Project admin


    You Made This Possible

    11:24AM Thu 05/01/17 on It’s hard to fund an event with shit in the name 💩💩

    Hello and Happy New Year wishes from the WWGSD Christchurch team!


    We hope you’ve had an enjoyable and restful holiday break.


    We’re excited to announce that invitations and wait list notifications have been sent to the amazing women who have registered their interest for the February Christchurch event. In all, we received over 180 registrations of interest (ROIs) and were blown away by the caliber of the community, which included artists and creatives, government leaders, mathematicians and scientists, startup founders, leaders of universities, entrepreneurial moms, wellness experts, and even a sword fighter - just to name a few!


    To stay within the capacity limit of our beautiful venue at Living Springs, the team carefully reviewed all ROIs and extended invitations to 120 amazing women (with ~60 on the waitlist), with an emphasis on diversity across demographics, passions, and experience - in order to offer attendees the most engaging event and the opportunity to meet a network beyond what they would normally encounter.

    Within a day of the announcement, we’ve been able to award 6 scholarships (based on need and first come, first serve basis). Your incredible support is what has made this possible! Our aim is to offer 20% of attendees scholarships or payment assistance.


    As always, a huge thank you for all your support! We are excited to continue shouting about your awesomeness in our comms to attendees, alumni, and the extended WWGSD community for making this event possible.




    The Christchurch WWGSD Team

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    Update from the Christchurch WWGSD Team

    01:33PM Mon 19/12/16 on It’s hard to fund an event with shit in the name 💩💩

    Phew! We made it past your email filter! Thanks for coming on board with your pledge. We are nearly at the goal and hunting down those next people who can put their money where their potty mouth is.


    All jokes aside, it’s worth reminding you that your pledge goes to providing a scholarship for someone to attend the unconference at the end of February in Christchurch. The connections, support, and inspiration are priceless and we want to ensure EVERYONE can make the trip. If they live far away, can’t afford the ticket, or need childcare, we WILL cover the cost. Please share this campaign with someone who might want to help (and want some sweet sweet rewards as well).


    Some rewards are still up for grabs including an exclusive catered dinner at XCHC Christchurch. Local chef Aliesha McGilian is cooking up a feast after the event for anyone who’s keen.


    Our tech queen, Morgan Wilson, has offered her tech expertise to the kids in the crowd. Coding lessons for the young un’ in your life!


    We just got this mock up of our pins:


    And of course, all the rest of the Get Shit Done swag including pencil packs, notebooks and t-shirts.


    Thanks again for your pledge, and any help spreading the word is super appreciated!




    Catarina and the Christchurch WWGSD team

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      “This is awesome. I'm proud of all of the women who get shit done down there! Keep up the good work ladies. Will spread the word! <3 ”

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      “Hope ChCh event goes off like the last - have fun!”

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