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Let's help millennials be the best that they can be by realigning our strengths with our roles. This project will help me raise funds to train as one of the youngest certified Gallup Strengthsfinder coaches.

Harry Potter grew up with many Millennials as he was born in 1980

Every single person has strengths...but a lot of people don’t know what they are. I’m not talking about what’s referred to as your ‘rudimental strengths’ like being able to give a great speech, be patient with third graders or maybe shredding on the guitar. I’m talking at a more fundamental level, a strength is a pattern of behaviour, thoughts, and feelings that produces a high degree of satisfaction.

“A Gallup report found that 71% of Millennials aren’t engaging in the workplace. The time you spend working takes up a huge part of your week, this isn’t good for the health and happiness of this majority.”

Most of us Millennials can recite the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Here are three reasons why you might want to help me train as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

1) I will help Millennials learn how to apply their strengths in work and how they live their lives.

2) I will make coaching more affordable and accessible to Millennials by speaking our language to communicate the benefits and relevance of strengths + making it more affordable or free in some cases.

3) I will help managers and their Millennial workforce realise the benefit of ongoing feedback and reporting between both. Not only for the productivity of businesses and Millennials but also the benefits it has on our wellbeing.

Gallup found that of the 71% of Millennials, 16% are actually disengaged in the workplace

What is strengthsfinder and how can it help millennials engage? Strengthsfinder is the result of transformative research that began 40 years ago. Don Clifton, the father of strengths based psychology, began this research when he was displeased with the focus throughout his study being on what was wrong with people. Since he began, it has revolutionised this field and made an amazing difference to millions of people, now making use of their strengths.

I am one of those people. After I took the strengthsfinder assessment I was able to realise how I could apply these across my life and excel in what I was already naturally good at. While the assessment is great, following it up with a coaching session is crucial. This gave me tailored insights into how my one of a kind combination of strengths could be used in the best way. Since then i’ve never looked back! Now I want to be able to help other millennials get access to that same knowledge in their own lives. By having the clear knowledge of our strengths we are able to apply them in all areas of our lives, so what we put into work, relationships or hobbies gives us back the energy and rewards we need to sustain an enjoyable, long healthy life.


The course has a total cost of 4100gbp. About 7,600nzd. If this PledgeMe is successful I will put 3000nzd toward the course. The extra 500nzd will go towards fees for PledgeMe and also rewards (such as the purchase of Strengthsfinder assessment codes.

Why should you Pledge ME?

Unfortunately as a Millennial I'm also really not into the 'coaching industry' it comes across as a very corporate and self-indulgent industry (think inspirational quotes and cheesy stock images) that generally focus's on the betterment of a bottom line (i.e.companies being more profitable). It doesn't acknoweldge some of the systemic issues we have in the workplace and in the world which is hugely important many millennials I know. Since working with WikiHouse Foundation i've been inspired by the way in which we can change these systemic issues - in this case, around the housing crisis.

In order for millennials to have real impact in the kind of roles that appeal to us (climate change/sustainable development/justice/inequality/human-rights) it is crucial we do it in a sustainable way. If you truly want to have impact you really need to realise your strengths.

I want to put 'personal/strengths development' in the context of these issues which matter to millennials.


The People Behind Let's re-engage Millennials in the workplace!

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Harry Knight Project admin


I was born and raise in Christchurch, New Zealand. During high-school I realised the only way I was going to enjoy life was by either doing what I love or doing what I have reason to value and never comprimising that. This led to me studying a Bachelor of Musical Arts where I specifically focused on jazz guitar. Music has always been a passion of mine. Before leaving high-school I took the Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment. This assessment is the result of decades worth of research into Strengths Based Psychology led by Don Clifton. This gave me my top 5 strengths, along with a coaching session. This valuable knowledge was a huge kickstart to my professional career as well as personal development.

With my strengths in mind: Self Assurance, Focus, Futuristic, Responsibility, Strategic - I was able to take full advantage of opportunities where I saw these being utilised. I began to run an overseas trip for jazz school students to get to New York for 2 weeks, visiting top schools, learning from idols and seeing the jazz greats perform live. In my second year we had a major earthquake which disrupted the whole city. After the initial shock, a new creativity emerged to reimagine how we engaged with the city and one another. I continued to adopt my creative talent and love for music, combined with my strengths to further my development. I started my own business 'Knight Life' and began assisting with events and projects around the city like Art Beat, Gap Filler's Summer Pallet Pavilion, Chambers Sessions, Festival of Transitional Architecture and many others.

I began to develop a reputation for being a reliable pair of hands with a strategic mind to provide meaningful help where it was needed and I believe I was able to do this because I was aware of my boundaries and clear about what I could offer. If I used my natural talents and strengths, I would be able to get endless amounts of energy from what I did. Energy that is contagious and appealing to others.

The more I continue to do this, the more I start figuring out what my role is in the world and how I can best use my time here. Aside from just the exciting projects happening after the quake in Christchurch, was the people behind these projects. These projects had something in common, which was recognizing our desire to play a part in being the solution to our unfortunate prediciment. It is extremely energising to realise the capacity we have as citizens, sometimes people just need a nudge that let's them know they have more than enough ability to help themselves. I've become extremely passionate about this fact of citizen led development and wish that everyone would become aware of the possibilities it brings.


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    09:24PM Fri 26/08/16 on Let's re-engage Millennials in the workplace!

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    For the fledgling pledgers

    I have just created a new reward for the last few weeks of my campaign. This reward will help you create a successful PledgeMe Project. I've learnt a lot about running a successful campaign over the last few months as I have spent time and energy preparing my crowd funding project. Now I want to help support you do the same thing.

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    If you're thinking about doing something like me then jump onto my page and select the 'PledgeYou' reward.

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    Visit to Gallup's London Office

    10:18PM Sat 13/08/16 on Let's re-engage Millennials in the workplace!

    Gallup Visit

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of going up to the Gallup office in The Shard. I met with Anna Sawyer, Director of Marketing at Gallup, and also a trained Strengths Coach.

    View from Gallup's office

    Despite having the appearance of what you'd expect to see when you Google 'Fancy office stock image' or 'boardroom', there was an incredibly hospitable atmosphere that made me feel at home despite the unfamiliar setting.


    What I really wanted to know was how Gallup saw the role of Strenghsfinder going beyond personal or professional development. How do they view it in a way that puts it in context of issues that are bigger than ourselves. I know a lot of younger people that cringe at 'self-help' or 'personal coaches' including myself! But I think this misses the point. Coaching is this weird halfway point between a friend giving advice and a counsellor. But what does 'Coaching for survival' look like? How can it be used to help people in far less privelaged situations than Anna and I?

    Anna could sympathise with me as we agreed that there is an industry out there that ignores other external factors that contribute to many of the worlds problems. Instead it focuses on you being ok which therefore means everything else is ok.

    It was reassuring to hear that Gallup has a much more holistic view than this.

    We discussed how strengths can be more context based by picking an issue, for example, high-unemployment. Then taking that and working backward, breaking it down to see the role that a strengths approach could have when solving that problem. It was a refreshing conversation. Anna also referred to an example of a woman that uses Strengthsfinder to help prisoners who are about to tranistion from their cell back to the real world. 

    By becoming part of the Gallup list of certified strengths coaches I will be able to meet many other people with similar ambitions. The sharing of ideas and combination of efforts will make for some interesting collaborations.

    Help spread the word

    Thank you so much for all your support. Now you have donated, the best way you can continue to support the cause is by sharing it with your friends and family. I'm confident this will be another successful PledgeMe campaign and i'm happy that you've been part of it.


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    Dance Highlights and 'A Brief Debrief'

    07:21AM Wed 03/08/16 on Let's re-engage Millennials in the workplace!

    I'm only just warming up

    Did you really just witness a one hour live stream of untrainned, high intensity dancing?

    Yes, yes you did. And it's only just the beginning. 

    On August the 1st at 8pm NZT my PledgeMe Campaign was launched with a big bang created using Thunderclap. It's like PledgeMe but instead of donating money you donate your social post. It turns out this is potentially at par or even more important than peoples finance. Interesting. However, it was very successfull and it worked nicely.

    I was happily joined by 20-30 people throughout my hour of midlessness dancing which I live streamed. I have included the highlights from across the hour. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I would encrouage anyone who needs an incentive to exercise to livestream yourself dancing.

    Dancing is good for your health

    Despite this seemingly chaotic start to my PledgeMe, I assure you it is only just beginning. There will be a number of events where chaos will be unleased and funds will either be raised or somehow my page will be shut down. You will find this is a common theme with what I do. It will either work very well or it will cause me a lot of pain and despair.

    However I hope wherever we end up on this journey, it will be for the benefit of your laughs and my learning.

    Long may it last.

    Please, pledge or tell your rich parents too.


    Love you lots,



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    05:34AM Wed 27/07/16 on Let's re-engage Millennials in the workplace!

    ¡We are live!

    And doesn't it feels great

    Welcoming you all to my Project Page where my goal is to help top up the money I have saved to attend the Gallup Strengths Coaching training course from November 7th - 11th.

    I'm going to be posting regular updates (weekly) to update you on the progress and the process of running this crowdfunding campaign. I'm also going to be spending a lot of time looking at and supporting other projects on PledgeMe because I think that's a great way to engage with platforms like this. By also giving back. I have set aside a small pot of money to contribute towards others. Please do the same. There are so many fantastic ideas that need you to fund them.

    An Invitation

    Aside from the obvious invitation i'm offering you to help fund my project. I want you to feel welcome to engage with me personally by posting on my project page below in the comment section or getting in touch with me directly. I want to welcome your feedback, ideas, suggestions, critique about my particular goals and ambitions. I'm not concerned about creating an income stream for me through 'consulting'. I'm concerned about the thousands of young people falling away and giving up on the job market and other more important aspects of their lives; relationships, passions, goals.

    The day the workers make a splash, the big fish will drown.

    I recently read this quote and was very comforted by it. One of the things that has come up in the process of me creating this campaign is a basic fact. Peoples idea of work is F*&^%$ and in a way coaching is a profession that feeds on the capatalism. This is great if you want to make a living but unfortunately it won't change anything. This being said, it doesn't mean that what the coaching does isn't beneficial. It's just not used in the right context

    I want that to change

    I'm thinking about ways to radicalise coaching. From something only accessible to the corporate utopias and yuppies like me (i'm white, middle class, male, reasonably easy life). My goal is to make this kind of service available to anyone at any price. If they can't afford it, they don't pay, if they can they do - and then everything in between. The only thing I'd ask from anyone is that they have a willingness to learn.

    So please don't hold back, encourage, yell, question, critique, applaud. Whatever the hell you want. This is for you as much as it is for me.

    Thank you. Goodnight.

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