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About The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

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What is the Good Spend Counter all about?

Conscious Consumers is a well-established New Zealand social enterprise. We make it easy for you to find and support businesses doing good for people and the planet. To get more businesses doing good we need to show them that their efforts will be rewarded. We've thought of an idea that will make that happen - it is a world first, and is called the Good Spend Counter.  The technology will:

  1. Encourage you to set up an online profile and register your existing EFTPOS and/or credit card through a secure platform; and
  2. Allow you to identify the issues you care about most - such as paying a living wage, caring for animals or using renewable energy; then
  3. Every time you spend money in any Conscious Consumer accredited business it will be counted, and those values communicated to the business. 

The Good Spend Counter will make your values visible and show businesses across New Zealand that they will be rewarded for doing good stuff. 

Pledge your support by choosing a reward - here are some of the few that are left on offer...






Help to spread the word by joining the #CountMeIn Challenge!  

Tell your friends and family why you are a conscious consumer and let them know about our #CountMeIn campaign. Simply post a photo with a #CountMeIn sign and say why you are a conscious consumer. Tag 3 friends encouraging them to do the same! Here is our team at Conscious Consumers saying why we care: 


Our supporting partners

This campaign would not be possible without the support from four outstanding organisations. Fairtrade Australia/New ZealandBioGro Organics New Zealand and Enviro-mark Solutions came on board at the start of the campaign and pledged to match the first $15,000 that was raised. Once this target was reached the Sustainable Initiatives Fund pledged to meet the next $10,000 that was raised (up to the $40,000 mark). We are extremely grateful for their support and encourage you all to check out the good work they do via their websites. 




Contact for more information: Ben Gleisner, National Director: [email protected] / 0275162942




The People Behind The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

Profile logo Conscious Consumers Project admin

Conscious Consumers is run by a registered charity based in Wellington. Our mission is to create a global marketplace for sustainable products and services, and develop innovative tools and services to connect participants in this market.

Our journey began in 2010 with the launch of our voluntary accreditation programme in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2012 we secured funding to ‘revamp’ ourprogramme and have since established the New Zealand Conscious Consumers hospitality accreditation programme. We have over over 300 business and 40,000 consumer members in the six main regions of New Zealand. Through our hospitality programme we are building the platform to grow and deliver on our mission.

In each of our main regions we have a Regional Coordinator. These Coordinators are supported by our Director, Ethical Business Advisor, Marketing Manager and Administrator in Wellington. Here we all are:



    We've built it!! Register now for the Good Spend Counter...

    11:42AM Fri 30/10/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

    Hello all you awesome PledgeMe supporters!

    So, we're stoked to announce the launch of the Good Spend Counter. Be one of the first in the world to register - it is free, fast and secure :) 

    We'll be in touch next week about how we'll integrate it into our smartphone app later this month!

    THANKS so much for all your support to help make this a reality. 


    Ben and the CC team


    Register now - it takes 3 minutes!

    From December...


    Together, our purchasing power will transform the way businesses operate!



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    Here is a present to say THANKS!!

    03:53PM Tue 14/07/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

    We did it! 

    THANKS so much for helping us achieve our dreams. We wont forget any of you - however big your contribution. 

    Silicon Valley noticed! 

    We were contacted over the weekend by the Namaste Foundation, based in the Silicon Valley, with an offer of US$5000 to our campaign. We have sorted through the paperwork in the last two days and it was perfect timing to have it all confirmed as we passed our $75,000 goal. Here's what they said:

    “Conscious Consumers is making a positive impact in New Zealand and setting a tone for the next generation of social enterprises. Count us in!”  Matthew Monahan, Director, Namaste Foundation.

    Awesome eh! You should all take personal credit for helping us catch their attention and securing this donation. Having interest from such high profile, international backers just shows that the Good Spend Counter has the potential to revolutionise business not just in New Zealand, but also the world. 

    We can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks again

    Ben, Melissa and the CC Team


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    Less than 1 week to go!! It is all or nothing...

    10:25AM Thu 09/07/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn





    We're nearly at $52,000 - but have less than a week to get to $75,000! Our office wall is now covered in all your inspiring quotes - they keep us going, so thanks!! 

    REMEMBER > If we don't get to our target of $75,000 we don't get a single cent, and this idea won't happen!


    We wish there were more people like YOU who have got behind our idea mostly because you believe in it, but to help encourage a few others along we've discounted some of our rewards. We will start promoting these rewards tonight, but wanted to give you all the first chance to snap them up - or at least tell your friends. Just click on the reward that takes your fancy. 






    1. Forward this email to a few friends, and encourage them to choose one of the above rewards 
    2. Share our campaign on Facebook (you'll get to write a personal message)
    3. Share our campaign on Twitter (you'll get to add a personal message)



    Ben and Melissa 


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    Your kinds words are keeping us going! (and a recent $10,000 pledge helps too :)

    01:03PM Tue 30/06/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

    Hello all you 300+ generous pledgers and followers

    Well, we are almost half way to our target - YAY! We reached our first goal of $15,000 at the end of last week and this was matched by Fairtrade NZ, BioGro and Enviro-mark Solutions... which got us to $30,000. We're now SUPER STOKED to announce that the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust in Canterbury is matching the next $10,000 we raise... so we need a big push this week to get us to $40,000. As most of you will know, if we don't get to our target of $75,000 we don't get any money and this idea won't happen! See the bottom of this email for how you can help spread the word.

    To help keep our team motivated here is what I did this morning:

    I wrote up the lovely comments you've made on our campaign page...


    and stuck them ALL up on the wall next to my desk...


    now the whole team can read them - to keep our spirits up!! 


    So, a big THANKS to you kind people - you help inspire us! We couldn't do what we do without your financial and emotional support. 

    But we still need to keep spreading the word - here is how you can help:

    1. Share our campaign on Facebook (you'll get to write a personal message)
    2. Share our campaign on Twitter (you'll get to add a personal message)
    3. Share your handwrittten comment (this takes you to an album with photos of all the comments - tag a few friends you can see too)
    4. Share one of the great rewards on offer (this takes you to an album with photos of all the rewards on offer) 

    Oh, and we have some awesome new rewards...

    Do you know an organisation/business that is looking for some great website/app development work - or maybe interested in learning more about sustainability reporting? Click on the images below to find out more about these GREAT DEALS on offer - and tag them in a comment or email me directly if you are interested.






    Ben and the CC Team 



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    Help us reach our initial $15,000 target by sharing some pretty pictures...

    08:43PM Mon 22/06/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

    Thanks so much for helping us reach $12,000 - we'd be nowhere without your support! 

    To help us get to our initial target of $15,000 (which is when we get another $15,000 from our super supporting partners) we'd love you to:

    1. Forward this email or our mailout from the weekend to friends
    2. Click on one of the rewards below to share it on Facebook 

    If you haven't already, you may also like to take part in the #CountMeIn Challenge by posting a photo on social media like the NZ Bachelor has done at the bottom of this email! Remember to tag 3 friends :)

    Thanks so much for everything!

    Ben, Melissa and the CC Team





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    1 week in nearly $8000 raised! Take our #CountMeIn Challenge to spread the word...

    07:27PM Thu 11/06/15 on The Good Spend Counter #CountMeIn

    Hello all you marvellous supporters!

    So, 1 week in and we’ve raised nearly $8,000 – thanks so much for your contributions. We’re going to need all the help we can get to reach our target of $75,000 by mid July!

    To help promote the campaign we’ve started the #CountMeIn Challenge. The idea is pretty similar to the ice-bucket challenge, but instead of tipping ice on your head you say why you’re a conscious consumer! Two easy steps:

    1. Take a photo or video of yourself (or something that represents conscious consuming to you)
    2. Share it on social media saying why you care and tag 3 friends, encouraging them to do the same. Please mention #CountMeIn and in your post

    Here is The Bachelor NZ showing you how it is done, and a few photos of our team! 


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