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Moustache is a popular milk & cookie bar in Auckland City with a huge following of dedicated fans that we love. Due to unexpected events outside our control, we will be closing the doors of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar within the year.

So we have two choices; we can either cry over spilt milk or we can turn this into a positive opportunity. To #SaveMoustache, we want to go from a Milk & Cookie Bar to a Milk & Cookie Bus. My dream is that the bus will serve milk & cookies to not just the cookie monsters of Auckland, but to tour all around New Zealand too. Now, Moustache can come to you.

(Pictured above: Beer flavoured Cookie & Cookie Flavouerd Beer combo. Beer cookie: A deliciously rich cookie made with dark stout, dark Whittaker's chocolate & premium dutch cocoa topped with toasted beer marshmallow meringue. Cookie Beer: Cookie & Cream Ale, brewed with Belgian yeast, dark caramelised malts & milk sugars to create a beer with a rich, juicy dark malt and biscuit character with just a hint of chocolate and a touch of spice)

However big projects like this cost big dough! So we're crowdfunding $80,000 to help us strip, restore and convert our 10-metre-long bus into a fully functioning milk & cookie bar with a commercial kitchen on board. We have a stretch goal of $120,000 in the hope that we can build another permanent store in Auckland, once our current one shuts down.

I know, it's a really big ask. But we've seen how something as simple & humble as our milk & cookies can make so many people smile. We don't want the Mo to go!!!

And to say thank you to anyone who might want to donate to the cause, I've got some amazing gifts as a token of my appreciation.

We've made Team Mo Tees, Mo Stickers, created an Official Moustache Fan Club & giving away cookies (including our most exclusive Cookie of the Weeks!), milkshakes & private Milk & Cookie Bus Parties! So take a look on the right & take your pick!

(Pictured above: I am wearing a Size Small Women's Team Mo Tee on the left and right picture but in the middle, I am wearing a Small Men's to achieve a baggier boyfriend-fit.)

Moustache was created by myself, Deanna (Chief Cookie Officer) when I was 21-years-old but I wrote it down on my bucket list when I was just 8-years-old. This place is the physical manifestation of that childhood dream & all of us here at Team Mo would be so humbled if you became a part of our journey & helped keep the heartbeat of Moustache alive.





Thank you to Martin Paris for editing my video, Clinton Photography for the epic cookie photos & for music. Big love.



The People Behind Moustache Milk & Cookie Bus | #SaveMoustache

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    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    8 days to go & we are getting so close to saving Moustache!

    11:40AM Thu 09/04/15 on Moustache Milk & Cookie Bus | #SaveMoustache

    I spent Easter weekend reading through the comments and names of all our pledgers & supporters of Moustache. Since then, I've been adding every believer's name on our wall inside the shop. The sheer time it took me to write your names up shows just how many people believe in our little cookie bar. I don't want this to be the end of Moustache just  because of one silly curveball event, but I'm humbled by how many other people also want to #SaveMoustache.

    There are only 8 more days of our fundraiser left & we still have a little bit of a hill to climb but we are getting so so incredibly close to saving Moustache!!! I guess it's all about the Power of the People. We've got over 25,000 fans on Facebook so it's hard not to go into that mindset of "If everyone on our facebook just gave $1 then we would be done!" but that's not a very logical assumption. There are moments when I get nervous & those sort of illogical thoughts pop up because of my nerves but those moments are nothing compared to the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and humility I have towards each of you.

    After spending hours writing the names of our supporters up, I was so overcome by indebtedness to those who believe in us, I couldn't stop thinking of other ways to express myself.

    But that's one thing I love about cookies. No words need to be said. To me, nothing screams gratitude more than a person buying ingredients, waking up extra early for you & baking you a warm, fresh cookie straight out of the oven.

    So, we're going to do the one thing we know how to do. And that is to bake.

    We've got a little "secret" cookie party coming up. This Monday we will close our doors to the public at 6pm. But that's exactly when we'll open our doors to our supporters. For 2 hours from 6pm-8pm, we'll be baking furiously & if you happen to be free, gifting each of you a free cookie. There's no requirement. Some of you have pledged towards our fundraiser, some people have supported us via kind words and some have supported us in their heart. No matter what form your support, we invite you into our doors to say hello & grab a cookie on us. What we lack in huge amounts of money, we want to give back through labour of love.  Feel free to invite any fellow Moustache lovers. So come along to our "secret" supporters cookie day. Monday the 13th, 6-8pm at Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar, 12 Wellesley Street West. We would love to meet you.

    I know it's not much for now, but I will continue to dedicate my life now to the cause. To creating a fun & quirky business that not only I love, but that the community can enjoy too. Lets make Moustache Milk & Cookie Bus a vehicle not just for milk & cookies but also a vehicle for community. So for now, what I can offer you is my sincerest gratitude, some kickass pledge rewards, a free handmade cookie & a promise of my dedication & love.

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      “Good Luck!”

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      “Best Cookies.
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      “Mo must stay!!!”

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      “These cookies are the best cookies - and always seem to be fresh from the oven - long may you keep making them.”

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      “Good luck Deanna! I look forward to seeing the bus in action. :)”

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