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Help us bring back Chapman's

Homer for all of Christchurch!

Standing proud against a backdrop of devastation, in July last year New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai's two bulls atop bronze pianos seized the city's imagination. A year had past since the worst of the earthquakes that destroyed the inner city. The bulls were here for only 30 days, but they became symbols of the resilience and strength of the people of Christchurch. Parekowhai’s spectacular installation, called On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer, was first shown at the Venice Biennale, then in Paris – and then the bulls came home to a very different setting amid the rubble of a flattened city.

Want to make Chapman’s Homer a permanent symbol of Christchurch’s strength?

Standing staunch with destruction all around, defiant and resolute, the standing bull named Chapman’s Homer quickly became a symbol of the city’s strength and perseverance. Christchurch Art Gallery Trust wants to bring it back as a lasting reminder of this extraordinary time in Christchurch.

Here are just a couple of comments from visitors...

‘We badly need something inspiring and uplifting… the bull represents brutal nature trampling over us, but [like the piano, an emblem of culture] we’re stalwart and strong.’

‘Let’s make a determined effort to keep the ballsy bull in Christchurch – an embodiment of our spirit here!’

With the seated bull sold, the standing bull remains on offer to Christchurch Art Gallery Trust to buy for the city. We want to bring him home for good to symbolise this time for future generations. He’s not cheap, but he’s forever. We’ve just got to bridge a funding gap.

What do we need to make it happen?

In this part of the campaign, the Trust needs to raise $200,000 to buy Chapman’s Homer for Christchurch, where it will take pride of place outside Christchurch Art Gallery. We know the target is huge – it’ll be a PLEDGE ME personal best – but the impact this work had on the city when it was here was equally huge. It will be a symbol of the city’s strength and a gift to future generations.

We are hugely grateful for Westpac for coming on board to help make this possible.  If we achieve the target through Pledge Me, they and the Trust will together match the $200,000 to make the purchase happen.


(Update 16 September).  We've just added a new pledge reward. For the first 100 x $200 pledges, you'll receive a "I Backed the Bull" souvenir t-shirt from Global Culture.  Christchurch Arts Festival staff and Gallery staff and trustees have been wearing them throughout the campaign. Now we're offering 100 limited edition t-shirts to late pledgers!  We're running this offer until Chapman's Homer's last day at the Christchurch Arts Festival (Sunday 22 September). 

Want to become a 'Leader of the Charge' and donate $10,000?  Call Jo Blair on 027 431 4780 or email her on [email protected]

You have questions? Ask them here.

Want to know more? Read about Michael Parekowhai’s Christchurch installation of On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer here. Check out the bull’s growing fan base on Facebook, or read The Press editorial and other commentary here.


The People Behind Back The Bull


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    Unbelievable Pledge

    12:48AM Wed 11/09/13 on Back The Bull

    Dear Back the Bull pledgers (all 540 of you)!

    Not sure if you’ve caught up on our news, but we woke this morning to see our charge-o-meter up by $40,000!  The blue line now shows three quarters of our target reached!

    A wonderfully generous young Christchurch couple pledged this huge amount last night to keep Chapman’s Homer in Christchurch.  They too are motivated by the power of the work and want to encourage Christchurch to match their enthusiasm for the much hoped-for return (for good) of the bull!  Their act of generosity has begun working with an additional $1,500+ being pledged already this morning…

    We’ve been lucky enough to meet with them and hear some of their thinking behind the pledge:

    “Christchurch needs small wins. We’re playing a part by contributing to a symbol of the community’s fortitude and to help secure a legacy piece. As we see it, this a privilege.

    It would be wonderful for the whole community to join arms in this fundraising effort. It's a one-off chance to support a reminder of the extraordinary time we've been through, a symbolic sculpture which has come to mean so much to us here.”

    What a privilege to have good sorts like these guys (and all of you) in Christchurch.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    The Back the Bull Team

    PS  Keep Sunday 22 September free.  We’re planning a bangers, burgers and beers day on the Gallery’s forecourt as it’s the last day of Chapman’s Homer at the Christchurch Arts Festival (and the last day of the Festival).  All proceeds of course will back the bull!

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