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Here's the first taste of our film... www.orphansandkingdomsfilm.com can you help us finish it?

One Night. One House. One Island.

Orphans & Kingdoms is a feature film that tells the story of three teenagers on the run. Breaking into an empty mansion on Waiheke Island, they party until the owner unexpectedly arrives home. Before the three know it they have knocked the man unconscious and one of them is seriously injured. The high of the night has descended into serious trouble…

Everything is about to change for one lonely man and three delinquent kids.

So what have you done so far, huh?

We've done the hardest part already; developed a completely original story, written 8 drafts of a screenplay and beaten 75 other applicants to receive a micro-budget production funding grant from the New Zealand Film Commission, and we're in production already. Yay for us! We are shooting for the entire month of July on location on beautiful Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Film Commission’s Escalator scheme -  $250,000!
  • Random Films have invested another $50,000, and they’re partnering with us to produce the behind the scenes videos, so you get to see exactly how this film is made!
  • Dozens of local sponsors on the island (including SeaLink, Jucy, The Oyster Inn, Kina & Stay Waiheke) are moving, housing and feeding the crew and supplying them with lots of desperately needed coffee.
  • We’re being joined by a whole host of A-List crew members who are working for next to nothing to help us make Orphans & Kingdoms a reality – all because they believe in the story we want to tell. This includes:

+ Philippa Campbell, Executive Producer (Top of the Lake, Black Sheep, Rain)

+ Simon Raby, Cinematographer (Lord of the Rings, District 9)

+ Cushla Dillon, Editor (Shihad: Beautiful Machine, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives)

+ Colin Moy (In My Fathers Den, Spartacus, Shortland Street)

+ many other talented people (check out our website to see who they are)

That’s quite a lot! So why do you need an extra 20k?

We're taking a big risk with this film and we're throwing all that investment 'at the screen,' which means that if we don't get a little more money, from you, no one will ever see it. And that would be a shame 'cos it's going to be a beauty! 

We have big plans for this little film, like an international premiere at an A-List festival such as Cannes or Sundance but to do that we'll need these: 

$14,000 for a Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Mix.

$6,000 for a DCP (Digital Cinema Package), which is all the finished audio and video wrapped up in a snazzy little bundle so that cinemas all around the world can project it, along with your name in the credits.

To be perfectly honest we need a whole lot more than this to get it finished just how we really want it, but $20k will get us over the line. 

Who are you guys, anyhow?

O&K is being made by a passionate group of New Zealand filmmakers hell-bent on telling beautiful New Zealand stories. It's the feature film debut from Paolo Rotondo (director/writer) and Fraser Brown (producer). 

Paolo has worked for 18 years in film, television and theatre as a writer, director and actor. He's done just about every job on a film set, from directing shorts and commercials, through to building sets. He and Fraser met as actors on a TV series called "The Insiders Guide to Happiness" and their first collaboration was the award winning short film "Dead Letters". 

Fraser Brown has a similar track record in the industry, with a string of leading roles in front of the camera, including the recent TV3 hit "Harry" and the soon-to-be-released film "Field Punishment No. 1". Fraser is a graduate of both Otago University's business school and the NZ Drama School and he has produced several short films, TV commercials, an award-winning mineral water brand and a couple of super cute kids.

Okay, I’m convinced! What do I do now?

Hurrah! We’re stoked you want to help us.

Just head up to that box on the top right of this page that says “MAKE A PLEDGE”, put in the amount you’d like to donate and choose one of our incredible rewards!


Oh, one last thing… I want to follow the progress of the film!

Great! We’d hoped you’d say that. Please go to our website and sign up to our mailing list, then head over to facebook where you can ‘like’ us and watch our latest production update videos (as well as other behind-the-scenes goodies!).

Oh hey, you can follow us at these places, too!


Get this artwork (the one Kenae is sitting in front of) by choosing the reward to your right! --->

Huge thanks to our Production Partners:

New Zealand Film Commission
Random Films
Flying Fish

And to our Presenting Sponsors:

The Oyster Inn
Kina & Stay Waiheke

And to our Supporting Sponsors:

Island Coffee
AVOCA Merino


The People Behind Orphans & Kingdoms Film

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Project admin

Three teenagers on the run, break into an empty mansion on Waiheke Island. It’s party time for the three siblings, until the owner unexpectedly shows up. Before they know it they have knocked a man unconscious and one of them is seriously injured. The high of the night has descended into serious trouble. But this man harbours his own terrible secret. When they finally untie him, he unexpectedly takes control. The captive has become the capturer. Over the course of an insane night a natural order begins to form. When the police come knocking in the morning he must make a decision weather to hand them over or to help them. But first Jeremy has his own ghosts to put to rest.

Orphans & Kingdoms is a feature film currently in production, shooting on Waiheke Island for the entire month of July. 

To see the latest behind-the-scenes, follow us here:

Orphans & Kingdoms website





And of course, our PledgeMe Campaign. Help us make Orphans & Kingdoms!


Orphans & Kingdoms Smashes Their Funding Goal!

03:08AM Wed 31/07/13

Wow, what a month it's been! We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who pledged, shared and talked about our project over the last 4 weeks.  Thanks to you we smashed our funding target with a grand total of $29,561 - all of which is going towards making this film awesome. THANK YOU.

We've got 3 more days of shooting, on the Sealink Ferry, and then principal photography for the film is done! We're sad to be leaving Waiheke, the community has been unbelievably supportive and we're already looking forward to returning for a special island screening as some stage next year. Locals, stay tuned for more info on that.

So what happens now?

We've got your details, so we’ll be in touch to get addresses for those who chose drawings, dances, postcards and the like so we can deliver your little treats as soon as possible. If you were one of the people who chose the 'Sojourn to Set' reward please keep an extra close eye on your inbox, as we've only got 3 days of shooting left for you to come and visit!

For those who chose a download or cast & crew screening, you’ve got a bit longer to wait. But don’t despair, we will contact you as soon as we have a release date so you can start planning your outfit!
Our cast & crew screening has been confirmed at The Civic Theatre in Auckland, but of course we'd love to bring the film around the rest of NZ (and the world), so if you live outside of Auckland, please head HERE to 'Demand a Screening'. Demanding the film is a great way to tell us where we should bring special screenings of Orphans & Kingdoms, so make sure you get all your friends and family to do the same.

And finally, as you know we're big on 'community' so we'd like to draw your attention to something we think is pretty cool. Our producer, Fraser, is an official ambassador for The Outlook For Someday- a Sustainability Film Competition for Young People. "Arboraceous" is a 4 minute short film make by 17yo New Zealander Natasha Bishop, which took out last years competition. The film has been selected for the prestigious 'Japan Wildlife Film Festival' and they need some help getting Natasha there. They have just over a day to go on their campaign so if you're interested in Young People + Film + Sustainability we'd urge you to have a look and consider helping the next generation of kiwi filmmakers.

Kia Ora, Grazie, 
The O&K Team.


07:13AM Sat 27/07/13

Kia Ora Supporters 

We’ve done it! We just flew over our $20,000 goal on our PledgeMe campaign, all thanks to YOU!

We are ecstatic! It is truly humbling to see how many people out there have supported our project by sharing, re-tweeting and pledging. We can't thank you enough.

Although we’ve now reached our goal, the clock hasn’t stopped – we’ve got until midnight to raise as much as possible and every cent goes towards making this film the best it can be. No big charity overheads to soak up your contributions on this gig! If you have some friends who you think would like to join you at the cast & crew screening, or a homesick kiwi across the world who’d be keen for a digital download of the film, send them in the direction of www.helptheorphans.org

So what happens after the campaign ends?

Well we’ll be in touch to get addresses for those who chose drawings, dances, postcards and the like so we can deliver your little treats as soon as possible.

For those who chose a download or cast & crew screening, you’ve got a bit longer to wait. But don’t despair, we have all your details on file and will contact you as soon as we have a release date so you can start planning your outfit!

Love and Thanks,
O&K xx

New Rewards!

07:46PM Thu 25/07/13

Good morning Pledgers!

Thanks to all our new supporters, we are very, very grateful for your contribution. And for those who have bought tickets to the Cast & Crew screening at The Civic Theatre in Auckland, we are SO excited to see you there when we release the film!

To give you a little taster of what you'll be seeing, our talented editor Cushla Dillon has put together a teaser trailer which you can see HERE: www.orphansandkingdomsfilm.com

Crazy, we know - we haven't even finished shooting!

Just to let you know we've got some new rewards up, and some you might not have noticed before:


One-of-a-kind 'key' artwork created and shown in the film, on faux-concrete wall, to be delivered to a location of your choice as an O&K collector's item to be treasured forever. Photo of the artwork is below. (dimensions: 4.8m x 2.4m)


There is only ONE chance left to join Samantha Jukes at Envy Studios for a foley session helping make sound effects for O&K! Your name will be listed in the credits as a Foley Artist. Exciting! 

Thanks again for pledging, it means the world to us. We're now over the 15k mark, and at the point of sending this update we've got $4340 left to raise.... and only 40 hours left! Please let your friends know about the campaign, and get them to join you in supporting The Little Kiwi Film That Could!

Love from O&K xx

Cast & Crew Screening - Now at THE CIVIC, AUCKLAND!

08:05AM Wed 24/07/13

We can finally confirm the rumours... the Cast & Crew screening for Orphans & Kingdoms will be at the mighty CIVIC THEATRE in Auckland! 

If you chose the Cast & Crew screening as your reward when pledging, congrats, you've got a ticket already! If not, you know you can pledge more than once, right?

We're down to the nitty gritty of the campaign now... we've got 4 days and still a few thousand to raise. Please share the PledgeMe with your friends and family. Perhaps even get a group of people together for a night out at The Civic...?

The thing is, if we don't reach our goal we won't have a film to show. But we've got the venue booked, so Paolo and Fraser might have to do standup or karaoke instead. Trust us, you'd rather see the film!

Thanks & love from O&K xx

See you HERE for the cast & crew screening!

100 Pledgers!

08:42AM Mon 22/07/13

Good evening PledgeMe friends!

We've made it to 100 pledgers! WOOO! And YOU are one of them! Thank you so much for believing in our project right from the get go. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Truly. 

In fact, we even made a video (attached) to express our gratitude. Just for you!

Now we're down to the final stretch! SIX DAYS REMAIN! $8,000 STILL TO RAISE! Please share our PledgeMe with your friends and family and urge them to join you in becoming a 'patron of the arts' and help us tell this incredible story (ps, if we don't make our goal of $20,000, we don't get ANY of the funding).

Thank you again, you are lovely.

Orphans & Kingdoms xx

Orphans & Kingdoms Update!

03:03AM Fri 12/07/13

Hey guys, 

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donation to our film. We are ecstatic!

Secondly, we'd just like to keep you in the loop with our progress: We're nearly at the end of our second week of shooting. It's gone so fast! We're getting some great footage and everyone is working hard. The actors, especially, are flooring us with their talents. 


However, we're still quite a way off achieving our funding goal through PledgeMe. If you haven't done so already, please share the campaign on your facebook/twitter etc so all your friends can get in on the action (and see what a generous philanthropist and patron of the arts you are...)

And while you're waiting eagerly to see the film, you've got our latest production update video (attached) to tide you over. 

Until next time...

The O&K Team xx


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Thank You!

Thanks for your kindly donation. You just helped make a film!

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Wish You Were Here

A super-special O&K postcard signed by cast & crew, sent from Waiheke Island, NZ!

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Digital Doozy

Wowzas! You get a digital download of the film as soon as it’s released!

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Classy Cast & Crew Screening

You are cordially invited to join us for the ultra-exclusive cast and crew screening in Auckland at the might CIVIC THEATRE! See the film before ANYONE else! *Transport not included.

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Adorable Drawing by Daughters

Receive a personalized thank you card designed and decorated by the Producer or Director’s adorable daughters. Spray-painted macaroni not guaranteed.

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Doodle Delight

You’ll receive a personalized, one-of-a-kind doodle done by a cast member. You want a picture of you riding a punk-rock unicorn into the sunset? You got it!

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Sojourn to Set

Receive a free crossing on the SeaLink ferry to Waiheke, and a visit to set to see what it’s like to be on location! NB: You must be available to travel to set before the 30th of July.

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Foley Frolic

Join Samantha Jukes at Envy Studios for a foley session helping make sound effects for O&K! Your name will be listed in the credits as a Foley Artist. Exciting!

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Prop Prezzie

You will receive the ‘hero prop’ from the set – features in a pivotal scene in the film (but we can’t give too much away).

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Lunch Date with the Director

You will receive a homemade Italian lunch at Paolo Rotondo, the director’s house on Waiheke, as well as a Vespa tour with him around the island.

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Dancing Director

A totally unique interpretive dance performed by Paolo and Fraser for you, recorded on HD video and uploaded to youtube so you can treasure this gift FOREVER.

2 left

Acting Masterclass with Paolo Rotondo and Fraser Brown

Want to learn from the professionals? Get a one-on-one 3 hour acting class with O&K Producer, Fraser Brown (Harry, Insiders Guide to Happiness, Shortland Street) and Director, Paolo Rotondo (Stickmen, Shortland Street) where they teach YOU how to improve your actorising.

1 left

Spin around Shortland Street

Get a tour of the famous Shortland Street set with leading Shorty actress Amanda Billing (and accompanied by ex-Shortland street stars/current O&K cast & crew Paolo, Fraser and Jesse-James), AND a walk on role on the iconic soap! *Tour takes place in Auckland, transport not provided.

3 left

Waiheke Wanderer

Get a free 3 day rental of a Jucy Campervan, a return ticket on the SeaLink car ferry over to Waiheke, dinner at Stefano’s Pizzeria and coffee at Island Coffee! *T&C apply

1 left

Awe-Inspiring Artwork

One-of-a-kind 'key' artwork created and shown in the film, on faux-concrete wall, to be delivered to a location of your choice as an O&K collector's item to be treasured forever. Photo of the artwork to the left! <--- (dimensions: 4.8m x 2.4m)

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Wild Waiheke Weekend

Get a free return ticket on the SeaLink car ferry over to Waiheke (bring your own car), 2 nights at the beautiful Oyster Inn, a delicious dinner at their restaurant and a bottle of wine from a local winery. *T&C apply

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Executive Producer Credit

Become one of our prestigious Executive Producers. Get a credit on the film, the best seat in the house at the Cast & Crew screening, a visit to set, a postcard, and a song written about your virtuous nature – all for you!