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This project is about coconuts, cold-pressed organic coconut oil , and about empowering a community of woman by kickstarting a business for them to build over time.

With your help and support, we would be enabling the production and transport of this awesome product direct from source, and be providing sustainable environmentally friendly self-employment to the woman of Fenualoa, which is a small island in the Solomon Islands.

We would be giving them the gift of seeding a way for them to make their own income and earn a little money for things like school fees for their children, a few clothes, some cooking utensils, ..the absolute basics really, and that is not a 'given' in many communities like this.

This would be done by using something they have  excess of in their own backyard,(coconuts) and it will not be detrimental to them, or effect their immediate environment negatively, .. which is a key thing to me and hopefully to you too!

"Their" environment is also "our" environment and it matters.

 There are few other means of gaining employment or income on this island, and they do already make the oil manually in small amounts for their own uses, and I've been lucky enough to have some! ( its gorgeous btw!!!)

 I'm just someone who is very very passionate about helping others, and also very passionate about coconut oil and its truly incredible health benefits ( I use it for my skin, and for cooking, on a daily basis and its uses go beyond that! ) 

So when my friend told me of this project he and his team have been working on, I asked if I could be please be involved , in any way, if I could help somehow, and this is my way to try to do so, hopefully with your help too:)

 The woman are incredibly enthusiastic and keen to do this, and in fact without exaggeration,. it could be life changing for many people, and directly impact the whole community of this very beautiful island in a super positive way! No doubt about it.

Some larger coconut oil presses are currently on their way by sea, for them to try out, to allow larger amounts to be made, and make it easier for the woman to produce . See the picture below;

Some examples here also of the coconut oil in recycled jars, .. They will be packaged in food grade 400 ml jars when the oil gets back to New Zealand at the end of the year.

The pledge money will go towards the cost of the equipment for the woman to safely and healthfully produce the oil, the transportation costs of bringing it back, labeling and jars.

The amount here is the bare bones minimum and will only just meet the outgoing set up costs with little leeway. Others are also donating time , money and help, please continue to pledge if you see it has all ready reached its mark, and you want to enjoy some deliciously healthy coconut oil as a return gift of appreciation!!!

The people behind this (OceansWatch) are doing a lot of good in many capacities, and I've provided a link below for you to check out!

Thankyou so much for your time in reading this, and if you feel this is something you would like to contribute to, theres some great incentives and a huge amount of gratitude ready to come your way!

Syreeta Hewson


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..the statistics, I'm 38, New Zealand born and bred, Female, love nature, love learning, love passion.:)


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    Eternal heartfelt gratitude that you took the time to have a look, listen, and made a contribution to this, even by positive thought! And that goes without saying really, to all pledges made here, huge appreciation. and gratefull thanks :)

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    Coconut Oil

    400 mls of super yummy cold pressed organic coconut oil when it arrives back from the island. We can only send to NZ addresses.

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    Coconut oil, and cap

    400mls scrumptious coconut oil, plus really nice and very usefull OceansWatch cap! We can only send to NZ addresses.

    24 left

    Coconut oil, and OceansWatch t- shirt

    400 mls organic coconut oil, and a really nice oceanswatch t shirt in your size!

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    Overseas Donations

    An OceansWatch T-shirt with our logo and a laptop sticker too. Sent anywhere in the world - Sorry you will miss out on the Coconut Oil.

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    Weekend cruise on OceansWatch yacht!

    The yummy coconut oil, OceansWatch t-shirt, cap and a weekend cruise on an OceansWatch yacht in the Bay of Islands New Zealand! (how awesome would that be!)