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About ParrotDog Brewery

Five years ago we began plotting a map as we stumbled into the beer industry with no real master plan behind us, other than to follow a dream of brewing good beer.

This dream was our only guide as we went about building our brewery, relying on our insticts to navigate us. We've gained our experience out of a necessity for keeping ParrotDog alive and we have our supporters to thank for getting us this far.

Through exploring this unmapped territory we've had to learn the hard way, as we've slowly gained an understanding of what ParrotDog means to us and what we'd like it to mean for you. ParrotDog has led us on an organic growth path, where retrospecive responses to our environment have been key for our survival in the market. We've continued to adapt and evolve to our changing surroundings, but we're now ready to reverse these roles. As we stand on the edge of a new frontier, we now plan to guide ParrotDog through the next boundary line of this map, with a desire to make our product more accessible to New Zealand and its friends. 

This requires a further step into the unknown, but this time with a more detailed plotted map of how we aim to guide ParrotDog through this next phase. We want to expand ParrotDog in a way that stays true to its founding values, while creating a product that can be accessed by anyone who wants to enjoy it. This requires a new base from which ParrotDog can spread its wings. We're inviting investors to join us as we pursue plans to build a new brewery within Wellington.

We're here to stay and we want to remain a brewery owned by new Zealanders - so we're creating an opportunity for our supporters to join us as we embark on this new journey. Equity crowdfunding is our solution and invitation to be part of ParrotDog and its next growth step by supporting our plan to make it more accessible to you.


Matt Kristofski  // Matt Stevens // Matt Warner

Founders & Directors

We invite you to use this Field Guide as your orientation device in calculating your position as a potential ParrotDog investor.


The Share Offer.

We are issuing up to 2 million shares at $1 per share. This will represent 16.81% of the company. We are offering a minimum of 1,200,000 shares (for the offer to go live) and up to a maximum of 2,000,000 shares.


We chose equity crowdfunding because we wanted to provide our supporters with a unique opportunity to be involved in what we're planning.


The Challenges.

We entered this market with only a plan to brew the beer that we loved. There was no predetermined life-cycle or plotted objective path for how we might like the future to look - we entered it alone and without any official guidance.


We designed, installed and commissioned the whole brewery independently at our current Vivian St, Wellington site and have still managed to grow to a point where there is no longer any space to expand past our current boundary line. For this reason, we've been limited by an inability to produce a sufficient level of product to even justify developing a sales network that extends past the organic growth that we've only ever allowed for.

View the full description of challenges in the Field Guide.


The Opportunities.

Our challenges in maintaining supply have prevented us from enjoying the full potential that this growing market has to offer. While others might have ventured off beyond the horizon, we've continued to maintain our position - we've been plotting our own map and waiting for the right time. This map has seen a number of potential routes considered as we've fielded opportunties to expand our domestic and export markets.


The market has continued to grow rapidly since we entered it and we now intend to make the most of this by focusing on what we've always focused on - making good beer - and making it as accessible to you as we can.

View the full description of opportunities in the Field Guide.


The Plan.   

A Closer Look.

We understand the need for investing in something tangible - physical assets to put your name to. We plan to build a new brewery from the ground up. 

An investment into stainless steel vessels and packaging equipment forms the basis of our share offer - a transparent proposition and one that we think has real value. Combined with the new premises, ParrotDog will be presented with an ability to expand far bayond the reaches of its current habitat.


Lyall Bay presents the opportunity for ParrotDog to cement itself as a permanent resident; we're not moving to move again. 

 View the full description of the plan in the Field Guide.

About our Team


Matt Warner - Director, Brewing / Production. Warner is the Head Brewer and is in charge of all beer production and quality control. He oversees all raw material supplier relationships and the inbound flow of ingredients. Warner is also the lead on all recipe development and refinement.



Matt Kristofski - Director, Marketing / Sales. Kristofski is the Head of Marketing and Sales. He leads all brand direction and development, as well as managing all customer engagement. He also oversees strategic sales distribution and partnerships including exports.


Matt Stevens - Director, Finance / Administration. Stevens, a chartered Accountant, is the Head of Finance and Administration. He oversees the back-end of the business processes including cashflow, HR, inventory, CAPEX and all internal systems.


Daniel Bowie, Packaging / Production . Dan is the Head of Packaging and leads both the bottling and kegging teams. Dan oversees all the inbound flow of packaging and raw materials and is in charge of quality control throughout the packaging process.


Paul Watson - Sales / Distribution . Wattie is the Head of Sales and Distribution and is in charge of the flow of all outbound beer including managing all logistical partnerships. Wattie also leads domestic sales, wholesale customer service and event management.



Use of Capital.



Our Financials.


View the full description of challenges in the Field Guide.



How we'll mitigate it.

BEER QUALITY - The risk of a decline in beer quality from moving to new premises with new equipment

We intend to invest in our first proper lab space and lab equipment to ensure quality control policies are in place, that they can be measured with certainty and that they are always met - before any beer is released out into the market. We intend to invest in better brewing equipment to brew higher quality beer. We will continue to maintain our Food Safety Programme and recall procedures, which help ensure safe, reliable and consistent product

BEING UNDERFUNDED - the risk of not raising the maximum subscription of $2 million

We believe that we will still be able to do enough to get the ball rolling with the minimum subscription of $1.2million. Please see ‘Use of Capital’ on page 25.

CASHFLOW - the risk of not having enough cashflow or working capital to meet obligations, due to either poor sales or late paying customers

We will endeavour to execute our sales strategies, either in-house or with our distribution partners, both domestically and internationally, to our best efforts. We will chase up late payments, either in-house or with our distribution partners, to the best we can. We will also continue to work closely with our bank for any working capital assistance.

HOPS SHORTAGE - the risk of not being able to procure the necessary supply of certain hop varieties to brew our beers as you already know them

Ww currently forward contract our hops for one year ahead and will now look to forward contract for three years ahead. We have diversified the hop variegates we use in our Regulars range to include hops sourced from NZ, Australia, UK and the US.

INCREASED COMPETITION - the risk of the market significantly heating up with increased competition

We believe that with a combination of an already established brand in the market and the new volume capacities coming online, that we will be able to remain relevant and continue to compete. Continued product diversification will also aid in maintaining a competitive advantage.

KEY PERSONNEL - the risk of losing key personnel

We will continue to train our staff in multiple areas so as to diversify their skill bases, which allows for cover in all areas of the business should we lose any key personnel for a period of time.

PROFITABILITY - the risk of not operating profitabily Brewing larger volumes will allow us to spread our overheads further and increase profit margins. Diversifying our income streams will allow us to also operate at retail margins (eg. the Brewery Bar). We also strive to keep a tight control of all our costs.
PROJECT DELAYS - the risk of the new brewery build being delayed by unforseen circumstances We believe that we will be able to engage other breweries to contract brew for us to bridge the volume gap before commissioning the new brewery, should the need arise.
REGULATORY - the risk of anti-alcohol groups interfering with business We are proud to include a low-mid strength beer ClippedWing in our Core range at 3.5% ABV for responsible drinking. We strive to encourage a wider drinking appeal base whihch results in less quantity per person and more focus on quality.
REGULATORY - the risk of local council regulations halting the new brewery build progress We believe that there will be minimum issues here as the new building has been used for manufacturing purposes in the past and it is located in an industrial area.


Note from PledgeMe

We have completed a Veda check on the company and their directors, as well as a Google check. There were no adverse findings.


    Get the Next Round | Equity Raise 2017

    10:27AM Tue 14/11/17 on ParrotDog Brewery

    Your Second Chance to Join Parrotdog

    It’s been just over a year since our overwhelmingly successful equity raise in August 2016 and we’re stoked with how things are looking as a result of the capital investment – Lyall Bay is now home to Parrotdog’s full production facility and retail outlet, Nice. Takeaway.
    Throughout this period we’ve had continued demand to join Parrotdog, and as we move into our next growth phase we’re creating an opportunity to get the next round. For those that missed out in August 2016, this is your chance to join our existing 800 strong shareholders as we roll out some exciting new projects for the business.
    Register your interest for the latest campaign here to stay in the loop and to ensure you don’t miss out (again).
    More details are just around the corner – keep watch.
    Matt, Matt, Matt and the Parrotdog Team



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    ParrotDog Beer. nice. | Congratulations

    04:33PM Thu 11/08/16 on ParrotDog Brewery


    We made it. We've reached our minimum target.


    Thank you and congratulations to those who've joined the ParrotDog family – we're very pleased to have you on board.


    Here's a celebration video we made:


    To celebrate your new share in ParrotDog, we'd like to invite you to our Road to Beervana pop-up bar PirateDog, to toast your investment.



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    ParrotDog campaign is now live 🎉

    03:29PM Wed 10/08/16 on ParrotDog Brewery

    The ParrotDog campaign was launched at 3pm. And then promptly broke our servers.


    Here’s the link in case you were waiting:


    You can now view the campaign page, ask questions, and get pledging.

    - Team PledgeMe (and the broken server Pug)

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    Offer Details

    Current Valuation 9,900,000
    Raise Minimum 1,200,000
    Raise Maximum 2,000,000
    Share Price 1.00
    Maximum Shares Offered 2,000,000
    Explanation of valuation:

    The valuation was calculated using a multiple of revenue method of 3.6 times the current financial year's estimated revenue.

    Financial Summary

    Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2020 Est. FY 2021
    Revenue $1,851,000 $2,750,000 $5,514,000 $9,250,000
    Operating Expenses $877,000 $1,270,000 $2,322,000 $3,243,000
    EBITDA -$41,000 $92,000 $500,000 $1,388,000
    Net Profit -$156,000 -$172,000 $100,000 $681,000

    Company Details

    Company Name: ParrotDog Brewing Limited (registered as PARROTDOG BREWING LIMITED)

    Company Number: 3391494

    Companies Office URL:

    Incorporation Date: 30 May 2011

    Company Status: Registered

    Entity Type: Registered

    Constitution Filed: Yes

    Annual Return Filing Month: April, last filed 04 Apr 2016


    Registered Office 29 Vivian Street
    Te Aro
    Address for Service 29 Vivian Street
    Te Aro

    Company Documents

    Documents no longer available to download, as this campaign has closed

    Director Details

    Name Role Profile URL Invested?
    Matt Stevens Director
    Matt Warner Director
    Matthew Kristofski Director

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    Can I invest from overseas if I am not a wholesale investor?

    Posted on 11-08-2016 by Matt Goulter

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your question, you will need to register as a wholesale investor in order to invest. As the legislation of our offer to the public only applies to New Zealand jurisdiction. If you would like to invest please seek advice from an advisor in your jurisdiction as to what constitutes a wholesale investor in your country.
    Cheers Rosie.

    Answered on 11-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    Will you have the shareholders page after the pledge finished? Or any other platforms where shareholders can communicate with you?

    Posted on 11-08-2016 by Erin Wang

    Hi Erin,
    Thanks for your question, we look to will keep the shareholders' page live once the campaign has ended. We will have a quarterly email (at least) sent to shareholders with updates on their shareholding and the company news and financials. There will also be an email address for shareholders to use to give them a direct line of communication to our Directors.
    Cheers Rosie.

    Answered on 11-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    Hey guys, if I wanted to purchase some shares as a gift for someone how would I go about that?

    Posted on 11-08-2016 by Hamish McIntosh

    Hi Hamish,
    Thanks for your question, legally you have to pledge in your own name due to anti money laundering laws, but you could have the gift recipient pledge and make the payment yourself. If you would like it to be a surprise you would need to pledge and arrange payment yourself and then do a share transfer afterwards.
    Cheers Rosie.

    Answered on 11-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    Hi guys, could you please tell me how long our shares would be locked in for before we are able to sell them off? Cheers, Paull

    Posted on 11-08-2016 by Paull Nicholas

    Hi Paull,
    Cheers for getting in touch, there will be no lock in time for selling shares.
    Thanks Rosie.

    Answered on 12-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    Will the funds need to be pledged once the $2m max is reached or will it be on 09/09/16 regardless?

    Posted on 12-08-2016 by Anthony Bryson

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for your question, the funds will need to be made available within 7 days, either from when the $2mil maximum is reached or from the 09/09/16 end date; whichever is reached first.
    Cheers Rosie

    Answered on 12-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    Hi, if an investor wanted to sell their shares in the future, how would they go about this, and how would you determine share value?

    Posted on 12-08-2016 by Andrew Field

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your question, we will be managing the share register in-house. If you are interested in selling your shares you will be matched up with interested buyers. The share value will be determined by the market - to be negotiated between the seller and the buyer. We will be releasing quarterly updates to shareholders to assist in ascertaining a valuation.
    Cheers Rosie

    Answered on 12-08-2016 by Parrotdog

    I made two pledges for $2k+ - one for myself, another for someone else who was overseas at the time. How can I ensure that the second pledge "handle" is in the correct name?

    Posted on 20-08-2016 by Jeremy Baker

    Hey Jeremy, we'll give you an email about this direct. Anna from PledgeMe

    Answered on 23-08-2016 by Parrotdog


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      “Great beers and I'm glad I'll be helping this young company prosper.”

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      Philippa Wood
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      “Matt, Matt and Matt... you guys are amazing”

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      “Looking Good for Lyall Bay (and ParrotDog)”

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      Piers Harrison
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      This project was successful and got its funding on 12/08/2016 at 2:45 PM.

      This campaign has closed, but this company may choose to do more equity raises on PledgeMe in the future. If you're interested in investing in ParrotDog Brewery, you can sign up to be notified when a new equity campaign from this company is published.

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      Investor Perks

      NZ $500 - $1,999

      PACKAGE A - via the Dog's Passage

      * Part Ownership in ParrotDog * VIP discount card* 10% discount on all beer and merchandise through our online store, Vivian Street takeaway, Lyall Bay (new brewery location) takeaways - open Summer 2016 * Complimentary birthday pint in the new Lyall Bay brewery bar * Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and brewery open day.

      NZ $2,000 - $34,999

      PACKAGE B - via DeadCanary Falls

      * Part ownership in ParrotDog * All rewards gathered from Dog's Passage, plus * VIP Discount Card* - 10% discount on beer & Food at new Lyall Bay Brewery bar * Use of personalised shareholder handle with your name on it, while drinking at the brewery bar

      NZ $35,000+

      PACAKGE C - via Pandemonium Peak

      * Part ownership in ParrotDog * All rewards gathered from Dog's Passage and DeadCanary Falls, plus * Your own event at the bar - an exclusive area reserved at the bar for a one-off event, including additional discounts on beer and food at the event * Voting shares

      Warning statement about equity crowdfunding

      Equity crowdfunding is risky.

      Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Investment in these types of business is very speculative and carries high risks.

      You may lose your entire investment, and must be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship.

      New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to give information to investors before they invest. This requires those offering financial products to have disclosed information that is important for investors to make an informed decision.

      The usual rules do not apply to offers by issuers using this facility. As a result, you may not be given all the information usually required. You will also have fewer other legal protections for this investment.

      Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself.