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'The school bully is all grown up now - and she's sorry.'

A short film by Angela Bloomfield and Kate McDermott. Produced by Dan Higgins.  'Linda's List' is a dark comedy which follows Linda as she makes amends for her crimes at high school - and there were a lot of them.  

Angela Bloomfield is an actor / director best known for her role as Rachel McKenna on Shortland Street and her directing work on Go Girls. Kate McDermott is a writer for television shows such as Go Girls, Nothing Trivial and The Blue Rose. Her short film 'This Is Her' won Best Film and Best Screenplay at Show Me Shorts 2010 and went to dozens of film festivals including Sundance, Edinburgh, New York, Tribeca and Aspen where it won Best Comedy.  Dan Higgins is an experienced producer, working for Curious Films.  He was Post-Production Manager on the acclaimed short film 'Night Shift' and Production Manager on 'Sonny My Older Brother' and is currently working on the production team for two NZFC feature films.

'Linda's List' was shortlisted for Premiere Shorts in 2011 and Fresh Shorts in 2012, but alas our little film is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But, we believe in it, so we are going to go ahead and shoot the film at the beginning of May ... which is real soon. 

We are gathering a hard-working crew and cast, many of whom have done us favours in the past - this time round, we would love to be able to pay them for their time and talent.  Our entire "in an ideal world" budget is $39,000, but for now we are seeking shooting costs and token wages for our workers, a total of $11,000. We know it's a big ask, but we're giving it a go anyway. And we'd love it if you wanted to help.


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We haven't forgotten about you!

01:40AM Tue 04/02/14

Hi Linda's List pledgers,

Seems the final stages of finishing this film are the slowest ones.

We are finally in post though, and we are desperate to be able to show the film to the cast and crew and pledgers who are coming to that screening.

We just wanted to assure you that although it's been a while, the film is closer to being complete and as soon as it is, we will be in touch with a screening date.

Thank you for your patience (and your pledges of course!)

Kate, Ange and Dan

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08:30AM Thu 09/05/13

Hello amazing supporters of Linda's List,

Thanks to all of you we have managed to shoot our film! 

We were able to get a wonderful crew and talented actors on board for a four day shoot and we owe that to everyone who helped us through Pledge Me.

Now, the next hurdle, post-production.  But we will get there.

In the mean time, we are working on getting your rewards sorted.  We decided to include a still from the shoot in our handwritten cards, so we are just waiting for those to be processed. If you haven't yet replied to our email with your home address, please do so, so we can send you some mail.

For those that chose acting classes or script consultations, we will be in touch personally if we haven't been already - and please, if we aren't in touch, let us know through the Facebook page or Pledge Me as we have had a couple of emails bounce back to us and we'd hate anyone to think we were slack!

Those who are coming to our cast and crew screening, it could be a little while before we get there but hopefully not too long - we are as keen as anything to see the film on the big screen!

Righto.  That's all for now.

Thanks again!

Love from Kate, Ange and Dan


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Good vibes and positive thoughts

Just like it says. We will send you sincere good vibes and genuine positive thoughts.

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Personal thanks

A good old-fashioned handwritten thank you card from Ange and Kate, posted to your address

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Public thanks

A Special Thanks credit on the film. Plus a copy of the script emailed to you.

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Linda's List. The actual list.

Our main prop, the list will appear in almost every scene with lead actor Angela Bloomfield. Who knows? If this film goes places, you will own your very own piece of cinema history. If the film doesn't go places, you will own a piece of paper with some funny names written on it. We will post you the list as soon as we've finished shooting with it.

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Come have a drink with us

2 tickets to the cast and crew screening in Auckland - date and venue to be confirmed. Plus, a copy of the script emailed to you, and a handwritten thank you card posted to your address.

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Be in our film - go on!

Come and be an extra in our film. It'll be heaps of fun! (Must be available on the shoot dates (May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 2013). And you'll get 2 tickets to our cast and crew screening (date and venue TBA) because you will be cast and crew.

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Script notes from someone who thinks she knows some stuff

Hey, emerging writers! Got a short film script you're working on? Writer Kate McDermott will buy you a coffee and give you feedback on your script (if you're in Auckland), or have a chat via Skype, or provide 1-2 pages of script notes. Whatever you'd prefer. You'll also get 2 tickets to our cast and crew screening (date and venue TBA)

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Acting tuition with Angela Bloomfield

Come and be an extra in our film, plus take part in a 3 hour acting class with Angela Bloomfield as your tutor. With a maximum of 6 participants, you will get the attention you deserve. Brush up on screen technique, audition tips, or even just the basics. And after all that, grab a friend and come to our cast and crew screening of the film. (Shoot dates May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) (Class date and venue TBA, travel to Auckland not included) (Cast & Crew Screening date and venue TBA)

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Private Acting Tuition with Angela Bloomfield

90 minutes of one on one acting training with Angela Bloomfield. (Auckland venue and date to be arranged with Ange). And, we'd love you to come and be an extra in our film. And, we'd love you and a friend to join us for a cast and crew screening (at a time and place to be advised on completion of the film). (Must be available shoot dates May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2013. Travel to Auckland not included)

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Be an Executive Producer!

This is the biggie. Get yourself an Executive Producer credit on our film, as well as an invitation to pre-production drinks with the cast and crew, 5 tickets to the cast and crew screening. A copy of the script signed by our team, stills photos from on set, and of course a personal handwritten thank you card.