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We want to make street art on Auckland urban walls celebrating cultural heros like Ralph Hotere, Patrick Hanly, Margaret Mahy. These will be painted by AskewOne and others project managed by Hamish Keith. Seven Sharp did a piece on this here.

"These artists are not just isolated artists in their ivory towers. These people are part of the community - it's time we recognise that, and put them into the community again"

The Hotere wall completed on this Kingsland wall -  done by AskewOne and Hamish Keith the week after Ralph Hotere passed away, and funded through twitter.

Why Pat Hanly?

Pat Hanly (1932 – 2004) - When Pat Hanly came back to New Zealand in 1962 he changed the way we looked art our art. He campaigned for respect for New Zealand artists and their work.

He put figures back in the landscape

He showed the landscape as a living breathing thing

But like Ralph Hotere he was a warrior artist. In the UK he had been active in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and he he was one of the leading figures in the Peace Squadron – putting is fragile homemade sailing boat in the path of a US Nuclear submarine. he was a cultural hero that helped make New Zealand nuclear free

The Hanly wall has been secured in Dominion Road - but we need the funding to make it happen. Here's the wall:

Next Project

We want to make a wall for Margaret Mahy next - in Lorne Street, right across from the library.


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