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Project 2012-12-19 00:26:32 +1300

We are building a prototype hand for our amputee friend, Bryden. 

See our working concept hand on the You-Tube link, ITS PRETTY COOL!

Bryden is currently unable to work due to the phantom pains in his stump. Research has shown that when the brain sees a working hand, phantom pains are often greatly reduced.

Between my engineering friends and I, we have the skills to make a polished, quality version of the hand but the quality motors that we need to drive each finger are $1520 NZ each. We are well on the way but need a bit of extra help. So please, give us a hand.


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Bryden gets a hand

04:06AM Tue 29/01/13


Thanks so much for your contribution to the "Give us a hand" project. We have received enough funding to finish Brydens hand. It has been an amazing experience to see so much generosity from so many.

We haven't given a lot of thought to gloves and skin at this time, so any additional funding received will help us to explore options in this regard. Our default option is a black glove.

There are still 3 days to go, so keep passing it on!

Many many thanks once again,

Mat and Bryden

WOW, We made NZ Herald

09:02AM Wed 09/01/13

Wow we made TV3 News

08:59AM Wed 09/01/13 


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Update videos

Receive a video every two months as the prototype hand is developed over the next year. Your name will be in the credits!

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Get your name on the splash page

The Hand has an application that we have written for grip pattern calibration called "HandCal". Get your name in the Splash page of this application! You will also receive the two monthly video update for 12 months

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Meet Bryden

Bryden is based in Palmerston North and is happy to talk to groups. Hear about amputee life first hand.

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Sharing the technology

I am based in Lower Hutt and can visit schools or other groups (during the day or night) that may be interested in hearing about this journey and seeing with the hands we have made over the last 3 years for themselves.