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Who We Are

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is the kaitiaki (or guardian) of the Creative Commons licences in New Zealand. While the day to day operations are run by Matt, we’ve got a huge range of supporters and volunteers from around the country. Our licences let people share, remix and reuse materials that would otherwise be locked away under 'All Rights Reserved' copyright.

What We Do

We spread the word about open culture in New Zealand. We support the use of Creative Commons licences in government, culture, science and education. We give talks, run workshops, write case studies, make resources and support all the individuals and organisations working to produce a free and open culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, Creative Commons is quickly taking off. Our government is releasing its data, our schools are sharing their resources, our artists are joining the commons and our scientists are promoting open access.

Last year, we produced an awesome video (watch it here). This year, we’ve made a poster for schools, we’re selling merchandise and we’re currently writing guides for Creative Commons users.

The Project

But we need help! The project is currently run by one part-time employee, who can’t draw, isn’t a lawyer and knows absolutely nothing about design.

To this end, we've hired Holly and Harriet, two extremely talented, enthusiastic interns. They're going to learn more about open licensing, meet some of the fantastic Creative Commons community and—most importantly—make a bunch of openly licensed, reusable resources.

While the project will be based in Wellington, we’re going to go out to the Creative Commons community and make sure our resources are able to be remixed by our CC friends across the world. There are over 70 affiliate CC projects, and we want to help them out as much as we can.

But here's the catch: we have no money! This is where PledgeMe and the community can really help. We’ve set the bar at $2500, but the more we get, the more hours we’ll be able to give our interns, and the more quality CC resources we’ll be able to make.

We know that it’s become common to ask interns to work for free, but we’d like to give our interns a small stipend. Not everyone can afford to volunteer, so we want to make sure our interns have enough money to pay rent, buy food and put all their energy into the Creative Commons project.

Among other projects, Holly and Harriet will be designing an A2 poster; creating guides to Creative Commons for schools, libraries and universities; writing blog posts and case studies; and planning for Mix & Mash 2013: The New Storytelling.

We'd love your support. All donations, small or large, are welcome!


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