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Collab Project with The Ākina Foundation

The Ākina Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and ambitious communities to deliver game changing work in the areas of energy, housing, transport, land-use, and consumption and waste.

We are a small community trust in Blueskin Bay, near Dunedin. We’re well on our way to developing New Zealand’s first community owned wind cluster, and we now need to erect a 30 metre tower to capture the data we need for the next round of planning and consent steps. We need to raise a little more money to help us do it properly. On our team we have Scott Willis, Chris Freear, Chris Le Breton and Niki Bould, and a whole bunch of community volunteers. We’d love to get more New Zealanders involved in our project – by pledging what you can, you’ll be playing a role in bringing 100% clean community energy to New Zealand and shaping a Blueprint for the future. We've been gifted a 30 metre tower thanks to Garrad Hassan and Trustpower, but it needs regalvanising, new guy wires, anemometers, dead-man anchors, professional rigging and installation... what we have achieved so far has been on the smell of an oily rag and a lot of number 8 wire. This is about to get serious!
Hey, we met the goal and exceeded it. Anything up to $9000 will allow us to get the fencing around the tower done properly, to protect it from cattle. If, incredibly, we get beyond $9000, we'll be able to begin preparing the access track ... it just gets better and better!


The People Behind Blueskin Energy

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We're a Charitable Trust based in Waitati, in Blueskin Bay, just outside Dunedin. We're working hard to to lower the carbon footprint of Blueskin Bay communities and we have five operational objectives. These are:

  1. The Blueskin Wind Cluster (via Blueskin Energy Ltd, our own company)
  2. Climate Change Planning (we're currently working on a Blueskin Food System Assessment)
  3. Economic Power (both social enterprise and social business)
  4. Social and Environmental Good (like energy advice, solar promotion, Home Performance Assessments, etc)
  5. Effective Advocacy (our work enables us to speak from experience and we are vocal!).

Our values are:

  • Thriving Together : Thriving together well and equitably
  • Distributing Surplus : Distributing surplus to enrich social & environmental health
  • Encountering Others : Encountering others in ways that support their wellbeing as well as ours
  • Consuming Sustainably : Living and consuming sustainably in recognition that all human life and activity occurs within the limitations of planet Earth
  • Caring : Caring for - maintaining, replenishing, and growing - our natural and cultural commons
  • Investing for the future : Investing our wealth in future generations so that they can live well

Solar on our office roof will enable us to walk the talk more effectively.


    So beyond expectations!

    04:50AM Mon 28/01/13 on Blueskin Energy

    Weehaa! We asked for $8200 to raise the 30 metre tower. You all delivered $8805 by the close of the campaign at 4.24pm today! The extra Pledges will ensure we don't have to beg and borrow everything - we'll be putting the extra to use in getting up good fencing around the tower. 100 people made Pledges, that is just SO amazing! We are so happy - the whole Trust is over the moon! Thank you everyone!!

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    One more reward...

    04:46AM Fri 25/01/13 on Blueskin Energy

    Bruno (who did the wee animation in our clip) is proposing a new animation to help us get just a little further in the last 3 days (and mostly because he loves animating). Whew! energy levels high!

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